Foxwell NT201 Review 2023: What to Know Before Buying It

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The Foxwell NT201 is an excellent tool if you're looking for something to measure the engine's RPM, boost pressure, air/fuel ratio, and more. It has a wide variety of functions that can be used to diagnose problems with your vehicle. This article will discuss what this scan tool does, how it works, and the essential features before buying it.

Foxwell NT201 scan tool


  • Easy to use
  • Less-expensive
  • Sleek device
  • Lifetime free firmware updates


  • Cannot use for off-car review analysis
  • Not compatible with hybrid and electric cars

Features and Benefits


The Foxwell NT201 scanner is constructed to very high quality, making it is incredibly sturdy and dependable. The NT201 code reader has a durable plastic casing with rubber accents on the edges for added grip.

It also has a bright and colorful TFT screen protected by this plastic shell that can be seen clearly in all light levels. Aside from the screen, the Foxwell NT201 contains three LED lights used to check for emissions preparedness.

It also has large buttons beneath the screen used to control the screen. These buttons are large enough to use, giving the device an edge over a more expensive touch screen scanner. To use these tools, you'll need to take off your gloves. This only adds to the NT201's ease of usage.

Compatibility of Vehicles

The scanner's excellent "Car Compatibility" is one of the scanner's best features. Most Asian, American, Australian, and European vehicles are compatible with the device. It is compatible with all car brands, from Hyundai and Nissan to Benz, Ford, and Porsche. 

The vehicle models supported include all cars built in the United States after 1996, vehicles from Japan (OBD2 compatible) built-in 2003 or after, and cars in the EU that are OBD2 compatible were designed after 2000.


Without going to a car repair shop, you may use this tool to solve problems at home. Apart from that, the OBD2 scanner may be used in garage situations so that all expert mechanics can identify problems fast. This may read, check, clear, and switch off engine problem codes with this utility. It may also allow you to turn off the MIL or the check engine light.

When a DTC occurs, it allows you to access freeze-frame data used for snapshot analysis. This scanner collects real-time sensor streams from both engine sensors in your car as well as emissions readiness test status readings. It's perfect whether tracking down intermittent issues or ensuring an emission pass!

Quick and Simple to Use

The Foxwell NT201 device includes a one-of-a-kind, patented One-Click Readiness Key, making it simple to use. This key can be used for two things: driving cycle verification and emissions readiness testing. 

The best thing is that you don't need any prior experience or expertise to identify and correct these problems. The bright, luminous, color-coded LEDs provide a visual indicator of the issue that adds to the usability and simplicity of Foxwell NT201. 

Software and Updates

Foxwell has constantly been updating their software to improve the accuracy of trouble codes rapidly and efficiently. Updates are free for life, so you don't have to worry about them going obsolete or giving your vehicle an unexpected problem with data communication that could cause crashes!

Foxwell’s newest update added even more abilities such as bug fixing, identifying fault code events from scan tool usage without having any connection issues when scanning vehicles, battery Fire systems, etc.

Live Data

Foxwell NT201 features robust live data similar to the technology available from much more expensive OBD2 scanners. The Live Data Function shows vehicle values from several component modules in real-time. 

It includes observing fuel injection system performance by reading trim levels for gas consumption and how high an engine's RPM is while running idle (with information added via FreeZero).

Read and Clear Error Codes

The NT201 code reader is a must-have for any mechanic. The device can read and clear engine faults rapidly, accurately identify problems in your car or bike's systems, including

ABS SRS Transmission and emissions and clear error codes once repairs are complete - making this one of those devices you don't want to be without!

Emissions Readiness Test & Smog Checking

The Foxwell NT201 is equipped with air smog checking and emissions preparedness functions. This function will help mechanics determine if your car passes an emission test, so you'll never have several thousand dollars in repairs again! 

When using this device at any auto repair shop or workshop, the green LED lights up while passing tests; however, when red appears on either end of it, then that means some problems need attention before getting back on the road safely.

Foxwell NT201 FAQ

1. Is Foxwell NT201 worth buying?

Yes, because Foxwell is one of the most well-known vehicle diagnostic equipment manufacturers. They've been creating products like Foxwell NT201, which most users have highly recommended.

2. How good are Foxwell scanners?

The Foxwell GT80 is the finest choice for a professional or busy technician seeking a reliable and high-quality scan instrument. Despite its hefty price, this scanner is well worth the money. The GT80 automobile scan tool is designed for professionals and can complete all of the responsibilities associated with a professional scan tool.

3. Are Foxwell scanners reliable?

Foxwell's reputable scan tools are loaded with features such as the ability to locate a bad O2 sensor and reset the check engine light. In addition, the user can expect improved vehicle information and access to emission readiness and onscreen DTC codes.

4. What does PD DTC stand for?

Permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes (PDTCs) are pretty similar to standard DTCs (DTCs). However, unlike conventional DTCs, they cannot be cleared using an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) scan tool or reset by unplugging the vehicle's battery.

5. Why is my MIL light turned on?

The light could indicate a minor problem, such as a malfunctioning gas cap, or it could indicate a more significant problem, such as a misfiring engine. The check engine light, often known as the malfunction indicator bulb, is a warning from the engine computer that something is wrong.


The Foxwell NT201 is an excellent low-cost engine code scanner that fulfills the job it was designed for. We hope that this article has been helpful in your decision-making. We recommend the Foxwell NT201 because it has excellent value and provides all the features necessary for DIY automotive diagnostics if you’re still unsure which scanner to buy.