Best OBD2 Scanners For Audis – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

You should take preventative maintenance measures to keep your Audi in top-notch condition, and the best way to do that is with an OBD2 scanner.

An OBD2 scanner can save you from many costly car repairs and help you diagnose what’s wrong with your Audi, saving you a trip to the mechanic! 

If you are looking for an OBD2 scanner that is compatible with your Audi, we have a list of the best ones currently available. 

Comparison of the Best OBD2 Scanners For Audis


XTOOL Vag401-13005

  • Best overall that’s very lightweight
  • Once plugged in; the VAG scan tool automatically turns on
  • Offers functions other than OBD2 diagnostics such as oil services reset, throttle adaptation, mileage rest and airbag reset
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iCarsoft i908

  • 2.8-inch color screen, easy to use
  • Free software upgrades for a lifetime
  • Compatible with OBD2 models, including Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, and Seat cars
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  • Reads and clears codes and turns off MILs
  • Features active tests on certain systems and components
  • Compatible with OBD2 and 1 models, including Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, and Seat cars
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  • Best for the money with special functions
  • Gives access to all available systems on the car
  • Compatible with Skoda, Seat, Jetta, Audi and other OBD2-compliant vehicles
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  • Two language settings on display English and German
  • Can read and erase error code definitions and reset oil and brake pads
  • Runner-up, designed specifically for diagnosing 12V 16-pin Volkswagens and Audis
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Will Any Scanner Work on an Audi?

Scanning tools are built for the purpose of detecting problems with your vehicle and decoding error codes displayed by your car. They are mainly used to create an interface between re-programming and diagnosing an Audi’s control modules. Therefore, ensure you only choose a scanner capable performing these tasks on an Audi. This also depends on the year your Audi was manufactured.

For instance, OBD1 scanners cannot be used on Audi car models manufactured after 1995. All in all, a good VAG-COM scanner can save you a trip to the mechanic.

Why Did These OBD2 Scanners Make Our List?

It is not wise to just attach any OBD2 scanner to your Audi. We’ve sorted through the many different ones available to review only the top scanners. Why did they make the cut? They have certain traits you should be looking for when purchasing. Let’s look deeper into them.


All the OBD2 scanners we chose are compatible with Audi models. Some scanners out there may not be compatible with all Audi cars or offer as many features as with other models. They may just provide vehicle information.


The scanners we chose offer a variety of features. They allow you to read and erase codes, offer basic adjustments, check and notify the cause of a check engine light, and detect other basic errors that need to be diagnosed. Prevention is always a good precautionary measure.


The top scanners are surprisingly quite affordable. Though some may cost more than others, each scanner’s price is justified with the features it offers. And what better way to save a trip to the mechanic than with an OBD2 scanner? It not only saves you a couple hundred bucks, but is also a hassle-free way to determine what is wrong with your vehicle!

Quick Take - Best OBD2 Scanners for Audis

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the best OBD2 scanners for Audis:

  1. XTOOL Vag401-13005
  2. ANCEL VD500
  3. AUTOPHIX V007

Review of the Best OBD2 Scanners for Audis

There are tons of different varieties of OBD2 scanners available on the market. We’ve shortlisted our favorite ones to make your selection an easier task! Curious to discover which ones made the cut? Then read ahead!

Best Overall:
 XTOOL Vag401-13005


  • For all EOBD and OBD2 protocol vehicles
  • Robust and rugged housing, making it durable 
  • Has a compact, lightweight design and is handheld
  • Offers actuation tests and basic system adjustments
  • Displays any errors quickly and allows you to turn off the check engine light


  • Does not allow live scanning
  • Internal processor can take a long time to load
  • Screen may be small for some users, making it difficult to view display settings

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are really pleased with this tool. They’ve been able to dodge many repair and maintenance costs with this scanner. It has kept them up to date with what’s going on with their Audi and diagnosed any errors such as a failed park assist, backup camera system control module, etc.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Simple and user-friendly, this is a plug-and-play model that turns on once plugged in. It works swiftly on all VAG models. It not only acts as a diagnostic tool but also keeps the engine, airbags, and oil in check. It is an excellent tool and is one of the best on the market for its price.

