Bluedriver vs Bafx – 2021 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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OBD2 Bluetooth scanners are becoming increasingly popular and have become an essential tool for many DIYers and motorists. If you’re a startup mechanic or a DIY enthusiast looking for an accurate and reliable diagnostic scanner, then the Bafx and Bluedriver OBD2 scanners should be your top options.

While both are excellent models, you’re still going to have to select between the two, to easily diagnose your car instead of constantly needing to take it to a mechanic or repair shop.

To help you choose the right OBD2 scanner, this guide includes detailed reviews and presents the similarities and differences between the two models. So, read on to find the best OBD2 scanner for you!

Comparison Chart Between Bluedriver and Bafx

  • Live data shows each data source in the form of a gauge, graph, or digital display
  • Provides important vehicle information, like maintenance schedules, technical service bulletins, vehicle specifications, etc
  • Able to conduct numerous advanced tests, including comprehensive components test, misfire counts, Airbag, fuel system test, and ABS
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  • Enables users to check if their vehicle can undergo a smog test
  • Provides data logging, graphing, and real-time diagnosis for easy understanding
  • The BAFX is able to check engine light code, coolant temp, DPF temp, air-fuel ratio, fuel pressure, and numerous other basic functions
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What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Scan Tool?

Choosing the best OBD2 scanner can be a very technical and daunting task. To ensure you choose the right model, here are some factors you should consider before making your purchase:


It’s essential that the scan tool you choose is not only compatible with the model of your car but is also compatible with your device. All scanning tools are compatible with the majority of car models designed after 1996, so it’s highly likely it can be used with your vehicle, as well. However, all devices are not compatible with all operating systems.

Specific Apps

It’s advisable to choose a scan tool that provides a specific application that can be used with the device. To put it simply, the app interprets the data and displays the results. Since specific apps are designed to work with only one tool, their accuracy is extremely high. They also pick up and interpret data that most third-party apps might exclude or miss from their reports. 

Live Feed

A live feed is probably the most useful type of information that can be used to determine a problem. Thus, it’s better to choose a model that provides real-time info that can easily be understood. It’s also important that the data provided is accurate, so the root of the problem can be correctly determined.

Data Storage

Some OBD2 scanners are designed with data storage. Thus, if you’re a professional who scans numerous cars every day, then a unit with an organized data storage format is a better option.

Bluedriver Overview

The BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Scan Tool is an advanced Bluetooth scanner that features troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities that are far beyond the reach of many competitors. While the unit is certified and licensed for Android and Apple devices, it is not compatible with Windows. It can also be used with most 1996 vehicles, along with newer makes and models. Boasting more than 30 million confirmed fixes by certified professional mechanics, this model enables users to diagnose their car easily.

The Bluedriver is not only designed with the basic functions, but also features more advanced functions, including climate control, ABS, SRS, and many more. To put it simply, the unit offers a complete diagnostic set on several different vehicle manufacturers. Moreover, the Bluedriver is backed by a dedicated team of professional engineers that further offer free updates with improved diagnostic support for other brands.

Bluedriver Review

The BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool is one of the leading Bluetooth adapters available in the market today. To help you better understand the model, the following is a detailed review that includes the main features, pros and cons, and who the BlueDriver is ideal for. So, read on to find out why this scan tool is one of the best ones available!

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android


  • The scan tool operates without a battery
  • App connects seamlessly and is free to use and download
  • Compact size makes it incredibly convenient to use and carry around
  • Smog readiness test determines whether your vehicle will pass an emissions test
  • Offering 6.6 million verified fixes, the unit provides a detailed report and solution on any identified problem


  • Unable to activate switches and relays
  • Does not provide any details on crank and cam sensor
  • Since it’s designed for phones, it performs poorly when connected to a laptop

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers were blown away by the Bluedriver’s capabilities and stated that it quickly scanned their vehicle. Users were particularly impressed by the app and loved the fact that it updated constantly. They also liked the real-time logging feature and stated that they were able to monitor engine oil temperature and boost pressure. However, some customers reported issues with the Bluetooth losing connection, while one said that it showed the vehicle speed as 0 when the vehicle was moving on the highway.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The BlueDriver is designed with a beautiful combination of advanced and basic features, truly setting it apart from its competitors. Advanced functionalities, including ABS misfire counts, help save big losses while informing users of any issues with the steering or speed sensor at the same time. The unit further is able to diagnose smaller problems, like smog check, reset trouble codes, CEL, engine oil temp, and freeze-frame.

