Best OBD2 Scanners For Kias – 2020 Ultimate Review

For all of us, seeing the check engine light blinking is a pretty alarming situation. These days, just getting a consultation from a mechanic can be pretty expensive, let alone getting the car fixed. This is where a scanner saves the day.

A good diagnostic tool can help you become aware of anything that might be wrong with your car’s subsystems and keep it running smoothly. However, there are so many scan tools in the market, which makes it difficult to choose a single product.

Thus, we have the ultimate guide for the best OBD2 scanners for Kia. This includes all the information you need, and we have also added some excellent recommendations for you. 

Comparison Chart of the Best OBD2 Scanners For Kias


LAUNCH X431 Creader VII+

  • Covers more than 20 car models
  • Supports all 10 test modes of OBD II protocol
  • The incredible performance of the device makes it the best overall
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ScanTool OBDLink LX Bluetooth

  • Features Bluetooth connectivity
  • This unit is incredibly reliable which makes it the runner-up
  • Features a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year repair or replace warranty
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FOXWELL NT510 Elite Obd2

  • Weighs about 1.45 pounds
  • Especially designed for GM cars
  • Offers great features at a reasonable price, which makes it the best for the money
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Innova 3100i

  • Has a multilingual menu
  • Weighs about 1.14 pounds
  • Can work for most GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota vehicles
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iCarsoft i901

  • Works exclusively for Kia
  • Weighs about 15 ounces
  • Supports full-system diagnosis
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Are OBD2 Scanners Important While Working on a Kia?

Kia cars are compatible with OBDII scanners. This means that the on-board diagnostic system they carry requires an OBDII scanner to read and clear its codes as OBDI is no longer compatible with such models. 

Along with compatibility, OBDII scanners offer multiple features that make them a worthy investment. They allow you to see your live data stream in multiple forms, such as digital, graph, and gauge. They work for a wider range of car models, plus are more accurate and reliable. They are customizable and user-friendly, which simply makes them a better scan tool than any other available on the market. 

How Do I Choose an OBD2 Scanner?

There are certain factors you need to look for in an OBD2 scanner. All of these are crucial to have in a product and allows them to perform better. 


Try to opt for a product which works for a wide range of vehicles. This could be a great feature for professionals, as they wouldn’t need to invest in multiple scanners. Furthermore, a versatile in-built database allows a product to be more accurate and efficient. 


Look for features such as freeze frame, live data stream, record and play data, ABS test, etc. These features make the product more accurate and allow it to work for different subsystems of the car. 


The construction and aesthetic of the product should enhance the user experience. A product should not be too bulky, too brittle, or break easily. It should be intuitive as well, so it can be easily operated. 

Quick Take - Best OBD2 Scanners For Kias

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the best OBD2 scanners for Kias:

  1. LAUNCH X431 Creader VII+
  2. ScanTool OBDLink LX Bluetooth
  3. FOXWELL NT510 Elite Obd2

Review of the Best OBD2 Scanners for Kias

There are a plethora of products available in the market, which truly can leave one overwhelmed by the process of buying a decent scanner. A lot of the products on the market aren’t up to par. Therefore, here are some excellent product recommendations which are of great quality and are incredibly reliable. 


  • Updating the software is easy and convenient
  •  Offers a wide coverage of car models, which makes it versatile
  • Easily reads and resets codes and allows efficient and accurate diagnosis
  • Supports data recording and allows playback, plus has a free lifetime online update service
  • Has a built-in DTC library and a multilingual menu that includes English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, etc.


  • The instruction manual is confusing
  • On the much higher end of the spectrum
  • Micro USB adapter is a little tough to put in the slot

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have had very positive reviews regarding this OBD2 scanner. They like it for being so lightweight, as this increases its portability. Buyers are also fond of the scanner, as its software is quite easy to install and upgrade. They have also reported a safer driving experience with its help.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit caught our attention due to many reasons. First, it performs exceptionally well as it can carry out all ten OBDII tests on a wide range of car models. It functions incredibly smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, it allows one to record data and play it back and even offers free lifetime online updates.

