Best Honda OBD2 Scanners – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

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Honda cars are exceptional in their working and have a multitude of happy drivers. Despite being so reliable, they can run into the usual problems that other vehicles face.

Honda owners like to stay alert and want to keep an active check on the condition of their car. 

If you fear seeing the check engine light coming on in front of you, then you’re at the right place. Here are some of the best OBD2 scanners which will help you monitor the activity of your engine.

Comparison Chart of the Best OBD2 Scanners For Hondas

  • Easy to read backlit screen has high visibility
  • Simple 2-button design makes it the best overall
  • Uses generic codes from Diagnostic Trouble Codes
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  • Works as a code reader following DTC
  • Works for both iPhone and Android users
  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it the runner-up
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  • Clears codes after every reading
  • Best for the money with simple code reading
  • Automatic turning off of Malfunction Indication Light (MIL)
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  • Displays information in 7 languages
  • Best plug-and-play code reader by Autel
  • High support for reading and DTCs for users
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  • Highly professional OBD2 scanner by INNOVA
  • Battery backup memory works for off car reviews
  • Works amazingly for both foreign and domestic cars
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Are All OBD2 Scanners The Same?

All OBD2 scanners serve the same purpose, but they are not the same. There are three basic types of OBD2 scanners that you can go for. Let’s have a glance at them first.

Basic Code Reader

This is the most common type of OBD2 scanner used at present. It works on the principle of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), which pinpoints an issue. This code has an alphabet with 4 digits, which tells you the problem. You can look up the code on the internet, too, if you do not know what it indicates.

DIY OBD2 Scanner

​This is a slightly more sophisticated type of OBD2 scanner. It has a dongle that you attach to the diagnostic port. There are also mobile phone apps that let you know of the prevalent conditions. It also shows the codes by DTC and information regarding other aspects of your car.

Professional OBD2 Scanner

Professional OBD2 scanners are high-end scanners with the latest technology. It looks at the ECU adaptations and programming for better monitoring. You can use these for both the usual cars and heavy-duty vehicles. It has multiple data saving phenomena in it, which increase its efficiency.

How to Choose an OBD2 Scanner for a Honda

An OBD2 scanner is going to change your driving experience by letting you know of all major and minor problems. This is why it is necessary to get one that is best suited for your needs. Here are some features that you have to keep in mind while choosing one for yourself. 

Data Storage

Data storage is one of the primary concerns when it comes to OBD2 scanners, especially for professionals. You need to keep track of the information you derive from all the cars you check in a day. Moreover, you might want to trace all the changes in your vehicle over ​time. 

On-Screen Info Display

The display of information on the screen is quite significant too. This directly affects how the information shows on the screen and how easy it will be to decipher it. The codes come with definitions too on some scanners, and they are very helpful. So, look for a better screen display while you decide to get an OBD2 scanner. 


Mobile apps make using OBD2 scanners easier as they are accessible no matter where you are. The simpler the layout of the app, the easier it will be to use it. So, consider the mobile app and its functionality to make the right decision. 

Quick Take - Best OBD2 Scanners For Hondas

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the best OBD2 scanners for hondas:

  1. Autel MS300
  2. BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII
  3. Autel MaxiLink ML619

Review of the Best OBD2 Scanners for Hondas

If you want to go for an amazing OBD2 scanner, then here are some amazing options for you. Go through this review and choose the best one for you.

Best Overall:
 Autel MS300

Autel MS300 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader, Turn Off Check Engine Light, Read & Erase Fault Codes, Check Emission Monitor Status CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool


  • Works impressively with all Honda models
  • DTC definitions help in understanding the codes
  • 16-pin OBD-II connector needs no extra cables or connections
  • Gathers Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for better compatibility
  • Multilingual menu is easy to understand for people across the globe


  • Has issues with erasing codes
  • There is a linking error very frequently

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers had a good time using it as it has a simple and easy user interface. They found it particularly helpful due to its multilingual menu. It helps people read and understand it easily in their own language.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us due to its smart frame and even smarter functioning. The DTC definitions are easily accessible by the users, and they can refer to them for deciphering DTCs. This gets even better with the addition of VIN as it helps in identifying vehicles. It then works in compatibility with Honda vehicles in an even better manner.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a simple tool for monitoring the condition of your car, so anyone can use it. It has a basic display of the Diagnostic Test Codes, which are there in the manual and on the internet. You can read the definitions and see how well your car is doing.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this OBD2 scanner is that it has a high functionality for users belonging to different ​backgrounds. No matter if you are using a new or old Honda model, its VIN will make it work. This is why you can go for it without any hesitation.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android


  • BlueDriver sensor is highly compatible with the app
  • BlueDriver app works for most Android and iOS devices
  • Data saving and interactive interface make it easy to use
  • Live data graphing helps in analyzing vehicle performance
  • Enables the formation of unlimited reports of vehicle repair


  • Data is streamed and stuck
  • Oxygen sensor gives only a rough approximation

What Recent Buyers Report

The people who bought it recently mostly gave good feedback about it. They love it for its ease of use due to the BlueDriver app and BlueDriver sensor. Users also found the interface of the scanner understandable, and they vouch for it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It makes it to our list as the runner-up for its smart connectivity options. The Bluetooth connection helps you use it remotely as well. This can be downright pleasing when you have had a long day, as you do not have to fumble around with buttons and wires.

