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Cheapest: Review of Ancel AD310 classic enhanced universal obd II scanner

After many years of trying out different scan tools, I finally landed on the Ancel ad310. Getting a scanner that meets your needs at a good price is not easy. Before I settled on ad310 code reader, I had used some scanners that ended up disappointing me. The Ad310 is a great device and very easy to use. This scanner Work 1996 or Newer car, Easily determine the cause of check engine light, View freeze frame data, wide display and more. Above all, it is offered at a very fair price just like the Actron cp9125 code reader and Autel al319 scanner. Read this Ancel AD310 review to know more about this tool.

Technical Specifications of the Ancel AD310 Scanner


Ancel AD310

Works: MOST 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, and newer
Display: Large LCD (128 x 64 pixel)
Check Engine Light: Yes, determines the cause
Live data stream: Yes
Clear code: Yes
Read Data: Yes
Retrieves vehicle information: Yes
View freeze frame data: Yes
Erase code: Yes(Only after solving the problem)
OBD II potocol: 16 PIN
Shows the code meaning Yes
Engine Fault Code read: Yes
Voltage: 12v
Get transmission codes: Yes
Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 12.3 ounces
Warranty: 3 Years Warranty Guarantee
Price: Ancel AD310 reviewsCheck Price

Classic Enhanced Ancel AD310 Review

The Ancel ad310 is an excellent code reader for individuals looking for a scan tool for car engine problems. The scanner is durably made and has features that make using it to be seamless and quick. It is highly rated and will serve the user for several years. Also, it will help you save money by not visiting the mechanic or repair shop regularly.

Unlike other scanners, this code reader is convenient to use as it reduces the cost of consultation. It supports different languages which include English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, and Russian. So, it can be used by different people around the globe.
ancel ad310 obd2 scannerCheck Price

When you take a closer look at this device, you will realize that it is worth more than it appears. Here is some info about the ad310 diagnostic scanner that makes it be outstanding.

Features of the Ancel ad310 scanner

  • The ad310 can turn off the system to see what is causing the check engine light to come on. Furthermore, it clears the error codes.
  • It is able to support controller area network (CAN), loop up library, built-in OBD2 fault and OBDII protocols.
  • The device is able to retrieve generic codes, pending codes, hard memory data, and definitions.
  • It comes with four buttons, which make operation to be simple. These are: enter, exit, up, and down.
  • It enables you to check freeze frame data and I/M readiness
  • It has the capability to read real-time data stream
  • The code reader comes with a large TFT screen that is backlit for displaying of results
  • It has a long cable 2.5 feet in length. This cable is made of a solid insulator
  • The scan tool is compatible with vehicles made in Asia and USA from 1996 and newer, and in Europe from 2000 and newer.
  • The Ancel ad310 doesn’t need a battery or charger as it gets power directly from the OBD2 Data Link Connector in your car.
  • The error codes can be read in several languages, which makes it be easy to use by different individuals.
  • The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty

ANCEL AD310 Enhanced Universal DiagnosticCheck Price

Pros of the Ancel ad310 scan tool:

  • User-friendly device

The scan tool is very easy to use. It only has 4 buttons for pressing down, up, enter, and exit. So, anyone can operate it. Moreover, it comes with a large TFT color screen for easy interpreting of outcomes. It is backlit and thus it allows the user to read error codes even in a dark or dimly lit place.

  • Compact design

The device is compactly designed to fit in tight places such as on the dashboard. It is of an ideal size and weight which makes holding it for long as you work on your car to be a non-issue. Also, the compact design means that keeping this gadget is not a problem.

  • Sturdy construction

The code reader is sturdily constructed to withstand the harsh working environment. It can drop or even be crushed against the wall, but it will still deliver. Also, it has a strong cable that measures 2.5 feet in length.

  • Wider compatibility

The Ancel AD10 scanner is compatible with most 1996 US-based, 2000 European-Based model, and Asian vehicles, newer OBD2 and CAN domestic or import vehicles. But before you purchase it, ensure that it is compatible with your car model and type.

  • Portable

This is an excellent code reader to travel with as it weighs less and it is compact in design. The device weighs 12.3 ounces and has measurements of 8.9 X 6.9 X 1.4 inches. Hence, you can easily slide it in your backpack as you head to the garage. You won’t feel any burden or bulkiness as you move around with it.

  • Convenient

It is also very convenient to use as it doesn’t need you to connect it to a mobile phone for it to function. This attracts many people as they don’t have to undergo an extra cost of acquiring a phone to help check the error codes. Also, you won’t waste time looking at the mobile phone as you don’t have to.

  • Extensive language support

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from, you will be able to read different code definitions in a language of your preference. This includes French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Dutch, and German.

  • No need of a battery

Furthermore, there is no battery required to power on the device as it uses car engine power. Simply connect it to the car using the data link connector and start diagnosing error codes.

  • Great price

When you compare this device with other scan tools in its price range, you will find that it has more features. As a result, you get more features than that of an average scan tool and at a lower price. If you want an advanced obd2 scanner then take a look at the Innova 3040e scan tool.
Ancel AD310 ReviewCheck Price

Cons of this scanner:

  • Compatibility problems

A good number of users have reported this device to have compatibility problems. So, before you buy the scan tool, check and know if it is compatible with your vehicle or not. For instance, it is not compatible with car models like Nissan.

  • Limited features

This device is just limited to certain functions. Hence, if you are searching for a more versatile and professional code reader, you will need to look elsewhere. For instance, it cannot diagnose ABS/SRS system. But if you want a car diagnostic scanner for checking engine problems, then this is the ideal device for you.

  • Low accuracy level

This scanner doesn’t provide very accurate results. Hence, you should not heavily rely on it alone to diagnose error codes. After checking the fault codes, you should go ahead and have the mechanic to confirm if the problems is the one detected or not. Also, you can research online and identify what the codes imply. Sometimes, they don’t match and that’s where a mechanic is needed.

  • Unclear instructions

Customers have complained that the user manual is not very clear and it gives them a hard time reading and understanding it. The manufacturer should print well their user manual and make it easy to understand.

Ancel ad310 vs ad410

What is the difference between Ancel ad310 and ad410? Read below the features comparison:


Ancel ad310

Ancel ad410

Works: All 1996 and newer vehicles All 1996 and newer vehicles
Check Engine Light: Yes Yes
Views freeze frame data: Yes Yes
Emissions Readiness: Yes Yes
Powertrain and ABS Vehicle coverage: No No
Update option: No Yes. (life-time Free)
ABS, and SRS Codes: No No
Batteries: No need any Batteries or Charger It does not require any Battery or Charger.
Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.6 x 0.3 inches 10 x 7 x 3 inches
Weight: 12.3 ounces 11.2 ounces
Price: Ancel AD310 ReviewCheck Price ANCEL Enhanced Vehicle Automotive ScannerCheck Price

This is one of the best-rated scan tools on the market. Despite of the shortcomings the device comes with, this shouldn’t stop you from acquiring this amazing scanner. Some of its disadvantages are that it has limited functions and it is not compatible with some vehicles. But if you are searching for a diagnostic scanner for inspecting issues connected to the engine, then this the ideal scan tool. For those who want a scanner that can check ABS and SRS light, this is not the device for you. Only beginners and DIYers will find this scanner interesting as it will allow them to read and erase codes. I hope this Ancel AD310 review article has given a clear idea about this scanner.

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