Solus Edge Review – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for a professional tool that will help you fix your car-related troubles in a smooth and simple way? Do you need a tool that will not only help you save time and energy but will also recommend the smartest, quickest, and best solution.

Well, look no further as the latest Solus Edge Diagnostic Tool from Snap-on is what you need.

With the intuitive user interface, advanced graphing features, and sophisticated functionality, this tool is designed to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle.


Snap-On Solus Edge Scan Tool (EESC320)

  • Fast, handy, and efficient scan tool
  • Powered by a unique lithium-ion battery system
  • User-friendly interface
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The Solus Edge Diagnostic Tool by Snap-on is a limited edition scan tool. The front bezel is designed with special carbon fiber in red housing with a black rubber cushioned handgrip, which provides extra protection. This eye-catching design features all the coverage and value that will help keep your vehicle running smoothly. 


  • Innovative design
  • Ease of use
  • Efficient and time-saving
  • Fast-track troubleshooter
  • Unlimited functions       


  • Delayed yearly updates
  • Expensive compared to other models

Main Features

The Solus Edge is a fast, handy, and efficient scan tool that provides coverage for more than 70 vehicle systems. It can be conveniently used for many vehicles and systems, such as steering, clean diesel, hybrids, and TPMS. Its large, eight-inch, touch-responsive display provides better readability, which makes this tool very easy to use. Its super-fast boot-up feature helps to save time, as the device becomes ready to use in only five seconds.  

The Solus Edge is powered by a unique lithium-ion battery system that automatically charges from your car. It also has a USB port for PC connectivity, thus allowing you to save, share, and print using the ShopStream Connect Software. This tool also has the ability to record live data parameters and show any four of them in the form of a graph. The Solus Edge also features a one-touch scan quickly checks and clears codes for the various available modules in the car. Moreover, it provides live data, relearns, detailed trouble code definitions, and adaptations.

The user-friendly interface of this tool makes it possible for the users to custom data figures, pause, zoom, and freeze-frame. Other features include PID sorting, snapshot, PID trigger, cursor functions, and snapshot. It is fitted with a high-capacity SD card that contains diagnostic software and had ample space to store your data files.

The Solus Edge is designed with an operating system that offers diagnostic functions for reliable and fast operation. With this tool, you can also access the Fast-Track Troubleshooter Database, which makes it very easy to determine the problem with your vehicle and how you can deal with it. It contains all the vital considerations, such as vehicle-specific tips, timesavers, and tests.     

Ergonomically designed in an attractive red and black color, the Solus Edge is the thinnest diagnostic tool ever produced. 


With the Solus Edge, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, as it can provide comprehensive information that can help you complete your car repairs irrespective of the car model that you own. The following advantages make this tool imperative for car owners:

Innovative Design

The Solus Edge is designed with advanced features and an innovative design that gives it an edge over other scan tools. Its attractive red and black body is enclosed with a black rubber grip that makes it easy to hold. The large, eight-inch, touch-sensitive display enhances readability, making it very user-friendly.

The Solus Edge is fitted with a high-capacity microSD card where you can easily store all your data files and diagnostic software. This tool also has a USB port, which allows users to connect it easily with their laptops and personal computer. The downloaded data can be printed and shared with the ShopStream Connect Software, thus ensuring the safety of your data. 

Ease of Use

The best feature of this tool is that it is very easy to use. It is very simple to operate. Therefore, whether you are a novice or an experienced mechanic, you will not face any difficulty in handling it. This tool is powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, which is charged when you plug the tool in your car. This ensures that you can keep working for as long as you need without worrying about the battery running out. 

Efficient and Time-Saving

This tool is ideal for people who want to get to the root of the problem without wasting any time. Its super-fast boot-up ensures that once you plug in this scan tool, it will be ready to work within seconds. Moreover, the one-touch code for scanning and clearing the data helps to wrap up the job quickly.

The Solus Edge is compatible with a large number of Asian, European, and domestic vehicles. Therefore, you can get comprehensive information regarding the problem with your car, thus making it an effective tool for completing the repairs.

