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Autel AL619 Review 2018: Engine, ABS, SRS Auto OBD2 Scanner

Getting a reliable and easy to use diagnostic scan tool is not simple. With a wide range of code readers on the market, it can be a problem searching through all the code readers to get one that fits your needs. But if you are looking for an effective and a quality scanner at a great price, then the Autel al619 code reader is the device for you. Read this Autel AL619 review article to know more about this scan tool.

Autel AL619 Review 2018

Autel brand is famous for its user-friendly and quality automotive scanners. Started 10-years ago, Autel has made an enormous progress to come up with different diagnostic scan tools that fit the needs of different users. The Autel al619 is a wonderful diagnostic scanner with outstanding features. The Autel al619 is delivered together with the scan tool’s data link cable, a CD, and a user manual. All of these are kept in a carrying case.
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At such a great price, the Autel al619 diagnostic scanner can perform various tasks such as read and erase generic, manufacture specific and pending codes.  It has a large screen for easy display and a multilingual menu for use by customers from different countries. To know more about this excellent Autel diagnostic scan tool, we have compiled some info that will enlighten you on its features, benefits, and disadvantages.

Autel al619 autolink features

  • It is compatible with OBD1, OBD II, and controlled area network (CAN) vehicles. This includes all domestic, European, and Asian vehicles manufactured from 1996 or newer.
  • The scanner has the ability to diagnose and erase both the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the safety restraint (SRS). These two nets are very vital; the enabling codes help the technician in being able to rectify any error.
  • Al619 has an inbuilt audio technique, which provides live sound on the places worth attending to. Moreover, the three-minute tone as well tells the mechanic when the car has been completely scanned and repaired. This is further supported by a visual feature via the color LEDs which also blink when the car engine is ready.
  • It has a wonderful coverage, which is almost on a global scale. This is because it comprises of a rich mix of both manufacturer specific and a range of other generic code, the main contributor to its compatibility.
  • The al619 diagnostic scanner is of a compact design and very easy to handle or keep. It measures 70.9 by 31.5 by 102.4 inches. Furthermore, it just weighs 2 pounds which is rather light for its size and it has many accessories. This is made easy as it comes with a carrying pouch for carrying it and its accessories.
  • It has a multilingual menu and code definitions in English, French, and Spanish. So, it can be used by technicians from different countries as long as they understand one of the above languages.
  • It has an instant messaging (IM) which offer the technician and the owner the capacity to receive live data feeds, the ability to check the status emissions saves time. This hastens the procedure of corrective measures in the course of OBDII coding and repairs. The best thing here is that you are able to access the data by simply one click of a button.
  • The diagnostic code reader is able to turn off malfunction indicator light (MIL) and ABS/SRS warning lights, clear codes, and reset monitors. Other functions include reads, stores, and playback live PCM data stream & live sensor data.

Autel AL619 Scanner Pros:

High quality and aesthetic value

The appearance of this OBD2 code reader is simply amazing. To add on, its ability to scan well is as a result of its high resilience. With these two factors, this is a great tool to have in your car for diagnosing it when the check engine light comes on.


This is an extremely reliable device. It has several parts that work together to attain the same goal. For instance, the audio and visual aids are all meant to help the technician with getting the most accurate data. It doesn’t matter if you are in a dark area or noisy place.

Easy to use interface

With its large color LED screen, reading and erasing of codes is made very easy. The color screen is backlit and this means that you can read the results even in a dark area. It is also compact in design and fits perfectly in the technician’s hand. It is not complicated to use and ideal for start-up electricians and DIYers.


This featured packed device comes with a wide range of features, but it is still light in weight. So, carrying it from one location to another is seamless. It weighs just 2 pounds and won’t be a burden. Also, it fits well in tight areas due to its small size.

Wider Autel al619 compatibility

One of the best features of this scanner is that it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. It can read and erase codes on OBD I, OBDII, and CAN vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. In addition, the OBDII compliance was discovered to cover several vehicles with both old and new vehicles included.

Great price

Even though this car diagnostic scanner is excellent in performance and offers accurate outcomes, it is still offered at a great price. Most of the scan tools in the same price range come with fewer features when compared to the AL619 code reader. As a result, you get more features and greater performance for less the cost. Also, the brand is very reliable and they offer a warranty to customers.
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Some disadvantages:

Updating the device is a bit cumbersome

One of the challenges of owning this diagnostic scan tool is that it is very tricky to update. It might take you up to half an hour just to update it. Hence, you need to be patient as you have to update the device before using it straight from the box. This will take some of your time, but it will work.

Inability to print data into hard copies

This scanner has the ability to connect to a PC or any other external gadget during installation, but the downside is that it cannot print hard copies. Therefore, the user might have a hard time having hard copies using this device. You will have to be prepared for this.

Not compatible with all vehicles

In some cases, buyers have complained about the device not functioning on some vehicles it says it does. I would advise confirming compatibility with your car before acquiring it.

Autel al519 vs al619

What is the difference between Autel al519 and al619?

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Autel al619 vs md802

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If you have been searching for a reliable and quality diagnostic scanner at a wonderful price, this is the best choice for you. The Al619 is an excellent scanner with outstanding features. This is despite it being offered at a great price. Actually, scan tools within the same price range come with fewer features. So, you get more when you purchase this diagnostic code reader. Also, its portability makes to be a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and start-up technicians.

Instead of searching through various brands for a quality and affordable scan tool, you can get the Autel al619 code reader and diagnose the error codes.