FOXWELL NT630 Review 2023: Automotive ABS, SRS OBD2 Scanner

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Are you a mechanic, DIYer or technician looking for a quality and versatile scanner to cover different car models? Look no further than the Foxwell NT630 diagnostic scan tool.  The Foxwell NT630 scanner is sturdily built for daily use. Also, it is available at a very competitive price. Foxwell has lots of quality scan tools. But, Why buy Foxwell NT630 obd2 scanner? Read this Foxwell NT630 review to know the answer.

  • Full OBD2 functions with ABS auto-bleed and SAS calibration features
  • Easy to operate and multilingual option for more versatility
  • Code troubleshooters for simple and quick diagnosis of elements
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Instead of having different automotive scanners for different cars, get this Foxwell tool to help you do the job effectively. Know why the vehicle is not able to start or why the check engine light is on. You will never have to guess again or waste your time removing parts to detect the problem. You may buy a cheap scanner like Foxwell NT301, but it has lesser features compare to NT630. On top of that, using this scan tool is very simple as the buttons are clear and well labeled.

Technical Specifications of the FOXWELL NT630 Plus Automotive ABS Scanner


Foxwell NT630 Plus


ALL 1996 and later vehicles


DTC definitions on unit screen

Global OBDII

ABS Active Test

Yes, (Typical special test options include)

Airbag Diagnostic Functions

Live data

Full OBD2 Service Function

ESP sensors data

Reads, stores Data

Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

Yes, (For more than 35 car makes)

Service Functions

Yes, (For more than 35 car makes)

Bi-directional Control Tests

Update Tool

Yes, (For more tFoxScannerhan 35 car makes)

Life-long Free Updates


6 functionality


13.5 x 9.2 x 3.2 inches


3.2 pounds


1-Year Limited Warranty

1-Year Limited Warranty


The Foxwell NT630 scanner is a compactly designed device. It has a color LCD screen for easy display of information and has the ability to read and clear error codes in car models from 52 different car manufacturers. This includes even the latest vehicles. So, buying this scanner is a good decision as you will get to cover different cars and it can as well be updated.


  • It is very easy to operate as it possesses menu driven options
  • It is sold at a very reasonable price that can be afforded by many
  • NT630 has code trouble-shooters for simple and quicker diagnosis
  • It has a multilingual menu option that supports English and Spanish languages
  • This scanner is sturdily constructed with an ergonomic design for shop and road test
  • It offers excellent live data graphing which can merge information for simple and intuitive vehicle diagnosis
  • It comes with a 4.3-inch TFT screen display that provides crystal clear readings and great user experience


  • It cannot function on MAC system
  • It doesn’t come with an inbuilt power source
  • This tool is not compatible with all the car makes stated(especially little known brands)
  • It does not support obd1 that means you have to buy a more powerful scanner like NT644 to support obd1 and obd2



One of the features that technicians, mechanics, and DIYers look for in scanners is whether they are durably constructed or not. If you are a mechanic and work in a busy garage or repair shop, you need a strong scan tool. The NT630 scanner is sturdily made to withstand droppings or scratches.

It is also compact in design and can fit in tight areas. This is a tool that you can rely on to provide you with years of use irrespective of where you use it.


When it comes to displaying info, the Foxwell NT630 is very easy to read and interpret. It is particularly designed to show data that even a beginner or DIY enthusiast can understand. Thus, reading results is very easy and quick. In addition, it has a 4.3-inch TFT color screen that displays info both in well lit and poorly lit areas. Also, live data graphing is shown with a very great quality.

Moreover, the Foxwell NT630 has an easy to operate menu. Every button is clearly labeled and it is a breeze to navigate through the buttons. The user simply needs to select either English or Spanish and start reading or clearing codes.


The Foxwell NT630 scan tool is embedded in enhanced OBD2 mode 6 functionality. This software is very powerful and able to perform car diagnostic procedures and provides an accurate reading in just one single click. With the OBD2 mode 6 functionality, you are in a position to troubleshoot and receive accurate results about sensors, actuators, switches, sensors, as well as relays. Besides this, this scanner supports all 10 OBDII test modes like live data, component test, and O2 sensor test.

Accuracy and Reliability

Is there need of having a scan tool that doesn’t provide you with accurate results? It is important that as you choose a diagnostic scanner, you should ensure that it offers you with accurate outcomes. The Foxwell NT630 is one such automotive scanner that you can rely on. This code reader provides precise readings and it clears codes. Hence, you will never record wrong data that may mislead you into changing or repairing the wrong part of your car. In addition to accuracy, this is a very reliable device that can be depended on.

Lifetime Free Update

The moment you buy this device, just know that you will be relieved as you won’t have to buy a new scan tool in the near future.

This is because the NT630 can be updated via the internet. All you need to do is to install the SD card into your CP or an SD card reader, then log into the PC application, and press update. Note that it cannot be updated on a MAC system. Since the device is updatable, you will be able to use it on the latest car models.


One of the best features of this scan tool is that it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Actually, it covers 52 car makes and offer a precise diagnosis on SRS, ABS, and Steering Angle System. This includes the latest 2016/2017 car models on some makes. As a result, if you have different cars to diagnose, this is the scanner for you.

Excellent Price

Despite having outstanding features and qualities, the NT630 is a device offered at a great price. The Foxwell NT624 car diagnostic scan tool has similar features, but you have to spend more for that tool. Compared to code readers sold at the same price, the Foxwell NT630 seems to have more features, and it provides accurate results. So, you get more than what you pay for. In case you are looking for a quality scan tool at an amazing price, this is the device to have.


The Foxwell brand is one of the top diagnostic scan tool brands on the market. They offer high quality and reliable scanners for technicians, mechanics, starters, and for DIYers. With a great customer support, you will get all the help you need when you buy from this brand.


  • This diagnostic code reader accurately conducts Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) calibration on different car models including the latest 35 models.
  • It inspects all the electronic parts of your vehicle such as relays and actuators, sensors, and switches.
  • It is able to read and clear codes in car models from 52 manufacturers with the inclusion of the latest models.
  • NT630 accurately read and erases codes including turning off ABS and Airbag warning on-board indicator
  • It is able to support all the 10 OBD2 test modes including 02 sensor test and various component tests.
  • It as well matches graphs in a live data graphing for improved intuitive diagnosis
  • This can support both English and Spanish languages
  • Foxwell NT630 scan tool has 8-18 volts external power support your car battery


If you have been searching for a quality, reliable, and affordable scan tool, the Foxwell NT630 is an excellent choice for you. As we have seen in this Foxwell NT630 review that this scanner is compact in design, easy to use, and can cover a wide range of vehicles. As a result, it is great for commercial use or for DIYers. It will help you to effectively and accurately read & clear codes on your car computer system. At such a great price; get this for your car and you will be able to tackle the bugs in your car quickly and avoid any danger that they may cause as you drive.

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