Torque Pro Review – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have a small car, truck, or Jeep, understanding and evaluating your automobile’s performance regularly is an important step to take to guarantee reliable and long-lasting performance.

However, if you take your vehicle to a mechanic or a professional, you are more likely to get ripped off by them.

Let's take a look at some reviews.


Torque Pro ELM 327

  • 12-month warranty
  • Clears all dash lights
  • Bluetooth connectivity
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However, the Torque Pro Elm 327, launched in 2016, is an engine diagnostic kit that comes backed with an Android and iOS application that acts as a scanner for your vehicle. It gives you quick and easy access to all the necessary performance and engine related data on your smartphone screen.


  • Communicate with the car’s brains
  • No extra hardware required
  • Real-time insights
  • Cost Savings


  • Might Require Some Technical Knowledge
  • Some Limitations on Compatibility

Main Features

The Torque Pro OBD scanner is a Bluetooth fault scanner diagnostic reader that gets attached to your car’s dashboard OBD port. Like many OBD scanners, this one also comes backed with an instructional manual that guides you through the process of attaching the tool to your car and then connecting your car to your phone. The tool is compatible with all cars that were made after 2005.

Some important, notable features of the Torque Pro are:

12 Month Warranty

The Torque Pro scanner tool kit is supported by a generous warranty of 12 months from the manufacturer. With this warranty, you can make the most out of your investment. If any repairs, replacements or maintenance costs are to be bared, the manufacturer will cover it under this warranty.

Clears All Dash Lights

The scanner can clear the dash lights that your car has been giving for quite a long time. Getting these cleared out from a mechanic can be costly. Therefore, this scanner tool seems to be a cheaper and much more convenient option.

Customizable User Profile and Dashboard

On the Torque Pro mobile application, you can customize your profile and dashboard according to your preferences. Therefore, full customizability is a core feature of this OBD scanner.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Torque Pro scanner connects through a Bluetooth network. This makes it a convenient scanner as there are no cabled connections to take care of. Plus, the majority of smartphones today have Bluetooth connectivity, so it is a convenient product for everyone.

CO2 Emissions Readout

One of the many reasons why OBD scanners were made compulsory for cars was environmental concerns. The scanner reads the CO2 emissions made by the vehicle, so it can be measured whether the car is safe for the environment or not.


If you are not convinced or are still confused about whether or not you should go for the Torque Pro application, then here are some benefits and advantages you can make out of it.

Communicate With the Car’s Brains

The Torque Pro OBD scanner kit is best known for its capability to communicate with the brain of the car engine, which is the ECU. The ECU refers to the Engine Control Unit of your vehicle, which is responsible for controlling a series of internal functions to guarantee a smooth and optimal engine condition. From transmission temperatures, horsepower, fuel economy, 0-60 speed timings, to CO2 emissions, the scanner can read and calculate it all. The app works by running a fault scanner on the ECU of your car. If any problem is detected, a light pops up on the dash for indication.

No Extra Hardware Required

The best part about the Torque Pro scanner is that it requires very minimum effort and equipment from your end. You only need your smartphone, whether an Android or an iPhone, and you need an OBD 2 compliant vehicle. There is no other requirement for any sort of hardware, making it an affordable and convenient product.

Real-Time Insights

Compared to the lite version of the same application, the Torque Pro app provides you with detailed real-time data that is meant to help you solve issues with your car. Some important real-time insights that the app provides on your smartphone screen are trip distance, fuel mileage, horsepower, torque, and even quarter-mile times. All these values appear fully calculated by the system on your phone screens. Considering the versatility and the advanced features of the pro application, you also get to upgrade it with more features and add new plug-ins to further enhance your car’s performance.

Cost Savings

As an owner of any kind of automobile or vehicle, you will understand the need for maintenance. However, getting your car checked, and its functionality reviewed by a professional individual can be costly. To save those costs for you, you can make great use of the Torque Pro by regularly checking your car’s status and performance. You can make use of the user manual that comes along and has all the details related to the codes displayed on your screen. This will help you in diagnosing any major or potential issues with your vehicle’s engine and getting it fixed instantly.


It is important to keep in mind some possible drawbacks and cons of the Torque Pro. Even though we do not see any major misses with the product, you still need to weigh out your options so you can make a smart choice.

Might Require Some Technical Knowledge

Since the application requires you to run it all on your own, there will be minimal expert help. You will have to read, understand, and act upon the fault codes and other dash lights indicated by the scanner. Even though there will be a detailed user manual included to help you out, you will still need some level of knowledge and understanding of the functioning of your car’s engine.

Some Limitations on Compatibility

When you really look into it, you will notice that the scanner tool is only compatible with certain cars and vehicles that have certain features. For example, the turbo boost feature is only compatible with cars that have a MAP feature, restricting and limiting its compatibility.

What is the Torque Pro Best For?

The Torque Pro application is a great way to not only maintain but also ensure that your car is in a healthy and safe condition. The application is a more complex version of the Torque Lite version, which has to offer a limited range of features and functions compared to the Torque Pro. So who is it really for? Let’s find out.

Versatile Compatibility for All Car Owners

The scanning tool kit is the perfect product for you if you own a vehicle that was made after 2000. With the increasing use of technology, and particularly smartphones making their way through our daily lives, the Bluetooth connectivity of the application further makes it a perfect choice for almost everyone.

Good for Beginners Too

It comes backed by an informational instructional manual too. So, if you have limited or relatively less knowledge and understanding of a vehicle’s technicalities, you can still make great use out of the scanner tool with the help of the manual.

Good for All Advanced Cars and Smartphones

Bluetooth connectivity is no big deal in today’s digital age. Therefore, no matter what smartphone you own, you are most likely to be able to make great use out of this scanner tool. With its quick and easy setup capability, you can take control of your car’s performance within a matter of minutes.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying? 

If you have made your mind up about buying the Torque Pro scanner kit, then make sure to inquire and consider the following important factors to guarantee a worthy purchase. 

Warranty Information

The Torque Pro tool kit comes backed by a 12-month warranty offered by the manufacturing brand. However, to guarantee that you have this warranty and can make use of it any time, inquire about it with your retailer or seller. It is also recommended to learn about the specifics of the warranty to avoid any misunderstandings.

Customer Reviews

To make sure that the product you have chosen to buy is worth the money, make sure to always look for real customer feedback. Reading and learning through a real user’s personal experience can help you get a much better idea about the scanner’s functionality and its performance too.

Hardware Compatibility

Even though the Torque Pro is compatible with all smartphone devices, make sure your mobile has a compatible software version and has a functioning Bluetooth as well. Moreover, there are some features of the Torque Pro that might not be compatible and accessible in all cars.

Bottom Line

Ford trucks, Audi cars, and heavy-duty Jeeps all require some top-notch maintenance and looking after. This can only be possible in a cost-efficient manner if you get your hands on the Torque Pro ELM 327. It offers a wide range of features and functions that play a crucial role in the betterment and performance maintenance of your car. From fuel economy to real-time insights of the vehicle’s engine performance, everything can be ascertained with this fault code scanner. By communicating with the brain of your car, the ECU, the scanner tool is the best solution for reducing maintenance costs and improving the longevity of your vehicle.