Who Will Use This Most

This is most useful for those who do not want to keep playing around with code readers. The scanner is ideal for you if you are using it in a work capacity. It generates reports for record-keeping and client files on the go.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a great OBD2 scanner with all its features in high demand. The apps are good for both Android and iOS, so there is hardly anything that it won’t help you with. Hence, investing in it can be a great decision on your part.

Best for the Money:
 Autel MaxiLink ML619


  • Freeze frame data is on display as well
  • Easy printing of data via PC for reports
  • Graph live data display becomes easy to read
  • Retrieves both generic and manufacturer-specific codes
  • Works effectively for all Honda and most other brand models


  • Manual is not very comprehensive
  • Download link for the app does not always work for Mac

What Recent Buyers Report

It's latest buyers have come up with very positive feedback. The automatic turning off of the malfunction indicator light was a big hit among them. They also liked it for clearing away the codes before they felt the need to check their Honda again.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for its lifetime no-charge update, which makes sure that you are always ready. It comes with the main cable and a USB cable, which improve its connectivity with multiple devices. This is also a favorite of ours for the easy printing of reports.

Who Will Use This Most

Since it has high compatibility with most models by Honda and other companies, it is well-suited for professionals. It's reports can also be printed, making it even better for professionals. It is great for non-professionals, as well.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this is the most feature-rich scanner for the price. It is going to help you irrespective of how many times you have to go back and check your Honda. This is a great option especially for those who are on a tight budget as it is priced very aptly.

Autel Professional OBD2 Scanner AL319 Code Reader, Enhanced Check and Reset Engine Fault Code, Live Data, Freeze Frame, CAN Car Diagnostic Scan Tools for All OBDII Vehicles After 1996, 2024 Upgraded


  • 12-month warranty increases its reliability
  • LED indicator and built-in speaker for better usage
  • One-Click I/M Readiness Key makes it very user-friendly
  • Interface of the code reader is simple and comprehensive
  • Multilingual reader that helps a greater population of drivers


  • Does not support all devices
  • Does not have any reset functions

What Recent Buyers Report

This OBD2 scanner by Autel has many happy buyers as it improved their driving experience a lot. They liked it for the maximum reading and deciphering support for Diagnostic Test Codes. Buyers also recommended it for its easy user interface.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It catches our eye with its multilingual working as it becomes accessible for more people this way. The menu is in 7 major languages, making sure that most people out there can benefit from it. The LED indicator of the scanner is also impressive as it has a better display.

Who Will Use This Most

People who want to have easy access to the information regarding their car’s working will benefit from it the most. The warranty of one year makes it more trustworthy. So, even if you haven’t used any scanners previously, you can go for it safely.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, it's one of the most suitable OBD2 scanners for Honda vehicles. Recent users had a nice time using it with their Hondas, and they recommend it highly. In addition to this, the list of features is so attractive that it is hard to resist.


  • Gives you access to RepairSolutions
  • Retrieval of manufacturer-specific and generic codes
  • Refreshes data automatically every 30 seconds
  • Diagnosis of SRS codes for all 1996 and newer models of Honda
  • Verification of repair completion due to the constant refreshing of data


  • You cannot remove vehicle information yourself
  • You have to look for meanings of codes on the internet

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers gave mixed responses regarding this scanner’s usage. On the one hand, they loved it for the constant refreshing of data. But on the other hand, they found deciphering of codes on it quite hard. However, they overcame it by going to RepairSolutions, which the manufacturers endorse.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It gains our attention with a multitude of features, especially the refreshing of data after 30 seconds. This makes sure that there are no streams of data, which will lead to it getting stuck. Moreover, the automatic verification of repair completion helps you save data and time both.

Who Will Use This Most

This is most useful for people who are already familiar with Diagnostic Test Codes. This is because the codes have a simple depiction, but do not have a comprehensive manual with them. So, go for it if you have prior experience of using OBD2 scanners.

Bottom Line

After comparison with others, we find it to be a good OBD2 scanner that fulfills the needs of modern users. So, if you feel like going for something that is low on money and has high functionality, this INNOVA scanner is great.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying an OBD2 Scanner?

OBD2 scanners are a way of making driving safer for you. But, in order to enjoy their optimal functioning, you have to make the best purchase. So, keep all these in mind before making up your mind about an OBD2 scanner. 

On-Screen Definitions

While investing in an OBD2 scanner, you must have the ease of monitoring your car in your mind, right? So, why not keep things easy to monitor and keep track of? 

It is impractical to think that you would know all the codes in the DTC list, and you cannot have access to the internet all the while to Google the codes. So, you should buy an OBD2 scanner, which has definitions too.

Printing Capability

When you are in the car monitoring and repairing business, your clients will frequently ask you for reports. It is not feasible to go write up reports for all of the clients. So, it is better to have an OBD2 scanner that prints the information displayed on the screen. This will help both you and the customers, making things simpler. 

Live Data

OBD2 scanners are quite efficient when it comes to providing you the information on the exact condition of the car. You should consider the live data configuration and reporting as well. 


To sum it all up, an OBD2 scanner has all the right features to monitor the functioning of your Honda. It will help you have a safer drive no matter where you go, irrespective of the time. Just make the right choice, and you will be thankful to yourself for this decision.