Best Bidirectional Scan Tools – 2023 Round-up Review

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Staying up to date with the condition of your car is important. Hardly anyone would disagree with that. However, it can be quite pricey. So it is important that the device you choose to run the diagnostic test is the best for you. Bidirectional scanners are a really good option since you get many functions in one device. This helps you to make the most out of what you pay.

To make things easier, we have lined up the best bidirectional scan tools. An in-depth review of these will help you decide which scan tool is best suited for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Comparison Chart of the Best Bidirectional Scan Tools

  • Offers various test and functions like DPF, EBP, oil reset, etc.
  • Can run a full diagnostic in one minute, making it the best overall
  • Equipped with an A5 quad-core processor that works fast and has a rechargeable battery
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  • Device can also run tests on anti-lock brake systems and airbags as well
  • Supports the OBD II functions completely and can run a vast collection of tests
  • Has quite an extensive range when it comes to vehicle compatibility, making it the runner-up
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  • Most budget-friendly option and the best for the money
  • Has an array of additional features EBP, DPF, oil lamp reset, etc.
  • Compatibility of this device covers a total of 94 car brands and 10,000 car models
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  • Provides an in-depth diagnosis for all the systems of your vehicle
  • Compatible with more than 80 car brands both domestic and foreign
  • Equipped with a quad-core processor that allows for a powerful performance
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  • Has a 7-inch screen which makes the interface easier
  • Covers a wide range of vehicles and is compatible with all OBD II protocols
  • Comes with various additional features like shop manager and data manager
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What is a Bidirectional Scan Tool and What is it Used For?

The term “Bi” means two; therefore, as the name suggests, bidirectional scanners function in two ways. They can send and receive information from the control module of your vehicle.

A proper tool will allow you to run a variety of tests. These include performance tests, inspection tests, actuator tests, systems tests, etc. It can also work with reprogramming and re-initialization. 

Characteristics of Our Favorite Models

Before you decide to invest in a certain scanner, it is important to look for some key characteristics. The following are a few characteristics from some of our favorite models that you should also look out for. 


Compatibility is essential when it comes to bidirectional scanners. The best scanner will be compatible with OBD II. OBD II compatible scanners will be effective for all US sold vehicles. This makes running tests much easier and provides you with more options.

Check Engine Light Reset

Another crucial feature to look for is whether the scanner can reset the check engine light. The check engine light can switch on for various reasons. A good bidirectional scanner will be able to identify the source of the issue. Sometimes, the light will turn on even if there is no major issue. In that case, you will just have to reset the light. This can be done with a bidirectional scanner.

Response Time

Response time is basically how quickly the device can boot and scan. The faster the response time, the more efficient the device is. It saves you more time, and data can be retrieved faster and analyzed in a timely manner as well. 

Quick Take - Best Bidirectional Scan Tools

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the best bidirectional scan tools:

  1. Launch CRP429 OBD2
  2. FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2
  3. LAUNCH X431 V PRO

Review of the Best Bidirectional Scan Tools

It’s finally time to move to the reviews. We have made a roundup of some of the best bidirectional scanners. In this section, we'll discuss the main features for each of the devices and find out what makes each one so special.  

Best Overall:
Launch CRP429 OBD2


  • Compatible with OBD II vehicles
  • Offers all OBD II functions plus many more
  • Wi-Fi connection allows for updates with just one click
  • Quick and easy functioning because of the fast processor
  • Comes along with a one-year warranty and one year of free online updates


  • Unable to reprogram key fob
  • Does not include throttle body reset feature

What Recent Buyers Report

This scanner has an array of positive reviews from its buyers that love just how smoothly this device functions. It is a multi-functional device that provides an accurate diagnosis and is efficient as well. Its easy operation is another quality that is loved by many buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why this scanner, in particular, caught our eye. First of all, the sheer variety of the tests and functions it offers are just stunning. Secondly, it has a very fast processor, which significantly reduces the time needed to run the diagnostics. Updates are also easy to install as long as you have Wi-Fi.

