Bluedriver vs OBDlink – 2020 Ultimate Review

Are you looking for the best scanning tool to diagnose your car? Do you need help deciding which one you should get?

 Then worry not, because you have landed in the right place! This article will give you an ultimate breakdown of Bluedriver vs. OBDLink scanners, including all the benefits and drawbacks involved, so you can make an informed decision.

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Comparison Chart Between Bluedriver and OBDlink


BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII

  • Displays live data which can later be exported
  • Equipped with Mode 6 for advanced test results
  • Offers enhanced diagnostics on a huge range of manufacturers
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  • Wireless device for scanning and diagnosis
  • High-speed scanning and maximum car model coverage
  • Comes with free software for Windows and Android smart devices
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  • Works on a wide array of different models
  • Supports the MS-CAN and SW-CAN protocols
  • Hackerproof technology to keep your device a 100% secure
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  • Works with all kind of software: iOS, Windows, Android, etc.
  • Does not exclude any OBD2 compliant vehicle in the market
  • Provides more codes and data than any other OBD2 scan tool in the market
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What Do I Need to Know Before Buying an OBD2 Scan Tool?

If you’re an avid road-tripper and spend most of your time driving or cruising around, this is something you need in your life. In order to enjoy a hassle-free ride, you need this tool as a precaution in case anything goes wrong with your car in the middle of nowhere. So, before it gets too late to fix the problem in your car, you can get an OBD2 scanner to diagnose the issue. Here’s what you need to know before you cash in on one of these scanners:

Software Compatibility

In order to determine which model to purchase, you need to make sure the scanner is compatible with your vehicle. The options that come along with the model are also equally important. Some OBD2 scanners work with a laptop connection, whilst others connect via Bluetooth. You need to decide which one is more compatible with your type of car.

Support Mechanisms

If you get an OBD2 scanner, ensure that the supporting mechanisms are also top-notch, otherwise, you can end up being frustrated. When you purchase an OBD2 scanner, look for a company or manufacturer that gives you the best kind of technical advice or solution at call. Customer service is really important in these kinds of products since sometimes it can be hard to understand certain codes or diagnose issues. If your scanning tool company doesn’t believe in customer service or technical support, you can face many issues later on.

Updates Available

OBD2 scanners work similarly to any other kind of device. You need to make sure the scanning tool is updated to give you the right kind of data or diagnosis when scanning your vehicle for problems. If your scanner is not updated, it could provide inaccurate information unrelated to the model of your vehicle, which can cause a lot of problems.

Bluedriver Overview

BlueDriver is a premium OBD2 Scanner that delivers diagnostic and troubleshooting features to determine the issue in your vehicle. BlueDriver scanners function much better than most OBD2 scanners in the market and connect via Bluetooth. They can be paired up with iPhones, Android phones, and iPad as well. With its high compatibility rate, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular scanning tools in the market. This scanning tool is manufactured by Lemur Vehicle Monitors.

The reason why BlueDriver is so unique is because it can read all the scan codes that most scanners cannot. The fixes are also confirmed, and the customer service is impeccable. The reason they’re so popular is because they have a competitive edge towards other brands in terms of coverage, service, and diagnostics.

They are also known for providing detailed reports to their customers regarding their current condition of the vehicle so that they know what the underlying issue is and how to fix it. 

Bluedriver Review

Now that you know what BlueDriver is, let’s look at a more in-depth review of this device. This detailed review will provide you with all the information you need regarding this scanner, from the service to the diagnostics. Let’s dive right into its features and its reviews.

BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android


  • Easy to use and understand, even if you’re not a tech expert
  • Has an app that works perfectly well when paired with the sensor
  • Reads and clears advanced ABS, transmission, and airbag codes
  • Gives you free, unlimited test results and reports by expert technicians
  • Smog check feature to determine if the vehicle you own is fit for an emissions test


  • Still incompatible with a few car models such as BMW, Volvos, etc.
  • Has issues with transmission stability as Bluetooth signals drop frequently
  • Does not support Windows-related devices, which leaves out a section of the market

What Recent Buyers Report

Users loved this device, especially the real-time logging feature that allowed them to monitor several things in their vehicle. With this, they could monitor things such as engine's oil temperature, fuel usage, atmospheric pressure, etc. This device is quite promising and is equipped to do all sorts of tasks such as read and clear codes, read emissions testing, and freeze-frame data.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason BlueDriver has its separate shining moment is because of how advanced and reliable it is. It can read data and provide the right fix for your vehicle from a search of 30 million fixes. It is also certified by expert mechanics who will provide the right information each time.

Who Will Use This Most

BlueDriver is a convenient and useful scanning tool to diagnose your vehicle’s issues. It is built specifically for those who have some level of ability to understand and work on modern engines. It is also used by professional mechanics and everyday car enthusiasts. This is because of its high compatibility with different models and the versatility that it provides.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an OBD2 scanner that is highly advanced and packed with a number of striking features, then BlueDriver is the one for you. It has an impressive database compatible with a wide range of vehicles, good customer service, and is a popular favorite amongst car owners.

OBDlink Overview

OBDLink produces scanning tools that function with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its products are designed by the company OBD Solutions in the United States and have a huge selection of OBD products that are all impressive, causing it to be a popular brand. 

OBDLink has the power to transform your smart device into a diagnostic scan tool in order to troubleshoot problems with their vehicles and find its fixes. They create scanning tools for professionals as well as personal vehicle owners which are compatible with a wide range of models and software such as Android and iOS. 

OBDLink MX+, OBDLink LX Bluetooth, and OBDLink MX Wi-Fi are a few of the scanning tools that fall under the umbrella of OBDLink. They can provide you with online fixes and diagnose your vehicle’s problems on your smart device in real-time. It supports CAN & MS CAN protocol as well, and works great with Android, iOS, and Windows. With the help of the OBDLink app, users can scan their vehicles in order to get the diagnosis. 

OBDlink Review

Now that you know what an OBDLink scanning tool is used for, let’s dive into the different products that it offers to its customers so you can choose one which suits you best. Here is a complete review of the models that fall under OBDLink.

ScanTool OBDLink LX Bluetooth: Professional Grade OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool for Windows and Android – DIY Car and Truck Data and Diagnostics


  • Blazing fast and small enough to carry around anywhere
  • Compatible with most devices and with third-party applications
  • Covers more vehicles than any other scanning tool in the market
  • Embedded with battery saving technology to last longer than usual
  • Hack-proof, which means that it comes with the strongest security system


  • Not as fast as advertised by OBDLink
  • May sometimes not return the SRS codes
  • OBDLink LX Bluetooth is not compatible with iPhones or iOS devices

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found this to be a great device to replace their frequent trips to the mechanic. It is easy to use and understand, which makes the device quite user-friendly. Even if you’re not a mechanic or a tech expert, you’ll find the codes easy to understand. In turn, you can fix minor issues yourself.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The OBDLink LX version connects to a wide range of vehicles in the market, making its coverage unmatchable. It has an exceptional security and protection system from hackers and uses battery saving technology so your engine lasts longer. Overall, it’s fast, easy, and 100% reliable.

Who Will Use This Most

Due to its ease of use and user-friendly interface, this device is designed for do-it-yourself purposes. It is also a handy device to keep for car enthusiasts who may face issues in their vehicles on the go and professionals as well. It’s a great addition to Windows and Android users who own a vehicle that needs constant maintenance.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a highly dependable scanning tool with unmatched performance and quality, then consider the OBDLink LX. With an array of remarkable features and functionality on different models of cars, this scan tool ought to leave you quite impressed. So, if you own an Android or Windows device, get one of these for your vehicles now!


