BlueDriver OBD2 Reviews 2023: Professional Bluetooth obdii Scan Tool

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My love of fixing things enabled me to learn how to repair different car parts. During weekends or when I am free, I always inspect my car and try to ensure that it is in the best state possible. With this in mind, I had to get a scan tool to help me diagnose the check engine light.

  • Best overall scan tool
  • Certified for Apple and Android device use
  • Reads your “Check Engine” light and other systems
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In the past, I’ve used different diagnostic scanners, but none has impressed me as the Bluedriver OBDII scan tool. Even, you have to spend a lot if you want to get a quality diagnostic scanner like Innova 3160g Bluetooth.

The Bluedriver Bluetooth scanner main features are: Read and Clear CEL codes, ABS codes, Airbag codes, Transmission codes, Freeze Frame, Smog Check, Live Data, etc. Read this BlueDriver OBD2 reviews to know more about this scanner.


BlueDriver OBD2


ALL 1996 and newer vehicles

Check Engine Light

Read and Clear CEL Codes

Yes(Confirmed, Pending, and Permanent for all makes)

Live Data

Display multiple PIDs as a graph, gauge, or digital readout (or export the log to a file)

Freeze Frame

Vehicle snapshot when a code is stored

Repair Reports

Code Definition, Possible Causes, Reported Fixes (Vehicle-specific for each DTC)


6 (Advanced test results)

ABS Check

Airbag Check

Vehicle Coverage

GM: including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, Pontiac, etc.
Ford: including Ford, Mercury & Lincoln
Chrysler: including Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, & Plymouth
Toyota: including Toyota, Scion, & Lexus
Nissan: including Nissan, Renault & Infiniti
BMW brands sold in North America: including BMW & Mini (2005 models & newer)
Honda brands sold in North America: including Honda and Acura (2003 models & newer)
Volkswagen brands sold in North America: including VW, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini

Software Update

Free updates


2.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches


3.84 ounces


1-year warranty


BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

Review of the BlueDriver OBD2

At such a great price, the Bluedriver OBD2 scanner has lived up to my expectations and I always carry it when I hit the road. It is small in size and thus very easy to carry and use. Also, it can be installed with much ease and used on the go. All you need is to insert the Bluedriver under your car dashboard and install the app. Make sure that you have an iOS or Android device to link it to the device. If you have a windows phone, it won’t work.

In the beginning, I thought that the Bluetooth technology wouldn’t be effective like the conventional one. But with this Lemur Bluedriver Bluetooth device, I can gladly say that it performs exceptionally. The only shortcoming is that it can have connectivity issues which might disrupt the reading of error codes.

The Bluedriver OBD2 professional scanner is able to give live and freeze engine data, analyzing error readings, turning off check engine lights, and carrying out tests like smog test. Also, the scanner is focused on diagnosis and repair, hence it gives you accurate, in-depth data readings on your vehicle’s systems and the solutions to any issues it gets. Read on to know more about the Bluedriver OBDII diagnostic scan tool.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to connect
  • Performs a lot of functions
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Merits all the standards
  • Fast data transfer sensor
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not compatible with windows phones
  • Not compatible with some car models
  • Instability in transmission
  • It flaws with the mobile app


Bluedriver app and Sensor – these two function together to provide quality readings. The app can be found in Google Play and iTunes. Bluedriver is licensed to function with iOS and Android devices.

Advanced Mode 6 Data Readings – it provides test results such as misfire counts.

Repair Reports – the moment the code reader receives an error code, the app instantly compiles a detailed report on how to repair the issue.

Compatible With iOS and Android Devices – this wireless Bluetooth scanner is licensed to work with only Android and iOS devices. If you have a windows device, it will not work. So, you will be required to acquire a compatible gadget.

Read and Clears CEL codes – it has the ability to read and clear all confirmed, pending, and permanent codes.

Read and Clear Enhanced Codes – also, it reads and clears enhanced codes such as ABS, Airbag, transmission and many more for different vehicles.

Smog Check – this device allows you to know if your car is ready for a smog test.

Live Data – it is able to show different PIDs as a graph, gauge, or digital readout.


