Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters – Complete Review [2022]

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Tired of the constant blinking of the “Check Engine Light” signal and want something to help you with it? 

Well, OBD2 Bluetooth adapters are just the right thing that you need in situations like these. They help you do a quick assessment of your vehicle to pinpoint any issues. This way, you can save hundreds of dollars every year that you would otherwise, spend at the mechanic.

Keeping this in mind, we've brought a complete review of the best OBD2 Bluetooth adapters available on the market. 

Comparison Chart of the Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters

  • Clears Check Engine Light on its own
  • Best overall OBD2 diagnostic tool for modern users
  • Very high compatibility with Android devices and Windows
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  • Unlimited report generation for repairs of vehicles
  • ASE certified mechanics for checking the activity of vehicles
  • Runner-up OBD2 scanner compatible with both Android and iOS
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  • Timely monitoring of current sensor data
  • Effective diagnostic tool for iOS and Android devices
  • Best for the money handy OBD2 scanning tool for mechanics
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  • Effective display of current sensor data
  • Supports models from 1996 and later years
  • Best OBD2 Bluetooth adapter for Torque Pro apps
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  • Best for ELM as a car code reader
  • Comes with a USB connection as well
  • Professional-level Check Engine Light activity monitoring
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What is an OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter and What is It Used for?

An OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is a device that works to scan your vehicle’s engine. There is a thorough analysis of all the things, and then the screen displays the issues. There is an ELM327 micro-controller in OBD2 Bluetooth adapters, which creates an interface with your computer. 

The Bluetooth adapters have devices that establish Bluetooth connections with all your devices. Bluetooth radios, however, will not work with iOS devices, but you can use an OBD2 Wi-Fi adapter for them. 

Remember that the Bluetooth adapters will not scan your car on their own. Rather, they will just connect your devices with OBD2 scanners for a better and quicker display. 

Are All OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters The Same?

The basic purpose of all OBD2 Bluetooth adapters is to scan your vehicle’s engine. Still, all of them are not the same. They come with different features and different ways of displaying the results to you. Here is what distinguishes one OBD2 Bluetooth adapter from another. 

Data Processing Speed

The data processing speed of all OBD2 Bluetooth adapters is different from each other. There are varying degrees of speed and efficiency, which depend on the sensitivity of sensors. If the Bluetooth adapter works quickly, it will give you real-time results. There will be no delays in reports as well, so speedier adapters get preference over all others.

Device Compatibility

Not all OBD2 Bluetooth adapters are compatible with all devices, and this differentiates them as well. Most of the OBD2 Bluetooth adapters have high compatibility with Android devices. Windows and other operating systems work with these Bluetooth adapters as well. However, not all adapters are compatible with iOS devices, so you need to check that actively. 

Application or Software

Now, it is quite obvious that all manufacturers bring in their own software and mobile applications with their Bluetooth adapters. So, the efficiency and types of software also differentiate OBD2 Bluetooth scanners. 

What to Look for When Buying an OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

Buying an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is going to make your driving experience a lot better. But this depends on the kind of adapter that you are getting. So, keep the following aspects in mind while you decide to buy a new one for your vehicle. 


The whole point of having a Bluetooth adapter is to have a device that makes it easy to assess your vehicle. This is why the adapter should be portable enough for you to carry easily on your travels too. Thus, get a compact and sleek adapter so that it has high portability.


The display of OBD2 Bluetooth scanners is an important feature, as well. The display should be clear enough for you to see things on the go. The Diagnostic Test Codes (DTC’s) will appear on the screen to indicate any problems in the engine. But if the description of codes and reports of different sensors shows in an easy to read manner, then there will be greater ease of use. 


The Bluetooth range of an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is significant too. The range should be broad enough for you to check your engine even when you are not sitting in the driver’s seat. This will make things easier for you, so you should consider the range of Bluetooth while making a decision.

Quick Take - Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the best OBD2 bluetooth ​adapters:

  1. BAFX Products
  2. BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII
  3. Car WIFI OBD 2

Review of the Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters

Getting the right OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is the key to having a safer driving experience. So, you need to have the most competitive Bluetooth adapter, don’t you? Here is a complete review of some of our favorite models to tell you the options that you should consider. 