Who Will Use This Most

At a low cost, this tool can fit anyone’s budget. However, there are some aspects that require one to have some background knowledge on how to use the tool. The documentation or manual it comes with often doesn’t offer language support, so a little research might come in handy.

Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget and looking for a user-friendly and compact diagnostic tool for your Audi, look no further. The X-TOOL VAG401 is the best overall with features other than diagnostics. It has helped many users in bypassing maintenance costs. It is extremely powerful and easy to use, the perfect handheld OBD2 scanner for your car.

Runner up:

ANCEL VD500 OBD II Diagnostic Scanner for Volkswagen VW Audi Skoda Seat Diagnosis Check Engine Light EPB ABS SRS Code Reader Oil Throttle Position Adaption Brake Pad Reset Tool


  • Robust and rugged design
  • Capable of throttle position adaptation
  • Can switch between both English and German
  • Low cost and affordable for a larger group of people 
  • Compatible with almost all OBD2 VAG cars for reading and erasing codes on the engine, resetting oil, and reporting on condition of brake pads


  • Does not allow live scanning
  • There are a restricted number of functions offered
  • Could use better code definitions than the ones installed

What Recent Buyers Report  

Buyers find this one of the easiest tools to use. It performs as promised and has helped diagnose and reset brake pads, faulty codes, and handles many other functions. Users were pleasantly surprised by how much this device is capable of and it has saved them some expensive trips to the mechanic!

Why it Stands Out to Us

The VD500 is a pretty straightforward tool with an easy-to-navigate menu and an ergonomic design, making it extremely user-friendly. It can read and clear not only engine codes, but also vehicle information. Most importantly, it helps users with check engine lights and pulls emissions-related codes.

Who Will Use This Most

This scanner is mostly compatible with VAG cars that are OBD2-compliant, such as Audi, Skoda, and SEAT V/A series. It also works with some non-VAG car models as long as they are 12V cars and light trucks. It’s also cheap and affordable to fit any budget easily. 

Bottom Line

The ANCEL VD500 is an excellent scanner that comes at a very low price, given the functions it is capable of performing. Its user-friendly interface and ergonomics make it one of the best scanners for your Audi. It is not only a good diagnostic tool but also detects and helps fix other errors in your car, saving you lots of time and hassle. 

Best for the Money:

AUTOPHIX V007 Code Reader Diagnostic Scanner Oil Reset TP Position Check Brake Pad Reset OBD2 Scan Tool for Skoda Seat Golf Passat Brand car


  • Display is big enough for ease of function
  • Compatible and lightweight, extremely handy
  • Best value for the money offering ample amount of functions
  • Has some special functions like being able to reset the oil and brake pads 
  • Detects almost 130 systems, including engine, airbags, ABS, instruments, immobilizer, radio, etc.


  • Surface isn’t the most attractive
  • Might have problems in picking up error codes
  • Does not stream live data to monitor sensors or freeze-frame data to check for faults

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love that this device can read information from every system in the car. It also helps them in distinguishing between false errors like intermittent communication errors and serious ones that require immediate service. It does what standard units don’t do, and users couldn’t be happier with their purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find the AUTOPHIX V007 to be one of the best that provides value for your money with its ability to support all V/A diagnostic tools and detect almost 130 systems from engines to immobilizers. Despite the low cost, it allows you to cover both basic and advanced diagnostic functions. All in all, it is the perfect all-rounder diagnostic tool for your Audi.

Who Will Use This Most

The AUTOPHIX V007 is curated for all Audi and Volkswagen cars as well as light trucks that are OBD2-compliant, acting as a Volvo VIDA Dice diagnostic tool alternative. It can also retrieve vehicle information of almost any vehicle. It is especially perfect if you are a DIY enthusiast!

Bottom Line

Giving you access to all service functions, this tool is the best for your money. It also has special features that allow you to reset your brake pads and oil. Moreover, it is handy and compact, and can easily be stored in the glove compartment of your car. Detecting even the most minor of errors, the AUTOPHIX V007 is the OBD2 scanner you need!


