Ancel AD410 Review – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

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Every car owner is, more or less, familiar with the annoying CEL or Check Engine Light issue. For many of us, it means a costly trip to the mechanic. However, with a reliable OBD2 scanner, vehicle owners can do away with such trips.

Ancel is a trusted name in the OBD2 scanner market. The company has a range of scanners covering basic and advanced code reading. Here, we’ll be talking about the Ancel AD410 Scanner. Some of you might have heard about it before.

For those looking for a more enhanced scanner, this device from Ancel can more than take care of your vehicle-specific self-diagnosing needs.

  • Supports all OBD2 protocols
  • Supports O2 Sensor and EVAP System Test
  • Allows users to print and review reports
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  • Diagnostic ability
  • Free updates
  • High-quality display
  • The construction


  • Not for beginners
  • Better instructions

Main Features

We have done all of this work to help you make an informed buying decision. We want you to purchase a device that does what it’s supposed to do while giving you great value for the price point.

So, let’s begin with the main features that help the Ancel AD410 stand apart from the rest!

The Compatibility

When purchasing an OBD2 scanner, it's recommended you opt for one that offers a good range of compatibility. We say this because the higher the range, the more vehicle models it can be used for. This particular scanner from Ancel supports all OBD2 protocols (including J1850 PWM, KWP2000, J1850 VPW, and Controller Area Network or CAN). You can use it for most vehicles sold in the U.S.A. with the model year of 1996 or newer.

Not only that, the supported languages include English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

It can also be updated. You simply need to plug this device into a computer using a USB cable. So, yes, this device is compatible with Mac and Windows.

The Software

The company-designed software and its ability to be updated helps make this scanner one of the better-advanced units you can purchase. The said software can be downloaded, without hassle, from the manufacturer's website. There’s even a step-by-step guide provided to make the process convenient.

As mentioned, the ability of this scanner to be updated makes it a worthwhile investment. The free updates help address any bugs, as well as allow you to be up-to-date regarding the latest code-reading technology. Not every scanner offers such a feature.

The Display

This scanner gives you a display that’s a 2.4” TFT LCD featuring a 262K true color LCD. This means you can read the data very clearly. Moving around the display by using the up, down, enter, and exit buttons are also easy.

From the display, you have access to the setup, I/M readiness, OBDII diagnostics, as well as DTC look-up and review.

The Portability

Another great feature of this scanner is how easy it is to move around with. It's not heavy and you don't need to worry about carrying extra batteries. It can be charged by plugging it into the data link connector.


After the quick rundown of the features offered by the Ancel AD410 OBD2 scanner, we would like to share a more in-depth breakdown of all the pros so that you’re sure of your purchase.

Diagnostic Ability

A scanner's primary purpose is to diagnose your vehicle. It needs to check your ride and then clearly report any issues it might have. And of course, it needs to scan and clear the CEL issue. Ancel AD410 scanner can reliably do all of this. All of the information offered is presented in a precise manner for added convenience.

Once the diagnostic report has been made, this scanner gives you the ability to save all of the data through the "Review and Print" option.

The extensive scan using this device makes it a versatile tool for car owners. You can quickly scan and clear errors. The said errors include SRS and emission levels. It can even detect if the vehicle has a leaky tank by testing its integrity system. The featured STM 32-bit CPU makes for precise scans.

Free Updates

It's good to opt for a scanner that can keep up with the changing times in the automobile market. As mentioned, the company provides free lifetime updates to this device. The updates can include remedies to specific bugs, as well as the addition of new parameters to ensure proper code scans.

You can download the said software from the company's website. With the Ancel AD410, you are at ease knowing you're using a scanner that's up-to-date when it comes to diagnosing and fixing your ride. Take note, the device’s screen will display two vertical bars while it’s being updated.

High-Quality Display

The display of a scanner can really make or break a device. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most advanced OBD2 scanner, it won’t don’t you any good if you can’t read the results properly. With this particular offering from Ancel, you don’t have to worry about a poor display. This device features a 2.4” screen. 