Who Will Use This Most

The BlueDriver LSB2 is perfect for car owners and enthusiasts who want to diagnose and solve some advanced and all basic problems on their own. Although the unit can be easily controlled with a phone, it might not be ideal for professionals because it lacks some important advanced features.

Bottom Line 

Boasting all the functionalities of a typical scan tool, along with advanced features, like graphing of live data, saving data, and free app updates, the Bluedriver scan tool makes diagnosing an incredibly easy and hassle-free process. Although the unit offers around 6.6 million verified fixes, it is unable to activate switches and relays.

Bafx Overview

The wireless Bluetooth OBD2 car scanner by BAFX products is a handy and small unit designed for people who need plenty of options. While BAFX products is not a popular name when it comes to OBD2 scanners, it has certainly created a niche for being a customer-friendly and reliable manufacturer. Because of their human resource engagement and high-level research, the BAFX Products Bluetooth OBD2 car scanner is one of the best models available.

Along with being incredibly portable and simple to use, the scanner helps users read and clear the check engine light. It is compatible with all 1996 and newer USA models, and can also be used with vehicles using J1850 or CAN protocols. Although the unit is compatible with Android and Windows devices, it cannot be used with iOS devices. The device further uses third-party apps like Scan Master, Torque, and Das Command, and enables users to check vehicle monitors, including coolant temp, oil temp, air-fuel ratio, DPF temp, and O2 sensor.

Bafx Review

The BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 car scanner is one of the best diagnostic scanners for Android that’s able to read and clear DTCs. To help you better understand the model and help you decide whether the BAFX is the right model for you, here is a detailed review that covers everything you should know before purchasing it:

Bafx Products - For Android Only - Wireless Bluetooth Obd2 Scanner Diagnostic Code Reader & Scan Tool - Scan, Reset & Clear Car Check Engine Light


  • Compatible with almost all vehicles that are OBD2-compliant
  • The unit is Android-compatible, making it incredibly easy to use
  • Detects and transmits data faster and better than other models
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects
  • Extremely easy to set up and does not need to be removed because of its low power consumption


  • Is not compatible with iOS devices
  • You might experience connectivity problems after a few years
  • Does not feature advanced functions like oil change lights, TPMS, reading ABS, and AirBag

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of the buyers found that the BAFX gave them the best bang for their buck, and said that it worked as advertised. Users loved the customer service, found the live data refresh rate to be quick, and stated that they received good access to freeze-frame data and codes. However, some customers found the blinking lights a bit annoying, while one user reported that the unit did not stay engaged to the plug.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Offering numerous features at an incredibly affordable price, the BAFX Bluetooth scanner boasts a faster data transfer rate, delivers a steadier link, lasts longer, and works smoother than most of its competitors. It is further able to recover problem codes, restart the check engine light, and read statistics that would not be provided by conventional scan devices. Moreover, the unit enables users to monitor O2 feeler readings, velocity fuel trim, EOT, acceleration, and boost.

Who Will Use This Most

Generally, the BAFX Bluetooth Car Scanner is perfect for users looking for a diagnostics aid that delivers a good performance. Since it’s able to identify several different issues, it can also be used by mechanics. It is further suitable for beginners and average car users because of its user experience and easy setup.

Bottom Line 

Offering a user-friendly experience and professional-grade vehicle diagnostics, the BAFX scanner is a useful device for every car owner. With its high compatibility and enhanced user experience, this unit offers excellent value for money. However, it cannot be used with iOS devices.