Who Will Use This Most

The various tests this device can carry out paired with its extensive features make it best for those who deal with cars quite often. It is also a good option for professional motorists or those who have a greater understanding of how these tests and features can benefit your vehicle.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Launch CRP429 OBD II is a scanner that can give you some advanced features. It also has a 1-year warranty and free online updates, which is a welcome feature. If you know how to make the most of these features, then you should definitely opt for this amazing device.


  • Works as the perfect substitute for a mechanic
  • Online updates can also be availed free of cost
  • Device offers a large range of tests for the vehicle
  • Offers 1-year warranty for all device-related issues
  • Design of the device does not take up a lot of space


  • Customer support has been criticized
  • Some compatibility issues have been reported specifically with GMC Savana and Jeep Wrangler

What Recent Buyers Report

This device has managed to collect many praises from its buyers. Its performance is the highlight of the show. Many buyers have found it to be so effective that they claimed they do not even have to visit a mechanic or a dealer to find the solution to your problems.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is a unique entry in our line-up of best bidirectional scanners. The thing that catches our attention is that not only does it support the internal affairs, but the exterior is also well-built with sturdy materials that will last you a while.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a scanner that does need a professional to operate and understand. Therefore, it can be used by anyone interested in a scanner. Even beginners can benefit from this if they are avoiding going to the mechanic as it can be expensive.

Bottom Line

All in all, it's a good car scanner and worthy of its title as a runner-up. It has a lot of great features which include those outside the standard diagnostics tests. This makes the product more versatile and allows you to have all the things in a single place.

Best for the Money:
Launc​h X431 V PRO

LAUNCH X431 V PRO (V 4.0 ) ,2023 Version Bi-Directional Scanner Full Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool with 37+ Reset Functions, ECU Coding, AutoAuth for FCA SGW,2 Yrs Free Update


  • Able to function with diesel cars as well
  • Offers more features than just diagnosis
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty so any issues can be dealt with
  • Battery of the device is long-lasting and can work for up to 8 hours
  • Device features 24 languages so a wide variety of people can make use of it


  • Device is a bit on the heavier side, weighing 11 pounds in total

What Recent Buyers Report

The reviews for this car scanner are mostly positive. Since it offers high-level diagnostics at an affordable price, many buyers are attracted to it. Not only that, but the device also has some additional features which are always welcome. Apart from that, the buyers have found it fast and easy to use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The LAUNCH X431 V PRO is a well-rounded device, which is why it has found its place in our roundup. It can function in 24 different languages, so it is suitable for international users as well. Moreover, it is compatible with a variety of vehicles and offers a range of diagnostic tests.

Who Will Use This Most

This is an amazing option for those who are looking for a scanner with advanced features but at a reasonable price. Beginners would also benefit from this bidirectional scanner as it is easy to use and does not cost a lot.

Bottom Line

To sum things up, this product will surely fit your criteria if you are looking for something powerful and up to date yet well within your budget. It is a fast and convenient device that will keep you updated on the condition of your vehicle.

Autel MaxiCOM MK808K-BT: Same as MK808BT Pro, 2024 Full Bidirectional Level-up of MK808BT MK808S MX808S, BT Ver. of MX900, Active Test, 28+ Service, All System Scan, FCA AutoAuth, Battery Test, OS 11


  • Scanner has a 7-inch LCD screen
  • Has a tech-savvy, tablet-like design
  • Strong processor makes for an efficient and accurate performance
  • Equipped with the touchscreen feature which makes the interface user-friendly
  • Long-lasting lithium battery makes sure that the scanner can be used at anytime


  • Device is a bit pricier than its competitors
  • For any issues, Autel China needs to be contacted as this device is not supported by Autel USA

What Recent Buyers Report

On average, buyers are satisfied with their purchase. It is compatible with the vast majority of car brands and has all the features a top-notch bidirectional scanner should have. The device has frequent updates that buyers appreciate. However, some buyers have faced issues with its battery.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The modern design of the scanner is an instant attention-grabber. Its 7-inch LCD screen and touchscreen feature give it a little something special. Apart from that, its powerful quad-core processor is another reason why this device is among the best scanners on the market.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this scanner is a bit pricier than the rest and has slightly more complex features, then this would be best for professionals. More learned dealers and motorists can also benefit from it since they would be able to make the most out of this device.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Autel Maxidas DS808 has much more to it than what meets the eye. Its features, including the interface, variety of system tests, and amazing design, make it different from all the other scanners. The compatibility of this scanner is great, as well.