Fast-Track Troubleshooter

The Solus Edge Scan Tool is integrated with SureTrack, which provides a wide base of expert knowledge regarding repair timesavers, diagnostic experience, and verified parts replacement. This comprehensive know-how is gathered from hundreds of successful repair orders.

Moreover, this tool also comes with the exclusive feature of the Fast-Track Troubleshooter. This fantastic feature provides millions of experience-based timesavers and troubleshooting tips to users, thus making it easier to fix any problem. You can learn a lot from other people’s experiences, which, in turn, can help solve your car’s problems like a pro.     

Unlimited Functions       

The Solus Edge is fashioned with various features that make it one of the best scan tools available. It provides functional tests, live data, and detailed trouble code definitions with the capability to record all the available live data parameters. With snapshot, zoom PID trigger, pause, cursor functions, and freeze-frame, you will find troubleshooting your car a breeze.


Although the Solus Edge is a remarkable tool, it also has the following disadvantages:

Behind Yearly Updates

A great disadvantage of the Solus Edge Scan Tool is that it is behind two-yearly updates. This means that you will be using an old scanner even if you get a new, unused unit.


As compared to other scan tools, the Solus Edge is a bit of an expensive option.  

What is the Solus Edge Best For?

The Solus Edge is able to detect the problem with your car and solve it in an easy and hassle-free way. It is compatible with various cars, thus making it a versatile and efficient scan tool. You just need to plug it in, and it is ready for use in just five seconds. It is an important tool for mechanics and car owners, as it allows them to find the problem with their cars in a systematic fashion.   

Extensive Repair Solution

The Solus Edge has millions of fixes in the database, thus providing users with a complete and accurate repair solution.

High Compatibility

This scanner is packed with millions of codes, which enable it to diagnose the problem with your car accurately. As this one unit works with many different vehicles, the Solus Edge is also a great option for mechanics, as it eliminates the need for buying different scanners for different cars.

User-Friendly Features

This scan tool comes with many features that simplify the process of troubleshooting your car. You can take snapshots of the data for later reference or show it to your mechanic. The USB port enables you to export a file to your laptop or personal computer. Furthermore, it has a microSD card inside where you can store all your data files. Other features include zoom, pause, cursor functions, etc. which further ensure hassle-free operation.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Choosing the right product that is perfect for your needs is quite an arduous task. You need a product that is not only durable but economical and effective, as well. Thus, it is vital to consider the following criteria before making a purchase:

Easy to Use

One of the main things to consider before making a purchase is that the OBD II you choose should be easy to use. From programmable controls to a few simple buttons, users should be able to deal with their car codes easily.

Solus Edge is an attractive scan tool that is very simple to use. The large screen ensures greater readability, even in low-light conditions. The buttons on the right make it easy to access the menu.   


Different scanners come with different functions. Choosing the right product depends on the purpose of your purchase. You will require a unit with advanced functions if you are going to be doing coding. If you are just going to decipher trouble codes of the engine control module, then a basic unit will also suffice.

The Solus Edge comes with many advanced functions that give it the edge over other products.  

Data Storage

Another aspect to consider is the data storage capacity of the scanner and whether it meets your requirements or not. A mechanic who will need to check multiple cars will need a scanner with an organized data storage format. DIYers, on the other hand, do not require a large storage space.

With the Solus Edge, you can not only save data, but with the help of the USB port, you can also print this data. This printed material can be used in the future.


The Snap-on Solus Edge is a fantastic product aimed at providing you with the smartest and fastest solutions that will keep your car running smoothly. Its ease of use, super-fast boot-up, large touch display, and vehicle compatibility are some of the features that make this tool the best scan tool available. It ensures complete peace of mind for users and helps them save money.

This amazing scan tool is not only perfect for professional mechanics, but is also recommended for do-it-yourself car owners. It is ideal for various scanning, diagnostic, and troubleshooting purposes, thus ensuring the health of your car.