Autel MD808 Pro Review 2023 [MaxiDiag OBDII Scanner]

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After using different scan tools in my car repair shop, I have come to like the Autel MD808 pro diagnostic code reader. I was introduced to Autel by a friend, and I am very grateful to him. Autel brand offers some of the best OBDII scan tools on the market, and their performance is outstanding.

Today, I will only talk about the Autel MD808 scanner. The Autel Maxidiag MD808 pro scanner is a Combination of Autel MaxiCheck Pro and the Autel Maxidiag Elite MD802. The MD808 Pro diagnostic scanner is an excellent tool for car repair shop owners (like me), professional mechanics, and DIYer enthusiasts. It may not be a high-level diagnostic scanner, but neither is it an entry-level scanner. Read this Autel MD808 Pro review to know more about this MaxiDiag obd2 scanner.[toc]

  • Auto VIN and auto scan function for easy and convenient usage
  • Supports oil service reset and diesel particulate service
  • Three years of free upgrade and prompt customer support
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Who Will Use the Autel MD808 Pro Scan Tool?

The Autel MD808 pro diagnostic scan tool is suitable for technicians and mechanics who want to fix complex vehicles issues. Also, it can be great for a car repair shop as it can help to diagnose a wide range of car brands and makes. And if you’re a serious DIYer, you can as well get this code reader to tackle more than the basic reading and erasing of error codes.


Autel MD808 Pro


All 1996 and newer vehicles


ARM® Thumb® Processor (400 MHz)


32MB, 166 MHz


4.0 inch LCD with 800x480 resolution



Mini USB: 2.0 Micro SD Card (16GB)

Read/Clear SRS, SAS, EPB, DPF, BMS, ABS Codes

View Freeze Frame data

View, Report, Graph and Playback Live Data

Print via PC

Electronic Parking Brake Maintenance Services

Oil Service Reset

Battery Maintenance Services

Read Clear Transmission Codes

View Live Data

Read/Clear Engine Codes

Graph, Store & Playback

I/M Emissions Readiness

View Code Definitions OnScreen

Operating Humidity

5% - 95% non-condensing

Power Consumption

1.7 W

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

Dimensions(W x H x D)

202 mm x 92 mm x 35 mm (8.35” x 3.62” x 1.4”)


313 g (0.69 lb.)

Software Update

Lifetime Free Software Update


12 month Warranty


Review of Autel MD808 Pro

The Autel MD808 scan tool has some excellent features like multilingual menu, large service menu, free software update, large color screen, and great compatibility. Without wasting any time, let’s look at the features, benefits, and setbacks of this quality mid-range scanner from one of the top OBD2 scan tool brands.


  • Extensive Vehicle Coverage
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Economical
  • Perform a Wide Range of Functions
  • Multilingual Menu
  • AutoVIN and Auto Scan Functionality
  • Updateable and Upgradeable
  • Additional Features
  • Warranty and Support


  • Update the device before using it
  • Does not support bi-directional control


  • Compatible with most OBD2 vehicles for domestic, European, and Asian
  • Scan all systems such as engine, ABS, SRS, and Transmission
  • Free software update
  • I/M readiness status
  • View, report, graph, and playback live data
  • View freeze frame data
  • Multi-lingual menu definitions
  • Large service menu
  • Turn off ECU brake warning light
  • AutoVIN for manufacturer-specific codes
  • Print via PC
  • One-year warranty


Extensive Vehicle Coverage

The Autel MD808 pro scanner covers most OBD2 compliant vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer - domestic and foreign vehicles. This includes most of the popular car brands such as GM, BMW, Audi, Benz, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda, Maybach, Peugeot, Hyundai, etc.

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Easy to Use Interface

Using this gadget isn’t an issue as even a person who is new to code readers will have an easy time reading and erasing error codes. It features simple and well-labeled keys and the screen is colored for quick and easy reading of error codes even in poor conditions.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Whether it is holding the device in your hand or keeping it in your car compartment, you won’t find any challenge as the Autel MD808 pro code reader is compact in design. It weighs about 3.45 pounds and measures 13 by 10.5 by 4 inches.

Sturdy Construction

Just like many Autel scanners on the market, the Autel MD808 diagnostic code reader is sturdily made and can withstand impact. In addition, it has a durable rubber cover that protects it from breaking. It is also grease and water resistant. So, you can be certain that it will defy the hardships of a garage or car repair shop.

