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Actron cp9680 Review 2019: Autoscanner Plus OBD II/ABS/Airbag Scan Tool

The Actron cp9680 diagnostic scan tool is one of the best devices on the market for OBD2, Airbag, Abs, and engine scanning. This device is extremely efficient in detecting important airbag and engine functions. Just like any other standard scan tool, the cp9680 code reader is used to check engine, Airbag, and ABS when the dashboard light comes on. It functions very well as a gateway to your vehicle’s computer. The Actron cp9680 scan tool and Actron cp9690 scanner have lots of similarities. Read this Actron cp9680 review to know more about this autoscanner.

Update: This CP9680 version isn’t available right now. You should check the latest version of the Actron CP9690 scanner. Although, You can check this Comparison between CP9680 and CP9690.

Technical Specifications of the Actron cp9680 autoscanner Plus


Actron CP9680

Works: All 1996 and newer
Larger Screen: Yes
Color screen: Yes
Powertrain and ABS Vehicle coverage: Yes
OEM-specific definitions/codes: Yes
Battery system monitor: Yes
Update option: Yes
CodeConnect: Yes
Oil light and battery reset: Yes
ABS and airbag vehicle coverage: Yes
Dimensions: 25.9 x 16.5 x 3.8 cm
Weight: 363 g
Get transmission codes: Yes
Warranty: 1-year
Price: Actron cp9680 ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

Besides, the cp9680 code reader has a simple to use interface that makes DIYers, professionals, and car enthusiasts to easily utilize the device. Its compact design makes storage to be easy. Insert it into the carrying pouch after use or in your pockets when you are busy. It can also be updated and has a varied power source. Hence, you will never run out of power when you want to diagnose your vehicle. The Actron CP9680 is not a cheap scanner like the Actron cp9670.

Actron cp9680 Review 2019

Most of the people who have utilized this code reader have applauded it and highly recommend. Actron itself is a reliable brand with an outstanding support team. So, you will always get the help that you deserve when faced with any challenge. With such features and durability, this is a device that you will use for a very long while by simply updating it to the latest bug fixes.

Features of the Actron autoscanner plus cp9680

  • Great size and weight

When it comes to usage, this is the perfect OBD 2 scan tool for your daily needs. It measures 10.9 by 7.7 by 2 inches. This implies that you will have an ample time holding it in the hand or keeping it in the car compartment. In addition, the scan tool has an excellent weight of 0.3 ounces which can be a nice assurance that the user will not undergo any burden when using this scanner.

  • Utilizes true link technology

This is one of the exceptional features of this gadget. This feature makes it be universally accepted. As a result, it can be connected to any OBD 2 compliant vehicle regardless of the model.

  • Greater compatibility

The cp9680 has the ability to cover both domestic vehicles manufactured in the United States as well as imports and generic car models coming from other corners of the world. The device covers even the earlier years than what most OBDII gadgets do. This includes OBD II compliant vehicles manufactured from 1994 and 1995. Some of the types of vehicles that this device is compatible with include Ford, Toyota, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Chrysler, and Nissan.
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  • Live data reading as well as graphic presentation

This feature enables the OBD 2 diagnostic scan tool users to have the leeway of having to access the data codes in real-time. Furthermore, the code reader has the choice of providing the users graphical presentation of the coded data which allows for better analysis of the fault and to rectify it.

  • Online updateable

With the current technology, a scan tool that doesn’t have an updateable feature can appear to be less useful. This is because it won’t be able to function in the latest car makes and models. This automotive scanner comes with a USB port for connecting to the computer to update the software of the device. So, it will still function on the latest models by simply updating it.

  • Antilock brake system and airbag data coding features

These two features enable the OBD 2 scanner to have an excellent grasp of the data as well as offering it the ability to provide fast solutions to any data fault reading in case of an emergency.

  • Wide range of functions

The cp9680 scan tool performs a wide range of functions. It has 26 million experience based fixes, battery reset options, and oil light. It also supports 5 previous vehicles searches, code criteria, and quick test. The gadget can perform these and many other tests.

  • Hard copy data

Besides having the capability to provide data in real-time, the OBD 2 diagnostic scan tool users can enjoy the comfort of accessing the data in its printed form for better analysis and rectification as well as future use of the coded data.

  • Varied power source

This is one of the exceptional features of this device. Most of the diagnostic scanners on the market don’t come with an extra battery. This is the reason why this gadget is referred to as standalone. It comes with an alternative charging as well as an external battery power. You can leave the device on and it won’t deplete the car power as it utilizes its own power. This feature also allows you to diagnose the car without using engine power.
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  • Code connect feature

This is a great feature that enables the user to access a great deal of data and thus increase the compatibility mode to cover generic as well as manufacturer-specific data codes. The only problem with this feature is that the code connect aspect can be accessed in English only and not any other two languages.

  • Intuitive interface

The cp9680 code reader has an easy to use interface. The LCD color screen displays all the data and it is backlit to provide clear results. Moreover, it is trilingual in that one has three languages to select from. These are English, Spanish, and French.

  • Comprehensive support

Asking for help from the most skilled technicians who are constantly ready to handle any trouble that arises on Actron OBD 2 scanners, the Actron cp9680 trilingual code reader is not left behind with properly verified data constantly obtained from the ASE certified technicians online.

Why buy Actron cp9680 Scan tool?

  • Every fix that you apply on the vehicle is the right one as all the fixes and repairs displayed on the gadget are verified and certified by professional auto-tech mechanics.
  • This tool supports both battery and alternator charging
  • It is sturdy and compact in design
  • It can be updated via the internet and comes with a USB cable for this function
  • The Actron cp9680 scan tool is very easy to read even without professional OBDII knowledge
  • It quickly and accurately reads airbag and check engine light codes
  • The LCD color screen displays all the info and it is easy to navigate even in dim areas

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  • Lacks some functions that are found in standard scan tools such as test individual sensors and lacks PCM programming.
  • There is limited access to the code connect feature as it is only available in English and not in Spanish or French languages.

All-in-all, the Actron cp9680 is a wonderful scan tool that functions efficiently. The tool is easy to use and has code connect technology with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities that make it be exceptional. That’s why professional mechanics and technicians highly recommend this OBD2 Trilingual scanner. Also, it is important to note that many diagnostic code readers on the market cannot be updated but this one can be updated via the internet. I have explained each features in this Actron cp9680 review article.

So, this means that you will use the device for many years to come by simply updating it to the latest onboard software. The LCD color screen makes the reading of results be easy and it provides accurate results. Whether you are a starter or pro, this gadget will prove to be of great help in diagnosing trouble codes.


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