  • Features live data streaming 
  • Quick in relaying diagnostic data
  • Free software updates for a lifetime
  • Features a TF memory card for data backup and updating software
  • Has multiple languages in its interface, perfect for international use


  • More expensive than other OBD2 scanners
  • Screen sometimes freezes if large amounts of data are involved
  • There might be compatibility issues with some car models

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have had a smooth experience with this scanner. They find the interface very easy to use, some didn’t even have to look into the user manual. Also, it has helped users detect exactly where the problem in their car is, saving a lot of time and hassle. From being able to read codes and resetting them to adjusting brake pads and the engine, users have been able to do it all with the help of this scanner. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love FOXWELL NT510. It offers a lot of functions such as bidirectional controls, active tests, adaptation functions, etc. And not only that, but it also allows for SAS calibration, ABS and SRS reset, and DPF regeneration. All of these are essential to ensure the vehicle is maintained properly. 

Who Will Use This Most

The FOXWELL NT510 offers more than what an ordinary car owner might need, such as brake caliper adaptation after replacing the brake discs and pads. It is not the best choice for Mercedes Benz models, so users need to be wary of that. Other than that, it is at a higher price than other scanners out there, so it might not fit everyone’s budget. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this scanner is compact and has rugged housing. It’s easy to use and offers many different languages. Some of the best features are live data graphing and graph merging. Its diagnostic abilities are some of the best on the market, making it well worth its price. 


  • Displays live data streams
  • Rugged housing making it highly durable 
  • Provides many different code definitions
  • Navigation and viewing of data is clear and easy on the large display screen
  • Can run O2 sensor tests, perform EVAP system tests, and show live O2 sensor data


  • An expensive scanner
  • Does not offer service and maintenance functions
  • Built mainly for Audi and Volkswagen cars that were manufactured between 2005 and 2014 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers find this to be an excellent scanner and a complete diagnostic tool for any Audi. Not only does it help read and clear codes, but it has also aided in users solve in troubleshooting other errors. It also allows for live streaming and freeze-frame data. Users highly recommend this product to their peers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Although it is a little costly, its functions justify the price. Featuring a 2.8-inch, full-color screen, this scanner can diagnose the engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission issues. Not only that, but it also allows its users to cross-check conditions under which a particular fault was first recorded using the freeze-frame data feature. It can also help monitor sensors performance in real-time using live data. 

Who Will Use This Most

The iCarsoft i908 is good for OBD2-compatible cars such as Audi models and tilts towards the more expensive side. It is mainly built for Audi cars that were manufactured between 2005 and 2014. So mechanics or users dealing with such models can benefit most from this tool. 

Bottom Line

Despite not being a very well-known brand, iCarsoft has outdone itself with the i908 scanner. If you’re looking for something sensitive enough to detect any fault in your Audi, look no further. Its live streaming and freeze-frame data features make it stand out among other models and make it well worth its price. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying an OBD2 Scanner?

We have gone through the factors that need to be considered when investing in an OBD2 scanner, and have reviewed the top models on the market. There are a few final things to consider as well, and we have described them below:


Everyone has a different budget. When looking for models, keep your budget in mind, so you know what you’re getting in return for your money. Most of the models we’ve included in this review are budget-friendly, so hopefully, you won’t encounter this issue when purchasing. 

Survey the Market

Do thorough research before making your purchase. Most importantly, check whether the scanner is compatible with the exact model of the car you own. Read what buyers have to say about their experience. Often times, the product is excellent, however, the service of the supplier often gives a distasteful experience to the user. 

Skill Level

If you have some background knowledge of your vehicle and are an advanced user, it would be recommended you look for expensive, higher-end scanners. In particular, look for units that offer more information and details related to the mechanical issues in your car, as opposed to beginners who only need to troubleshoot. 

Can You Find a Quality OBD2 Scanner That’s Affordable?

Of course! Most of the products we’ve listed in this review are quite affordable and offer a variety of features found in high-end OBD2 scanners. Certain factors must be considered when purchasing one, as listed and elaborated on above. These traits can be found in many OBD2 scanners that cost below $100 or even $50.

Of course, one should research the scanner they wish to buy and check its compatibility with their car. As long as the scanner detects faults and allows you to read and erase codes, some extra features can be overlooked. Generally, affordable, good-quality scanners can be found on the market through good research.


We’ve reviewed some of the best OBD2 scanners for your Audi. We also tried to answer any queries you may have. Buying a diagnostic tool for your car can be daunting, thus, we hope we made your purchasing experience a little easier!