Best Overall:
 BAFX Products

Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader and Scan Tool for All 1996 & Newer Vehicles ELM327 Compatible OBDII for Android Devices ONLY


  • A warranty of 2 years for higher reliability
  • Has OBD2 protocols including J1850 and CAN
  • Compatible with all vehicles made after the year 1996
  • Compact design with dimensions of 2.8 x 1.5 x 1 inch
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle sensors for timely actions


  • Not compatible with iOS devices
  • No sensors for checking Oil Change activity

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers loved using this OBD2 Bluetooth adapter as it has a highly user-friendly interface and layout. The display of DTCs is also great, and they could detect problems with engines very easily. The adapter also impressed buyers with its real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s activity.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with its amazing controls and an easy-to-read display. The adapter makes it easier for you to track the condition of your vehicle as it reads and shows DTCs quite well. The J1850 and CAN protocols in the adapter also help it distinguish itself from its rivals.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this adapter has high compatibility with Android devices and Windows systems, it caters to the needs of most users. However, it is not very useful for those who have Apple phones as it does not support iOS.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, this is easily the best OBD2 Bluetooth adapter on the market as it has amazing features. It has a long chain of happy customers too, which recommend it fully. So, all in all, it is a great scanning tool to go for if you are considering buying one.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android


  • Easy to read codes and diagnose problems
  • Official licensing for use with iOS devices and Android
  • Free updates on your mobile phone and desktop software
  • BlueDriver Sensor does an in-depth analysis of all the sensors
  • BlueDriver App to help you stay updated on the activity of sensors


  • Issues with the oxygen sensor’s timings
  • Loss of connectivity when phone screen turns off

What Recent Buyers Report

This Bluetooth adapter has won over its users by the way it improves their driving experience and safety. The adapter comes with fully certified features that make the users trust it more. Moreover, since they could use it with both iOS and Android, they found it easier to use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It grabs our attention with its compact frame with 2.2 x 1.9 x 1-inch size. It has an impressive appearance as well as great functioning for multiple car models. We also like the ease of usage that the BlueDriver app and drivers bring to its users.

Who Will Use This Most

This is one of those devices that go well with all kinds of vehicles. No matter if it is a car or a truck, it will work just fine for you. So, you can go for it without having any worries about your vehicle’s specifications.

Bottom Line

We find it to be a very practical OBD2 Bluetooth adapter which has a great range of uses. Its features outweigh its price by a long shot, so it will suit your budget easily as well. Hence, investing in it will be a wise decision, and you will love using it.

Best for the Money:

Car WIFI OBD 2 OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool Foseal Scanner Adapter Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tool for iOS & Android


  • Helps save money by troubleshooting the sensors
  • Plug adapter works fine with a range of car models
  • Takes merely 10 seconds to connect with your device
  • Highly competitive as a diagnostic tool with multiple sensors
  • 1-year guarantee by the manufacturer of this Bluetooth adapter


  • Documentation is not very elaborate
  • Drops in connection reported by users

What Recent Buyers Report

This OBD2 Bluetooth adapter has impressed its recent users quite a lot. They did not expect it to work so well, considering that it came at such a low price. They liked it, particularly because they could use it with both Android and iOS devices.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It catches our eye with the multiplicity of the features that it offers. Engine RPM, horsepower, and calculated load value are some of our favorite features. Moreover, the guarantee of 1 year helps it become more trustworthy to its users and us.

Who Will Use This Most

The Bluetooth adapter is best suited for people who are not professional mechanics. It has incredible features and reliability, but it will help regular drivers more. The report generation system is not very appreciable, so it won’t help pro mechanics.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a nice option for drivers as it helps them keep an active check on their vehicle’s condition. It also comes at quite a low price, which makes it a must-have. So, you should include it in your car accessories if you want to enjoy driving.

Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro:
 Panlong Bluetooth OBD2

Panlong OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth OBDII Diagnostic Tool Car Code Reader Turn Off Check Engine Light Support Android Torque App


  • Checks the calculated load value precisely
  • 100% money-back guarantee by the manufacturer
  • High portability due to lower weight of 0.64 ounces
  • Real-time monitoring of the sensors and their activity
  • Very high compatibility with Torque Pro and Torque lite


  • Compatible with Android devices only
  • Not for trucks or vehicles with 24V voltage

What Recent Buyers Report

The people who got this OBD2 Bluetooth adapter recently have come up with some really nice reviews. They loved it for being so lightweight at 0.64 ounces, which increases its portability. They found it easy to use and even easier to carry around in their car.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its money-back guarantee is what made it stand out to us so much, initially because that’s a sure way of winning over customers, isn’t it? We also like it for the way it shows the real-time activity of the sensors. This way, users get to know about a problem as soon as it starts for a timely remedy.