Who Will Use This Most

This might not be the most intuitive product for beginners, as the instructions seem to be a little confusing. It is great for a professional, though, as it works for a wide and extensive range of car models, so you don’t have to carry multiple scanners. Furthermore, the multilingual menu makes it accessible to more people.

Bottom Line

Overall, this unit is incredibly well-built and performs exceptionally, too. It has multiple features to offer a very accessible design. Furthermore, it features a multilingual menu and is easy to operate. Its excellent design, combined with the accurate and efficient performance, makes it worth the investment.

ScanTool OBDLink LX Bluetooth: Professional Grade OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool for Windows and Android – DIY Car and Truck Data and Diagnostics


  • Features its own app and is also compatible with 3rd party applications
  • Offers an incredibly versatile vehicle coverage for all 1996+ cars and light trucks
  • Offers incredibly fast and accurate diagnostic compared to most of its counterparts
  • Safe to leave plugged-in in your vehicle as it doesn’t drain the battery due to Battery Saver Technology
  • Featured Bluetooth compatibility, which utilizes 128-bit data encryption, protecting your car’s data from hackers


  • Very brief explanations of codes
  • App interface isn’t the most user-friendly
  • Some buyers complain of it being tricky to connect

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are ecstatic about this unit. This product is incredibly reliable and durable, as it features a 90-day money-back guarantee plus a three-year replace and repair manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, the brand’s customer service is great, too. The overall construction and performance make it a consumer favorite product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It piqued our interest for many reasons. There aren’t many units that offer a secure data diagnosis, whereas this product does. Its Bluetooth utilizes 129-bit encryption, so hackers can’t hack your car’s valuable information. Furthermore, it can be left plugged-in, as it doesn’t drain your car battery due to the battery saver technology.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is a great investment for most people. It carries multiple features to ensure smooth operation and accuracy. It is easy to operate, which makes it a great product for beginners. The overall construction is convenient as well, allowing it to be lightweight and portable so it can be traveled with easily.

Bottom Line

Overall, this unit is a great investment. It is very fast and accurate and has high-quality construction. Furthermore, it comes with multiple added features, along with all the basic ones at a very reasonable price. All of this combined makes it a great unit and better than most of its counterparts.

Best for the Money:
Foxwell NT510 Elite Obd2


  • Features a multilingual menu, which makes it accessible to more people
  • Well-built and rugged, allowing it to work for in shops and on roads tests, as well
  • Features a 2.8-inch TFT color screen and a clear menu which allows it to be easy to operate
  • Gives OBD ten-mode diagnosis for OBDI, OBDII, and EOBD vehicles which make it highly versatile
  • Has a portable and lightweight construction which allows it to perform diagnostic tests inside and outside the car


  • User interface is a little slow
  • Doesn’t work with Apple computers

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers find this unit to be very ergonomic and one that offers great value for their money. This product features an excellent warranty, which makes it such a good investment in the long run. Furthermore, the brand is renowned and offers excellent customer service.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for having such great value. This unit offers a plethora of functions that make diagnosis more efficient and accurate. The overall construction is rugged and ergonomic. Furthermore, the portable nature makes it easy for diagnosis inside and outside the car.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is a great investment for a professional as it can work for a wide range of vehicles. It is compatible with both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. Plus, it offers an easy-to-read screen and a multilingual menu, which allow it to be more accessible. Its overall construction is rugged yet ergonomic.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product is a gem. Most scanners that pack this many features cost a lot more than this one. The quality construction and great performance of the product make it a great investment. It is highly reliable and durable. Plus, it is made by a renowned brand known for creating quality products.