The LCD-type display is far better than many other models. It ensures crystal-clear readings. Also, moving around the screen is easy due to the clear icons and four navigation buttons.

The Construction

You should opt for an OBD2 scanner that's well-built. This model from Ancel is constructed from durable plastic. This means it won't instantly break from accidental falls. Even the screen is able to withstand inevitable scratches or crack-causing hits.

The dimensions come in at approximately 9 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches. It only weighs around 12 ounces. This means you can easily carry this scanner around with you. The ergonomic design ensures comfort while you're using this device. And, as mentioned, it doesn't require any extra batteries for power.


While we do like the Ancel AD410 OBD2 scanner, there are certain cons you should know of.

Not for Beginners

If you’re new to using an OBD2 scanner, then this device isn’t for you. Using it can be a hassle because it doesn’t offer detailed definitions of the codes it scans. This means you’ll need to check for more information about certain errors through another device connected to the internet. 

However, that doesn’t mean this device isn’t able to properly help you self-diagnose your vehicle. It’s just meant for more experienced vehicle owners. You can’t use it for reading oil codes, airbag codes, and stability codes.

Better Instructions

This vehicle scanner does come with an instruction manual. However, it could benefit from being easier to understand.

What is the Ancel AD410 Best For?

For you to really get the most out of a scanner, you should understand what it has been made for. Trying to understand a code that your OBD2 scanner doesn't support will only frustrate you.

More Advanced Reads

As mentioned, this isn't meant for first-timers. So, if you're new to vehicle self-diagnostics, you won't have the best experience while using this scanner. However, if you're someone who has the experience, this device can work quite well as intended.

Now, we aren't saying that some beginners won't be able to use this scanner or make sense of it on the first try. It all depends on where a vehicle owner stands regarding their know-how of vehicle codes and CEL issues.

A Variety of Car Owners

This scanner from Ancel can work for a range of cars, which includes Ford, GM, Chevy, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Audi, and more. So, if you happen to be the lucky owner of such a vehicle, this scanner can help you keep it running smoothly.

Reading Options

With this scanner, you can retrieve live data as your vehicle runs. You can also view previously recorded data to analyze when the engine began facing issues. It covers pending codes and emission-related codes. You can use it to reset the monitor before taking it to smog.

You can easily access the setup as well as the DTC look-up. This device allows you to view freeze-frame data.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

To help you make an informed OBD2 scanner buying decision, there are some factors we would like you to be mindful of.  

The Diagnostic Ability

Not every OBD2 scanner is the same. This is even true for the models offered by Ancel. It all comes down to what you wish to use the scanner for. Of course, dealing with CEL issues is a must, but specific scanners offer features beyond just that. So, before making a purchase, do go over the specifications of the device's diagnostic ability. Some are meant for beginners, while others are for more advanced vehicle owners.

Ease of Use

Having a scanner that’s easy to use allows you to do away with many annoyances. No one likes to handle a scanner that’s tough to make sense of. Other than that, it should have an ergonomic design. It should also be easy to move through the menu to access the data you want. The Ancel AD410 Scanner is a great option as far as design-related convenience is concerned.

The Build

Your OBD2 scanner should be durable. Accidents happen and things can fall from your hand. A durable scanner will be able to withstand such accidents. Also, the overall build of the scanner plays a role in its portability.

The Ancel AD410 OBD2 Scanner is a highly-portable unit. It doesn’t require any extra batteries to remain charged.

Bottom Line

It's time for us to finally wrap up our review of the Ancel AD410 Scanner. This is a reliable device for checking what's causing the CEL issue and figuring out how to turn it off. We would like to say that while certain beginners might be able to use it, more experienced vehicle owners will find it easier to handle. The free updates allow it to be ready for code-scanning needs as the vehicle industry progresses. It can be used for a variety of car models. All in all, the Ancel AD410 OBD2 Scanner gives you good value at an affordable price point.