Bluedriver vs. Bafx - Similarities and Differences

Now that we’ve reviewed both products in great detail, let’s look at the similarities and differences between the two. Comparing both models will help you get a better idea about which unit best suits your needs.

Bluedriver and Bafx Similarities

With so many car scanners available today, there are not many differences between products. Some similarities between the Bluedriver and BAFX include:

Live Feed

Both models are designed with live feed. As mentioned above, this feature provides real-time information in a way that can be quickly and easily understood. Both units also provide accurate information, making it easier for users to determine the root of the problem accurately.

O2 Sensors and Air-Fuel Ratio

It’s essential to determine the status of your vehicle’s oxygen sensor to ensure everything operates smoothly. If the O2 sensor starts to malfunction, it can result in the engine reading problems slowly and inaccurately. Both BlueDriver and BAFX read emissions of the vehicle and determine whether all ratios are correct.


Both BAFX and BlueDriver car scanners are designed with a Bluetooth feature and transfer data by connecting to an Android, iOS, or Windows device. The scanners further eliminate the need for disconnecting the internet whenever you need to search for a code.

Bluedriver and Bafx Differences

While both models are Bluetooth scanners that provide diagnostics, there are some major differences between the two. Some of these include:


Unfortunately, all OBD2 scanners are not compatible with all the available mobile platforms. The BAFX can only be used with Android devices, including 2017 vintage smartphones and other recent models. Older models might be unable to run the software required to use the unit properly. Furthermore, the BAFX is not compatible with iOS devices.

On the other hand, the BlueDriver can be used with both iOS and Android devices, including iPads, iPhones, and other iOS tablets. It further uses a specific proprietary app that can properly run on older models, as well.


The BAFX is less costly than the Bluedriver car scanner. You can buy it and then easily purchase another if the need arises without feeling bad about it. This makes this unit suitable for casual scanners or for those individuals who don’t need the latest and most efficient scanner technology.

However, the BlueDriver comes with a larger price tag. It’s designed for professionals who need a scanner for everyday use. For these individuals, minor improvements in the efficiency of the menu of the scanner can amount to plenty of saved hours.

App Quality

Arguably, the app is the most crucial part of the unit because it determines the way you’re going to use the scanner. All OBD2 scanners do not feature applications designed by their manufacturers. Similarly, the BAFX does not come with a proprietary application developed by the manufacturer. You’ll need to install a third-party app to pull the data from the unit. There are several different applications, and your user experience will differ according to the app you install.

On the other hand, the BlueDriver comes with an excellent proprietary application that can be used with the unit. Although the application is of high quality and operates smoothly, it is designed for auto care professionals. This means that it will be a bit difficult to understand and interpret for the average user. 

Top Pick Between Bluedriver and Bafx

Although both BAFX and Bluedriver units are excellent Bluetooth scanners, the Bluedriver diagnostic scanner is a bit more advanced and certainly comes out on top. This is primarily because it features some additional functions, like reading airbag, oil change, and ABS that are not present in the BAFX car scanner. The unit’s broader compatibility and better app functionality further make up for its high price and difficulty of use. So, if you need a scanner for everyday use, the Bluedriver will certainly provide an enhanced user experience. 

However, if you’re not going to use the unit frequently, and are just looking for something that’s compatible with an Android device, then the BAFX is the better choice. The simple unit enables users to read and erase any error codes that might appear, making it perfect for the casual scanner. Although you’ll need to choose which third-party application to install yourself, the scanner will display any information the application requests. The user experience will depend largely on the application, instead of the scanner itself, which can both be a curse and a blessing, depending on the installed application’s quality. Thus, if you’re a casual scanner who doesn’t mind spending some money on a good scanner application, then the BAFX is surely the right choice.              


All in all, both BAFX and Bluedriver are incredible scan tools that accurately diagnose your vehicle and help determine the problem behind the check engine light. If you’re planning on scanning numerous vehicles in a single day, then the Bluedriver is suitable for you. However, if you’re a casual scanner who doesn’t plan on using the unit a lot, then the BAFX is the scanner for you!