  • Easily reads and erases codes while providing brief explanations
  • Incredibly versatile as it can work for a wide variety of car models
  • Offers a multilingual menu which makes it accessible to more people
  • Features red, yellow, and green LED lights to show the emissions monitor status
  • Features battery alternator test to keep the battery and alternator in good health


  • User interface is a bit slow
  • Slightly expensive for the features it offers
  • Included manual offers very little explanation

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were happy with this unit. Some buyers found it to be a little overpriced, but the performance was up to par. It is highly reliable and offers an efficient and accurate diagnosis. It works for many car models and is easy to operate. All of these combine to make it a consumer favorite.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product works incredibly well for a lot of different car models, which makes it versatile. The overall design is very ergonomic as well, and the construction is solid. Furthermore, it has a multilingual menu that makes it more accessible to people. Also, it features red, yellow, and green LED lights, which indicate the emission status.

Who Will Use This Most

This product would be great for beginners or at-home use. It isn’t made for professional use as it lacks advanced features. However, it has all the basic functions you would need. Furthermore, the unit is well-built and has an ergonomic design. It is also very intuitive and easy to use.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is a great investment. It does require a little patience but the end result is worth it. It provides accurate and efficient diagnosis and is one of the most reliable options out there. The brand itself is renowned for making quality products. This product, too, is one of their masterpieces.


  • Reads and clear ETCs with great ease
  • Quality construction makes it highly reliable and durable
  • Accurately and efficiently diagnoses complex error codes
  • Portable and lightweight construction makes it convenient
  • Equipped with multiple features that allow it to perform a full system diagnosis


  • Limited vehicle coverage
  • On the expensive side of the spectrum

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers find this unit to perform exceptionally well. Its diagnostic capabilities are accurate and efficient, which makes it a consumer favorite. The product is highly functional and easy to operate. The overall construction is pretty solid, too. It proves to be a great long-term investment as it is highly reliable and very durable, as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out to us for multiple reasons. First, it features a lightweight and portable construction, which is of great quality. The unit itself performs incredibly well and offers exclusivity to Kia vehicles that allow it to be more accurate for this brand of cars. It can easily and efficiently detect the most complex error codes.

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is perfect for professionals and beginners. It is incredibly easy and straightforward to use. The overall construction is solid and rugged, which allow it to be a great long-term investment. It might not be suitable for everyone’s budget, as it is a little pricey, but its performance is worth the splurge.

Bottom Line

Overall, this unit is a great investment. It is incredibly efficient and accurate. The brand that manufactures this product is highly reliable and known to produce high-quality products. Its construction and performance combine to make it another one of their best products.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Here are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before you invest in a product. These will ensure that the product turns out to be worthy of your investment. 


The reliability and durability of your unit depend on the brand you opt for. Buying a reliable product is crucial. Thus, make sure you invest in good-quality and renowned brand. It also ensures good customer service and a better warranty plan. Plus, the product is more easily accessible. 


Comparing price values and overall features of the product is always a smart thing to do as it ensures a good device. Setting a budget for yourself allows you to narrow down products quite a bit, so you don’t have to go through unnecessary research. Generally, products that carry more features are priced higher, so it is always smart to invest in a product carrying the features you will use the most. You should only splurge on a product if you need the extra features and are someone who has extensive use for a scanner.


Never forget to check the compatibility of the scanner with your vehicle. If you don’t get a compatible product, it will simply not run any tests on your vehicle or perform any diagnoses. It is always better to opt for a product that is versatile in terms of compatibility, as it will stay relevant, even if you change your car model. 


Diagnosing problematic codes with your Kia model becomes easier if you use a scanner designed specifically for Kia. However, it can be a daunting process to purchase a scan tool, as there are so many technicalities involved with it.

This post was aimed at making the entire experience easier for the average customer. Therefore, we tried to deliver as much relevant information as possible. 

Don’t forget the factors we mentioned earlier that you need to consider prior to investing in a scanner for your Kia. Furthermore, also remember to research the product well before buying it.

The units we recommended are of great quality and are safe bets. If you don’t want to venture out and go through the laborious process of researching or buying a product, you can just consider the ones on our list.