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Actron 9680 VS 9690

Most of the time, scan tool users get stuck between selecting from the wide ranges of scanners offered in the market. Those who have used these tools for a long while know which code readers to choose and for what purpose. If it’s your first time using Actron diagnostic scanners and you are stuck between the Actron cp9680 and the Actron cp9690 trilingual scan tool, then you have landed on the right page. In this Actron 9680 vs 9690 comparisons, I will take you through the cp9680 and the cp9690 scan tool.

Difference between Actron 9680 vs 9690

These two are exceptional tools with a wide range of features to offer. The primary function of these code readers is to let you know why the check engine light is on and to clear error codes. Many professionals, as well as DIYers, love these scan tools due to their ease of use and accuracy.

Similarities and differences

  • The first similarity between the cp9680 scan tool and the cp9690 trilingual OBD I and OBD II code reader is that they have an easy to read LCD color screen and a trilingual menu. So, you can adjust the language to be in French, English or Spanish.
  • Another similarity is that they cover ABS and SRS airbag for most 1996 to 2013 Ford, GM, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, and Chrysler vehicles.
  • They can also record, playback and graph live data and at the same time print data to the PC.
  • These two automotive diagnostic scanners are ergonomically designed to fit well in your hand. They are also lightweight and come with a storage case.
  • The main difference between these two code readers is that the cp9680 is compatible with all 1996 and newer import and domestic OBD II and CAN vehicles as well as 1994 and 1995 OBD 2 compliant vehicles. On the other hand, the cp9690 scanner is compatible with all 1996 and newer import and domestic OBD2 and CAN vehicles, 1994 to 1995 OBD 2 compliant vehicles and 1984 to 1995 Ford, GM, Toyota, and Chrysler OBD 1 vehicles.

Comparison Table: Actron 9680 vs 9690

I have compared between Actron cp9680 and cp9690 scanner.


Actron 9680

Actron 9690

Support: Only support obd2 obd1 and obd2
Check Engine Light: Yes Yes
Views freeze frame data: No Yes
ABS and SRS Airbag: Yes Yes
OBD I cables and coverage: No Yes
  • most 1996-2013 gm, ford, chrysler, honda, nissan, toyota and hyundai vehicles
  • Compatible with all 1996 and newer
  • 1994 and 1995 obd ii compliant vehicles
  • most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Hyundai vehicles
  • Compatible with all 1996 and newer
  • 1994-1995 OBD II compliant vehicles
  • 1984-1995 GM, Ford, Chysler and Toyota OBD I vehicles
Update Option: Yes Yes (Via internet)
Details: Read Review Read Review
Price: Actron cp9680 VS cp9690Check Price

About the Actron cp9680

The Actron cp9680 auto scanner plus is a high-quality device, new auto scanner, with CodeConnect with ABS and Airbag display. This device is ergonomically constructed for easy use. It is extremely durable and has the ability to update on the internet to enable the user to utilize it in new car models. This feature is important in that it allows the OBD II code reader to be utilized for a long period of time. In addition, this scanner is very reliable in performance. This is because it can provide live data as well as graphic presentation with support from its innovative system; that makes it be extremely quick, reliable, and accurate in terms of data code reading.

With such features and many others found on the cp9680 scan tool; you will be able to diagnose your car accurately and quickly. The procedure of coming up with a more informed purchase of an OBD 2 diagnostic scan tool can prove to be challenging due to the nature of the scanners on the market. That’s why it is crucial to understand what features you need so that you don’t end up acquiring a device that doesn’t fulfill all your needs. This as well applies to this gadget.

About the Actron cp9690

If you look at the features of the cp9680 and cp9690, you might think that these two scanners are the same. This is not the case as they differ if you take a close look at their design and some features. The cp9690 trilingual OBD 1 and OBD 2 scanner is very extensive as it covers both OBD 1 and OBD 2 vehicles. Also, it has a wider code capacity and additional features when compared to the cp9680.

One of the reasons as to why mechanics and professionals prefer the cp9690 scanner is that it is user-friendly. This includes its size, weight, design, and ease of use. That’s why many DIYers go for this device despite it being slightly costly. The device features the true link technology and the CodeConnect, which make the diagnostic code reader to be fun to use.

So, What scanner should buy? Actron 9690 or 9680?

Looking at these two automotive diagnostic scan tools; it is very clear that they are one of the best due to the features they offer. Both of these devices are easy to use, sturdily built, ergonomic, lightweight, and have a large LCD color screen for easy reading of results.
Difference between Actron 9690 and 9680Check Price
But again, we have to select which one is the best! After a thorough review of these OBD2 scan tools; I have selected the Actron cp9690 as the best scanner to have for your diagnostic tests. This is because it has more features than the cp9680 and can function on both OBD 1 and OBD 2 compliant vehicles.


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