OBDlink Mx+ Review – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

An OBD adapter is basically a Bluetooth adapter and scanner that can detect and diagnose any or all the problems your car can have.

There is usually a port present in all cars under or next to the steering wheel for it.


OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth

  • Greater vehicle coverage
  • Safe and secure
  • Fastest Bluetooth Adapter
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This article is about one of the best adapters available, the OBDLink Mx+. This device can turn your phone, laptop, or any other communication device into a professional-level scanner and monitor for cars. It has been created by OBDlink, who is mainly known for its Bluetooth and scanner devices for both Android and iOS. This device provides security to your data, improves the connectivity and performance of your car, and prevents it from falling into the wrong hands.


  • Small and easy to use
  • Greater compatibility
  • Battery saving technology
  • Digital dashboard
  • Free updates and warranty


  • No app compatibility with iOS
  • Malfunctioning connection

Main Features

Some of the main features of the product are described below:

Greater Vehicle Coverage

With new improvements to the system, cars that have been manufactured since 1996 have an OBD port and are able to use this technology for their benefit. It also supports the normal GM-LAN and the more advanced Ford networks such as MS-CAN and SW-CAN. It also supports EOBD and JOBD and other types of OBD2 adapters that may function internationally. There is also the added facility of getting the OBDlink app free of charge if you don’t require access to advanced GM networks.

Safe and Secure

There is no danger of your data getting into the wrong hands or someone else having unauthorized access to it, as complicated security measures keep it safe. When it is turned on and connected, it neither openly announces its presence nor does it use an easy pin code to protect the information or the communication link. The hacker, if they really want to get the data, will have to physically access it to get their hands on it.

Fastest Bluetooth Adapter

One of its rather astounding features is that it is almost 300% faster in functioning, which is quite impressive. Such great speed when it comes to function is rare in such devices, which shows that this is a really good product. And 300% faster is not just a bluff that a company puts out about their product. This means faster connectivity, faster sending and receiving of documents, faster car checks, faster scanning, and diagnosis of possible issues, faster information storage, etc. This is something to keep in mind when you want a device such as this. 


A device such as this has a lot of positive aspects. Some of these are described below:

Small and Easy to Use

With a length of only two inches, it is a tiny device and, therefore, can be easily adjusted into the area that holds its port, which is usually near the steering wheel or the leg area of the car. It does not take up much room and is not intrusive or obstructive in its functioning.

Greater Compatibility

It is compatible with a host of devices, different software, and third-party sites. Devices such as laptops, phones, netbooks, tablets, etc. all are able to connect to it. Also, it can work with both Android and iOS devices. And third-party sites such as Torque, FORScan, DashCommand, etc. are able to connect with it to unlock enhanced performance options, such as save fuel, control door locks, etc.

Battery Saving Technology

When you plug it into your car, you do not have to worry about it draining your battery. When you switch off the engine, it goes to sleep as well and does not drain additional or hidden battery power. It also consists of overload protection, meaning your device will not be in danger of an accidental burnout. Plus, the fully automatic sleep and wake features work as the engine turns on and off without requiring any manual button pushes.

Digital Dashboard

You can create your own digital dashboard that displays all the important information about running and keeping your car working smoothly. Auxiliary gauges and other data such as logs, graphs, etc. can be simply displayed on your mobile phone as a part of the digital dashboard, along with checking engine codes yourself and making informed decisions about the performance of your car.

Free Updates and Warranty

You can get the latest software and firmware updates for absolutely free after you have purchased the device. This way, you can remain up to date on your adapter’s functioning and make sure that it still works like it did the first time you used it. Plus, there is a three-year warranty that promises damage control in case something goes wrong with the product.


Now, as there are two sides to every story, there are also negative aspects of a product, which no matter how few, cannot be ignored and are described as follows:

App Compatibility With iOS

Most of the third-party sites and apps are powered by Android or are accessible to only devices powered by Android. This can be very problematic for iOS users as it can be difficult to get the same perks and facilities that Android users get from using these sites and apps. This problem is being addressed but still needs to become better so the playing field for both types of users can be equaled.

Malfunctioning Connection

There have been some complaints that the device cannot hold or make a connection with the user’s phones because of a signal or wireless problem. Also, older versions are better, in terms of connectivity, with some devices. There are also problems with updates for firmware and software for some users, saying that as soon as they turned the adapter on, it was asking for updates and then, during the download, completely crashed. These problems have been experienced by some users but are on their way to being fixed.

What is the OBDlink MX+ Best For?

Now that we know all the details, let’s see for whom this product is manufactured:

People Who Work in the Automobile Industry

People such as auto technicians and mechanics really know about automobiles and their functioning, so they are able to grasp the use of such products easily. Also, people who just love their cars and want them to remain in the best shape for as long as possible can benefit from this model.

People Who Want Hands-on Experience

One of the main features of this adapter is the digital dashboard, which displays all of the necessary information related to the functioning of a car. You are the only one who can access this data, and if you want to learn how to repair your own car, understand the workings of the engine, be able to tell right from wrong when it comes to problems, etc., this device could really come in handy for you. It displays all the details of the workings and what the problems are in a clear manner.

People Who Do Not Understand Diagnostic Codes

When a scanner is connected to the car, it gives the diagnostic codes, graphs, etc. But most people do not understand them, so how are they to take care of the problem? This device not only informs you and pulls the code but actually defines it in relation to the problem, which is pretty amazing considering a lot of other such devices do not do that.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

A few things you need to know about this product before you go ahead and make the purchase are:

Capable of Accessing Manufacturer Level Data of Vehicle

This device is a professional-level scanning and diagnostic tool for your vehicle. All it needs is to be linked to a phone, laptop, or tablet that you own. From there, you will be able to get complete information about your vehicular health and be able to understand and take action against any problems as you see fit.

Consists of Perks and Important Tools

It is unmatched in its performance, being 300% more efficient than its competitors. It also consists of additional features such as intelligent sleep mode, power and battery saving, third-party app compatibility, etc.

Data and Information Security

All of your data is secure in this model. When you access it or use it, all the displayed information is for you only. It is encrypted, but not with some generic pin code that anyone can guess. Plus, it makes no sound when it connects to your car or device, so it will remain unknown.

More Android Friendly

Even though the adapter is the best there is, there is still a problem with third-party site connectivity to Apple devices like iPhones and MacBooks. These adapters are better for customers who own Android-operated devices because they have better access to third-party sites and are compatible with them.

Bottom Line

This is a very futuristic device that can help you in your everyday lives. Cars need to be kept in shape as much as possible so they can keep running for years and remain a long-term investment. This device helps you in keeping your car in the best shape possible, giving you all the necessary information you need to keep it functioning properly. It also helps to determine when to take it to the workshop, when to change the oil, when you have an unnoticed flattening tire, etc. All these problems can be caught and solved quickly through the use of OBDlink Mx+, thereby ensuring ease.