  • Processing speed is super-fast and highly reliable
  • Compatible with a number of third-party applications
  • Provides wider and more advanced support system for Ford and GM
  • Your data is safe from hackers with this device, as it is security protected
  • Also comes with battery saving technology so you can plug it in without worry


  • Does not have a USB Interface
  • More biased and useful for GM and Ford users
  • Not compatible with iOS devices, which eliminates a huge chunk of the market

What Recent Buyers Report

Users claimed this device to be a must-have because of its impressive features and highly advanced technology. It works on all types of imported cars and other vehicles and can read just about any other code you want it to. The set-up process is also easy and painless and you can diagnose the vehicle in a matter of a few minutes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This device supports all the OBD2 protocols and operates at a blazing fast speed. Its performance is unmatched to any other competitor in the market, which is why it is so popular. It works on all Android and Windows devices and is completely secure and hacker-proof.

Who Will Use This Most

With its high performance and user-friendly interface for dummies, this device is a perfect addition to any beginner’s vehicle. It can stream live data in a matter of a few seconds and allows you to easily read codes and graphs to understand any issues in the vehicles. This is why it is perfect for any novice or a dummy in technical troubleshooting.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a device that is easy and hassle-free to use, then opt for this one. Its breezy procedure and high quality will impress you in seconds, and you will find it useful for any kind of troubleshooting in your vehicle. This is one device that you won’t regret purchasing!


  • Coverage of this device is unmatchable
  • Hacker-proof technology ensures that your data is 100% safe
  • The MX+ is highly compatible with several car diagnosis apps
  • 4x faster than its competitors with regards to live data readings
  • Has an advanced diagnostic system, which allows the reader to access certain specific codes for clear DTCs


  • Does not work on hybrid or electric vehicles
  • ABS and SRS excluded in some models of the vehicles
  • For the manufacturer codes, you have to pay extra money

What Recent Buyers Report

The customer service of OBDLink is amazing and the device itself works phenomenally. It can communicate with all of the processors in the car and give you an informed diagnosis so you can understand what the issue is and fix it easily. If you’re looking for an impressive device to scan your vehicle, then this is the one for you.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With high coverage and more vehicle compatibility, it is no surprise that this device is a fan favorite. The additional features and quality also make this one of the best OBD2 scanning tools in the market. It allows you to unlock convenience features with the help of third-party applications as well and has everything you need for diagnostic purposes.

Who Will Use This Most

With a better performing process and faster speed, this device is a reliable and handy device for all kinds of users. It is especially beneficial for experts and mechanics, as well as car enthusiasts who need a handy and speedy device to diagnose their vehicle issues on the go.

Bottom Line

Looking for the best? This OBD2 scanning tool will not let you down. It has all the best features embedded in a compact device so you can carry anywhere. It is handy and useful and can outperform any other OBD2 scanning tool in the market.

Bluedriver vs. OBDlink - Similarities and Differences

Now that you’ve read the detailed reviews of the OBD2 scanners produced by BlueDriver as well as OBDLink, let’s look at some of the similarities and the differences between them. This will help you pinpoint the features that are more important to you and help you choose which one to buy. 

Bluedriver and OBDlink Similarities

First and foremost, let’s take an in-depth look at the similarities between BlueDriver and OBDLink to see which features both manufacturers offer. 

Wireless Connectivity

Both of these devices have a wireless connectivity feature that allows them to function at the highest speed and performance in busy areas. The devices are also wireless, which allows them to be easily updatable whenever there’s a new software update. 

Android Compatibility

Since Android users are a huge chunk of the consumer market, both of these manufacturers have ensured that the device pairs up perfectly with Android smart devices. The apps that are downloaded in Android allow for code reading and diagnosis, which is helpful in determining the issues that your vehicle may be facing.


Both scanning tools have a lot of functions that are the same. Some of these include the freeze-frame data feature, which allows the device to capture the conditions of the engine and store it in the memory. Both of them can diagnose ABS/Airbag in the vehicle, and they both can read and erase check engine codes. 

Both OBDLink and Bluedriver can also retrieve VIN. Additionally, they are both unable to perform an oil reset. Both devices also use Bluetooth technology to connect to the vehicle and diagnose the issue. The two also offer enhanced diagnostics to a select number of vehicles in the market. They both also offer metric and imperial settings, which lets you use the device any place in the world, even in the middle of nowhere. 


