Autel AL519 Review: Cheap AutoLink Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool

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Visiting the mechanic when the check engine light comes on can prove to be costly. Instead of dishing out a lot of cash for such services, you can buy a quality scan tool to perform the tests and diagnose the error codes by yourself.

  • OBD2 scanner with code retrieving capability and I/M readiness
  • One-click readiness key for quickly checking emissions
  • In-built software enables you to capture screenshots for review
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Most of the time, people spend money and waste time going to the mechanic when they can save cash and time. There are small issues such as the check engine light, which can be tackled by you. Simply get this Autel al519 diagnostic scanner to read/erase the error codes. Read this Autel AL519 review to know more about this scan tool.

Technical Features of the Autel AL519 Scanner


Autel AL519


ALL 1996 and newer vehicles


TFT color screen

Check Engine Light(MIL)

Yes, determines the cause

Reads, stores Data

Playbacks live sensor data

Clears codes & resets monitors

Update option

Free update online lifetime

Enhanced OBDII Mode


Enter your text here...

Emissions readiness checks

Retrieves vehicle information


Views freeze frame data

Check mpg/miles per gallon



Displays live O2 sensor test data

Get transmission codes


One year warranty


For the past three years, I’ve been using this automotive diagnostic scanner and it has lived up to my expectations. It is easy to use and always provide accurate results. Thus, if you are a motorist looking to cut down on some car costs, then, gets this code reader.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile tool
  • Great design
  • Affordable price
  • Portable scan tool
  • Wider compatibility
  • Has a backup battery


  • Compatibility issues
  • It has limited functions
  • Updating the device is cumbersome

Not all diagnostic code readers are exceptional in performance. Therefore, you have to look for the best such as the Autel al519. The Autel al519 scan tool is a mid-range scanner as it possesses both basic and professional features. So, it is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and technicians.

The Autel scanner covers a wide range of vehicles and can perform various functions. The Autel al519 is portable and one can carry it to any destination. It has a carrying case where the USB cable, OBD2 cable, user manual, CD, and OBD2 scanner are kept when not in use. With this article, you will get to know more about this device and how useful it can be in determining why the check engine light is on.

Features and Benefits

  1. The scan tool is able to retrieve generic codes, manufacturer specific codes, and pending codes on vehicles such as VIN, CIN, and CVN.
  2. The scanner is lightweight, compact, and portable for easy carry. It comes with a carrying case, a USB cable, a CD, OBD2 cable, and a user’s manual.
  3. It has I/M readiness feature that enables users to perform quick checks on their drive cycle and emission readiness.
  4. The DTC definitions and menu are written in three different languages, which are French, English, and Spanish.
  5. The scan tool can turn the check engine light, clear codes, and reset monitors
  6. It has bright color LEDs and a built-in speaker that offer both visual and audible tone for readiness verification.
  7. It comes with a patented one-click readiness key for quick state emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification.
  8. The Autel Al519 also reads, stores, and playbacks live sensor data. In addition, it views freeze frame data.
  9. It quickly determines the cause of the check engine light and helps the user to erase the trouble codes.
  10. The scan tool system is internet updatable. Furthermore, you are able to print all codes and retrieved information using your PC.
  11. The scanner has software that enables you to capture screenshots for reviewing or checking issues with your PC. Actually, the code reader is compatible with windows.

If you want a scanner with a lot more features, then you should look at the Autel al619 obdii scan tool.

Why Buy Autel al519 Autolink?

Wider Compatibility

Before buying any scanner, you should make sure that it is compatible with your car type and model. The Autel al519 is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. The device functions on all vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer domestic, European, and Asian OBD2 and CAN vehicles. Hence, you can be guaranteed to use this gadget on different car make and types.

Great Design

One of the exceptional features of this device is its design. The scan tool is compactly built to fit well in the hands of the user. Moreover, it has a wonderful grip that allows the technicians to hold it firmly as he or she undertakes different tasks.

Versatile Tool

Since this scanner has both basic and professional features, it can be used for a wide range of uses. Unlike some basic tools, this one can read, update, and even erase data codes. So, you will not be required to visit the mechanic very often if you have this device with you. As a result, the repair cost will be reduced by half.

Portable Scan Tool

Another amazing feature about this scanner is that it is portable. Weighing less than two pounds, this gadget is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. Also, you can hold it for long without getting tired. Despite its weight, it still offers great features that cover a wide range of vehicles.

Easy to Use

One of the challenges that start-up mechanics or DIYers face is using a scan tool. This is because there are some devices that are complicated and need some knowledge to use them. With the al519 scanner, using it is simple and straightforward. It has a TFT screen where everything is displayed and the built-in speaker provides audio tone. Also, the buttons are clear and simple to use.

Has a Backup Battery

Most of the scanners function by the engine being turned on. But with the Autel al519, you can still scan the codes even when the engine is off. This is because it comes with a backup battery. Hence, you can always read the codes whenever you wish to.

Affordable Price

When you look at the features that this device has, you might think that it is a high-end device. The al519 is sold at a great price, but it still has outstanding features. Compared to the same range of products within the same price, this is way above them. You may get less expensive code reader like Autel AL319, but that has fewer features too.


Updating the Device is Cumbersome

Before you can start using this scan tool, you will be needed to update its software. This might take some of your time but it will eventually work. So, you better be prepared as it is a slow process. If possible, get someone to update it for you if you are busy

It Has Limited Functions

This tool might offer both basic and professional features, but it is not very advanced. So, you will not know everything about your car. For instance, the device cannot give you the rpm of your car. That’s why it’s great for individuals looking for a basic to mid-range diagnostic scanners.

Compatibility Issues

This is very common with many scan tools on the market. The advice I can give you is to check whether the device that you are buying is compatible with your vehicle or not. Some customers have complained about the device not being compatible with some vehicles. Comparing with the Autel AL519; the Autel ML619 scanner has less compatibility issue.
I have explained everything in this Autel AL519 review that you should know.


Getting a scan tool with both basic and professional features is not easy at such a great price. That’s what you get when you buy the Autel al519 diagnostic scan tool. It is affordable, portable, and lightweight. Also, it is compact in design and has an easy to use interface. With its wide vehicle coverage, you can use it on different cars at home or for work. Autel as a brand has a great reputation and offers clients with a warranty.

Look no further than the Autel al519 diagnostic scanner as you will get more than what you pay for. Many scan tools fail to deliver as they are not very accurate. But this is not the case with the Autel code readers. So, if you want a reliable scan tool, the Autel al519 is a wonderful choice. I have explained everything that you need to know in this Autel AL519 review article.

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