Below are the main benefits:

Easy to Install

Unlike conventional scanners that need a cable to link them to the car, this device is very easy to install as it has no cable. All you require is the BlueDriver sensor and downloading the BlueDriver app. Insert the sensor into the port and link it to the phone.

Easy to Use

After inserting the sensor into the port, you will have to download the app and start reading and erasing the codes. Make sure that the phone is within close range of the sensor so that the connection remains stable. With just one click, you will be able to scan different error codes and get your car fixed.

Easy to Connect

You don’t need to connect any cables to the device and car for it to start working. All you require is to download the free app and connect the two. This will be quick unlike with a conventional scanner where you have to update it before using.

Performs a Lot of Functions

This scanner has the ability to read both basic and advanced readings. It also provides you with data readings and analysis. Other functions include graphing of live data and saving of data.

Portable and Easy to Store

With this gadget, you don’t have to worry about how you will carry or keep it after use. It is small in size and can fit in the pocket or on top of the car dashboard. In addition, it is lightweight and not a burden to carry as you go about with your business.

Merits All the Standards

Made in the USA, this wireless scanner meets all the required standards. It is a famous tool among technicians and it is trusted by mechanics. So, you can rely on it completely to deliver accurate readings.

Fast Data Transfer Sensor

One of the good things about this scan tool is that you get fast transfer vehicle data to your phone. The process is fast and easy.

Excellent Customer Service

The brand offers one of the best customer services and it is available 24/7. Also, you will get free vehicle-specific repair reports from a database of more than 6.6 million fixes that are verified by certified auto mechanics.


However, there are a few drawbacks:

Not Compatible With Windows Phones

This is a huge disadvantage for people who love or prefer window phones over other devices. The wireless scan tool is only compatible with Apple, Android, iPhone, and iPad. So, for you to link this device to your car, you will need one of the above gadgets.

Not Compatible With Some Car Models

The manufacturer’s technical support team released a report that warned people with BMWs, Volvos, VW Golf, and Hyundais to check for compatibility before buying this gadget. It works on some models of these car brands but not all.

Instability in Transmission

At times, this Bluetooth device might become a nuisance, especially when the connection drops. So, if you are in a hurry and it becomes unstable, it might derail you and waste your time. Also, this might affect the reading and force you to start afresh or lose accurate reading.

It flaws With the Mobile App

The software apps come with a number of flaws which are also disgusting. For instance, if your smartphone goes into sleep mode, all the data readings are zeroed out, and there is no setting to stop it. This problem is extremely irritating when you are reading live data from your vehicle’s engine. This should be improved on. Thus, lots of people buy a normal scanner like the Launch CRP123 scan tool. If you have any question after reading this BlueDriver OBD2 reviews, then comment below.


After looking at all the ups and downs of the Bluedriver OBD2 scan tool, I can say it is one of the best decisions you can make. This is because the device offers you the advantages of conventional code readers and more. It gives you data readings and analysis, using the Bluetooth wireless technology, directly on your smartphone. But as well, you will have to withstand the different disadvantages it comes with such as instability and flaws in the app.

Overall, this is an excellent device that you can easily connect to your car and download the app to start using. It has a wide coverage and functions with different car models and makes. Ensure that you have an Android or iOS smartphone to link up with the device. I hope, after reading this BlueDriver OBD2 reviews you have gotten a clear idea about this scan tool.

Still, have a question after reading this BlueDriver OBD2 Reviews? Comment below.

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  1. Hello

    I have a 2006/2007 Jeep KJ CRD LTD Liberty (Cherokee here in Australia), and am wondering if the BlueDriver scan tool will be able to detect ABS faults in our vehicle with your App.

    With the BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBD2 Scan Tool, do you know if the current version of the App will be able to detect, decipher and reset codes such as:
    ABS C1011
    ABS C1032
    ABS C1035
    ABS C1049
    ABS C2100
    ABS C2202
    ABS U0002
    ABS U140E


  2. Hi, I have mazda 2 2017 and nissan x-tail 2014 T32. Is the Bluedriver able to do diagnostic and clear check Engine light off and other errors. I live in Indonesia by the way. thanks


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