Who Will Use This Most

As this Bluetooth adapter has greater compatibility with Android, Android users will use it the most. It works amazingly well with the Torque Pro and Torque Lite apps, so you can use it without any hesitation. Moreover, it has a nice and sleek frame, which is sure to impress its users who value aesthetics.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is an amazing product with some real-time functioning associated with it. People who like to stay ahead of the game and want to solve problems right when they appear to love it. It is a great option for you if you have older cars too, so go ahead and get it.

OHP ELMconfig FORS+can OBD2 USB Cable | Full ELM327 Diagnostic Programming Tool | Ford Mazda since 1996 | Windows Only


  • Easy to configure settings, even for beginners
  • Money-back guarantee in case of faulty equipment
  • Works equally well with new and old models of cars
  • Toggle switch enables you to monitor hidden features too
  • Speedy functioning at the rate of 500 kbit per second


  • USB cable has a low-quality
  • Switch is slightly loose, so it needs care

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this ELM compatible had a great experience using it. They liked it irrespective of the fact that they were professional mechanics or novices. They reported a considerable improvement in their driving and safety levels after using this OBD2 Bluetooth adapter.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with its ELM compatibility primarily, but its rate of operation is amazing too. The speed of 500 Kbit per second is something worth appreciating and recommending. In addition, its toggle switch helps users extend their range of services.

Who Will Use This Most

This OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is great for a broad range of users. It has so many features that everyone can benefit from them. The user interface of the app and its layout is so user-friendly that operating it is no bother. Moreover, it goes well with almost all car models, too, which is an additional plus point.

Bottom Line

We find this to be the best option to go for, considering its features, price, and compatibility. It is surely going to improve the way that you have driven your car previously. What else can you want for when it is bringing so much to the table?

Pros and Cons of OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

OBD2 Bluetooth Adapters are one of the best tools to monitor the activity of your vehicle’s engine. They offer many features, but still, there are some downsides to them too. So, let’s have a look at what’s there to gain and what to lose with this device. 


For sure, OBD2 Bluetooth adapters bring about several benefits, including: 


OBD2 Bluetooth adapters are much more advanced than basic OBD2 scanners. They have more sensors and offer many more features. This increases their accuracy so much that the drivers can easily trust these adapters. 

Higher Sensitivity

Since Bluetooth adapters have an extensive range of sensors in it, they are highly sensitive. Sensors like the oxygen sensor, oil check, and temperature sensors ensure looking into all aspects of an engine.

Broader Range

Bluetooth sensitivity comes with a greater range than the USB cable, right? So, you get to have a more relaxed position while checking your car for any possible effects. This way, you can check it even when you are moving about and tending to other needs of your car. 


Unsurprisingly, these units are bound to have some shortcomings. These include:

Restricted Compatibility

The only problem with Bluetooth adapters is that not all iOS devices support them. This causes some problems regarding device compatibility. So, you must be extra careful regarding their compatibility with your devices.

Software Glitches

Since there is a different software or mobile application for all Bluetooth adapters, not all of them are reliable. Hence, there are some minor glitches in the drivers and software that the manufacturers try to eliminate when reported. 

How to Use an OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

Using an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is quite easy if you know all the basic steps. Just make sure that you have the complementary application on your mobile phone and follow these steps.

  1. Locate the diagnostic socket of your vehicle and then insert the adapter and plug in it.
  2. Now turn on the PLX adapter switch to allow it to connect with your phone.
  3. Next, you have to connect your phone with the OBD2 Bluetooth adapter.
  4. Go to your phone settings and open Wireless and Networks. Then go to Bluetooth Settings for further configuration. 
  5. Then scan for nearby devices to connect. Your own device will appear on the list of devices available for connection. 
  6. Now select your device and put in the pairing code for your adapter. 
  7. Then your device will be paired with the Bluetooth adapter, and you can proceed to check your vehicle’s engine.


Considering it all, OBD2 Bluetooth adapters are one of the best ways to go about checking your engine. You must have one on hand, especially if you are leaving for a long journey. They promise you greater safety and help you stay updated about your car’s condition. So, go through the options given above and choose the best one.