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Instead of paying visits to the mechanic or spending a lot of cash to have the check engine light diagnosed, you should get your own code reader. The Autel MD808 pro scanner performs more than just reading and erasing error codes. Regardless of this, it is offered at an excellent price.

Perform a Wide Range of Functions

Whether it is reading or erasing error codes, viewing freeze frame data, checking I/M readiness status, viewing code definitions, or scanning all available systems on the vehicle, the MD808 pro scanner will help to perform all these functions and many more.

Multilingual Menu

The Multilingual menu allows the user from different countries and areas to have an easy time using the device. The mechanic or technician can set the device in the language they understand best. Note that the default language is English. But you can set the device to French or Spanish.

AutoVIN and Auto Scan Functionality

This feature automatically identifies vehicle make, model, and year to define determine vehicle-specific codes. While the Auto Scan function automatically scans all vehicle systems for codes and shows No fault/pass or failed/fault.

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Updateable and Upgradeable

The manufacturer offers a lifetime of free updates. Though, many users have disputed this and say that the device comes with 3-years of free updates. After this period, you will have to pay for the updates or upgrades.

Additional Features

Apart from the features that we’ve discussed above, the code reader as well comes with auto power off. This feature shuts off the device in order to conserve the battery. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 16 GB SD card memory. You can save and print error codes on the SD card and print them via the PC.

Warranty and Support

If you’re faced with any problem such as receiving a defective product, you can return it as it comes with a one-year limited warranty. Also, the manufacturer has a great support team where you can get in touch and receive help concerning your scan tool.


The major problem of using the Autel MD808 scanner is that you have to update the device before using it. This is a huge challenge to users as most people want ready to go scanners. The good news is that the update is free and all you need to do is to register the device with the Autel brand.

Another setback is that the device doesn’t support bi-directional controls. Also, it slows down when viewing graphs, which may delay some the user.


The Autel MD808 pro scanner is a nice and sturdy device that will allow you to diagnose different car makes and models as long as they are OBD2 compliant and manufactured from 1996 or newer. This includes domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. The diagnostic scanner is easy to use, compact and affordable. It also performs a wide range of functions making it ideal for DIYers, professional mechanics, and technicians.

The MD808 will help you save money as it offers free lifetime updates and upgrades. You can as well save data on the 16GB memory card and in case of any defects on the product; the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. I hope this Autel MD808 Pro review will help a lot to make a buying decision.

People Also Ask

How Do I Know if My Autel Scanner is Genuine or Not?

First and foremost, you should buy an Autel scanner from an authorized dealer. If you buy it from an unknown source, you risk being duped or being sold the wrong product. Every Autel scan tool comes with a serial number. After you purchase the device, you need to register it in order to get free software update/upgrade and as well as warranty. As a result, if you try to register the code reader with Autel and it fails, just know that your device is counterfeit. All-in-all, Autel is a reliable company and having a fake product is next to impossible.

Does the Autel MD808 Offer Its Users With Free Lifetime Updates? 

This is where Autel wasn’t clear about its product. In the description, it is written that the product comes with free lifetime updates but it is not. Most users have stated that the free software updates are provided for 3 years and from then onwards, you will have to pay for updates and upgrades. The manufacturer should be clear about this so that buyers are not duped into buying the product.

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  1. I am looking for a scanner that would let me access the onboard computer so that I am able to adjust the vehicle performance which would maximize my fuel economy. Will this model do this procedure or can you suggest a model that can do this.

    Thank you


  2. This MD808Pro would not link up to a new 2019 Toyota Tacoma. I called US support and was told that I would have to wait at least one year for the update to the device that will cover this and other new vehicles. The support person told me that I would purchase a much more expensive reader with a paid subscription to be able to interact with new vehicles. Thanks Autel for not advising this in your advertising for this product. This MD808Pro will be sitting in my cupboard collecting dust for at least one more years.

    • Yes, that’s right. If you buy the most recent car model, then low price scanner like Autel md808 pro will not support. They need time( at least one year) to include that new car model with the scanner.
      All scanner brands follow that type of tactic. Because they need to write a new program for the latest car model to support the scanner.

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