Autel MaxiPRO MP808S Scanner, Advanced ECU Coding, Bi-Directional Scan Tool, 30+ Service, Full System Diagnosis, Upgraded from MK808S/MP808BT/DS808, Work with MV108S, 2023 Newest 2 Years Free Update


  • Has a grease and water-resistant body
  • Scanner is comprehensive and easy to use
  • Lithium polymer battery is long-lasting and rechargeable
  • Touchscreen feature makes operating the device much easier
  • Takes approximately 15 seconds to boot which makes it efficient


  • Despite being compatible with many car brands, it still faces some compatibility issues

What Recent Buyers Report

Reviews for this product have much to say about the scanner’s amazing functionality. Its powerful performance, coupled with its other features, makes it a great buy. One thing to be wary of is customer support, as you will need to contact Autel China. Apart from that, users didn’t have much to complain about with this unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bidirectional scanner has many features that make it stand out. Its exterior is sturdy, but it does not look tacky. It is resistant to water and grease and has a long-lasting battery that will serve you well. Alongside the standard OBD II tests, it also offers additional functions as well.

Who Will Use This Most

This device has functions and features that can directly rival a dealer’s scan tool. Therefore, it is great for people who need to run diagnostics in more detail and more frequently. If you want to save yourself that expensive trip to the mechanic, then you should really consider this device.

Bottom Line

This product offers a great collection of features in a modern exterior. Not only is its functioning brilliantly, but it is definitely made to last. Although there may be some issues with compatibility here and there, it is compatible with the majority of car brands in the USA as well as international ones.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Bidirectional Scan Tool

So we have been talking about all these different kinds of bidirectional scanners, but what is the use of buying these? How can buying such a device benefit us? Let’s find out.

Saves Time

A bidirectional scanner can save you a lot of time. Instead of popping the hood open for each and every inspection, you have the scanner to help you out. It can tell you what’s wrong and what needs improvement or requires attention in half the time it would take to carry out a manual inspection. Furthermore, with manual inspections, you might miss out on something important. A scanner makes sure that does not happen.

Enhanced Technology

Since technology has come so far, nowadays, scanners just don’t run diagnostics. They are equipped with many other features that can help you out with your vehicle. A good example of this is that they can even reset the check engine light without any hassle. 


A scanner provides more accurate readings for all the tests. They also make understanding problems easier as they show colorful displays and charts that are easy to comprehend. By doing so, scanners get rid of any vagueness when it comes to the condition of your vehicle. 

How to Use a Bidirectional Scan Tool

This section will outline how you can use a bidirectional scan tool. We have broken down the process into steps, so it is easier to understand. 

1. Hook it Up to Your Car

This is fairly obvious, but the first thing you must do is connect the device with your car.

2. Register Your Device

Some devices are ready to use as soon as you take them out of the box, but it is always important to check if your device needs to be registered or not.

3. Choose Your Desired Test 

You can choose whichever test you would like to run. Apart from that, you can even choose which function you want to carry out, for example, reset engine check light or oil lamp rest. 

The best way to know how to operate your device is to refer to the user manual. Since each product is different and has a different set of functions, they need to be dealt with accordingly. 


Thanks to the ever-moving and developing technology, we have a lot of options that make our lives easier. Bidirectional scanners are just one of those things. They save you all the hassle and allow you to stay up to date with your vehicle, without actually going to a dealer or a mechanic! With that, we hope that this article helped you sort out the dilemma of the best directional scanner to get for your vehicle.

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