Both of these devices can cover a huge range of vehicles present in the market. They also both support all the OBD2 protocols and display real-time data, which allows you to see the current operating condition of your vehicle. The data and information displayed on both devices are highly detailed, as well. OBDLink and BlueDriver both offer free software updates too. Since they cover a huge vehicle market, they can diagnose error codes on many different makes or models of the cars. They both are also convenient and efficient to use in harsh environments. 

Bluedriver and OBDlink Differences

Both devices excel in a lot of different aspects and have many similarities between them that makes it obvious as to why they are so popular amongst customers. Let’s move on to the next segment to see where the actual differences lie between both manufacturers’ models. Let’s look at the major differences between both of these models in order to determine which one is better suited for your vehicle needs. 


The warranty that OBDLink provides is unmatched by BlueDriver. Firstly, they provide a 90-day money-back guarantee to their customers in case they don’t like the device or it doesn’t work properly for them. Moreover, they further extend the warranty to a whopping three years in case there is any defect in the system or an issue that can’t be fixed by you. 

In comparison to that, BlueDriver only extends its warranty to a maximum of 365 days. It also doesn’t come with any return policy, which can be a real bummer, especially if you spend a lot on a device that may or may not work for you. 

Repair Reports

The BlueDriver scanning tool makes repair reports for you so that you can get a detailed overview of what the issue is with your vehicle. This report contains code definitions that may be difficult to understand, especially if you’re a beginner at code reading, possible causes of the problem so you can avoid it in the future, and the different solutions or fixes based on whichever is suitable for you. These reports are also constantly updated so you only get precise information. 

On the other hand, OBDLink does provide reports to users, but they are not as detailed as BlueDriver’s. This may be the reason BlueDriver is a little more costly than OBDLink.

Common Functions

There are a few functions that OBDLink has and BlueDriver doesn’t, and vice versa. 

BlueDriver has the ability to perform an emissions test on your vehicle to determine if the vehicle is ready for a smog check. This feature is unavailable in any of the OBDLink models. 

On the other hand, OBDLink can perform a battery/alternator test, which can detect any problem in the charging system of the vehicle. This feature is not in the Bluedriver scanner. While BlueDriver provides Mode 6 diagnosis that reveals the real, self-test data to detect any faults in the engine, this feature is not provided by OBDLink models.  


While both OBD2 scanning tools may support Android and iOS, BlueDriver does not support Windows, which eliminates a huge portion of the market. OBDLink, on the other hand, is compatible with Windows-related devices. 

Top Pick Between Bluedriver and OBDlink

From the detailed comparison between both OBDLink and BlueDriver, you can determine that they both have good aspects as well as drawbacks. In order to choose between the two, you need to make your own personal judgment. 

However, more often than not, BlueDriver is preferred over the OBDLink scanning tool. This is because it has unique features and detailed reports for free, which is something OBDLink fails to provide. However, the biggest downfall to BlueDriver is its incompatibility with Windows, which excludes a huge segment of the market.

This is where OBDLink seeps in, offering the features and quality that BlueDriver doesn’t. It has good, quality features and supports an array of different vehicle models and makes, all while considering the affordability factor for its customers. However, it does not support hybrid or electric vehicles, which is again a huge chunk of the market which gets ignored. 

They are the same, given that they perform the same basic common functions, but if you are an experienced mechanic or an avid OBD2 scanner user, you will notice some main differences between both these models. This is why it is totally up to your personal preference as to which one is the top pick for you. 

For most professional mechanics, the BlueDriver scanning tool offers more compatibility and versatility in its features, which is why it is their top pick. OBDLink is a good option for personal use or for beginners, who need high quality and exceptional performance at a budgeted price. 


Hopefully, this article gave you a complete breakdown of the two different kinds of scanning models, BlueDriver and OBDLink. Read about the differences in order to make a detailed and informed decision as to which model is better suited for your vehicle. We hope this guide gave you some clarity so the decision-making process becomes easier for you.