Innova 3020 Review and Buying Guide

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The Innova 3020 is a great entry-level diagnostic tool designed to check what error code the Check Engine Light has, inspect the car if it is road-trip-ready, and inspect used cars. Sounds interesting? If so, read on as we will cover all of the features that might suit your needs!

Features & Specs

Innova 3020

Check Engine

ABS Codes

Code Priority

Oil light Reset

Battery Reset


5.6 ounces

Product Dimension

‎9 x 5.2 x 0.8 inches

Item Model




  • Automatic refresh feature
  • Displays 25 vital pieces of information
  • Reads and clears check engine light
  • LED indicator


  • No Bluetooth
  • Some important features unsupported

Features and Benefits

Compact Design

The Innova 3020 diagnostic tool weighs under one pound and is about the size of a smartphone. This lightweight and portable device fits in most cars’ glove compartments or center consoles, so it doesn’t take up much space at all. Its sleek, ergonomic design allows you to hold the scanner comfortably as it sits in your hand.

The soft ulterior cover ensures that this durable device lasts long enough for daily usage for years to come! However, some users complain about its small screen size, saying that it can be challenging to read.

Ease of Use

Whether you are a novice car owner or professional mechanic, the Innova 3020 diagnostic tool is designed to be easy to use. Although it doesn’t come with a comprehensive instruction booklet, the tool’s user-friendly interface will ensure you use it without problems.

This scanner also features plug-and-play capability, meaning the moment you connect it to your car, it will display scan results. If you need more help using the Innova 3020, the Innova customer support will walk you through the process as they are all experienced technicians.

Intuitive Interface

Even though the screen of the Innova 3020 is black and white, it is still usable and easy to understand. When building the interface for this gadget, Innova took into account how consumers interact with their cellphones. Even if you aren't an expert, you can understand trouble codes fast and easily.

This scanner also has LED indicators for emission data (color coding). When the green LED turns on, this means that no problem was detected by the Innova 3020. On the other hand, the yellow LED will flicker if a possible issue is detected. 

And when the red LED flickers, this means that your car engine has a significant problem and needs to be repaired right away. 


The Innova 3020 can read and erase codes on almost all OBD2 vehicles. It has broad compatibility with several car models covered, especially those made after 1996 and some other newer cars, including SUVs and light trucks. If some of you ask if it is compatible with OBD1, unfortunately, it is not. 

You won't need to take your automobile to a mechanic to diagnose it. Consider how much time and money you'll save by diagnosing your vehicle yourself. By itself, the Innova 3020 is a worthwhile addition to your car's toolset. Let's look at the Innova 3020 features and how they can help you.


The Innova 3020’s primary function is to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes so you can turn off the check engine light. It can also analyze and delete ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) codes for most vehicles made after 2006, which is an unexpected feature from an OBD2 scanner at this price point. 

The Innova 3020 can also refresh the data automatically every 30 seconds. This repair process is an essential feature because it can help you identify the issues that have been resolved and those that require attention during the repair procedure.

This scanner can also provide you results of the smog test. With the power-led indicators, you may be able to find out the issues immediately and see if your vehicle will pass an emissions test. This way, you can address problems before your state's smog test to avoid unnecessary refusals.

All-In-One Results

One great feature of this scan tool is the patented all-in-one display. Users can simultaneously view up to 25 pieces of data on a single screen with this function. The data can be accessed by the hotkeys, which are very helpful in finding the issue more accessible and spending less time scrolling through menus. 


Innova's diagnostic scanner will provide you with both English and Spanish language assistance so that no matter what part of the world your car is in trouble at, you can contact them online or visit their headquarters located in Irvine, California, to get any help needed for this product! 

In addition, they offer repair services if necessary through Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) technical teams, which makes purchasing an assured decision.

Why Should You Buy the Innova 3020?

This Innova 3020 is the finest choice if you're a beginner DIYer. Its low price, valuable features, and easy-to-use interface make it ideal for novices and non-mechanical automobile owners.

It's perfect for evaluating your car regularly or before a road trip. This scanner will also assist you in identifying potential issues that are causing the Check Engine Light to illuminate. You don't even need any previous automobile repair skills to complete it!

Innova 3020 FAQs

1. Is Innova 3020 a good code reader?

Yes, Innova 3020 is a great code reader and scanner. It can read generic codes, pending codes, manufacturer-specific codes, MIL status codes, Freeze Frame data, and VINs.

2. Does the Innova 3020 read ABS codes?

Yes, the Innova 3020 can read ABS codes.

3. Does Innova have free updates?

Yes, the existing Innova® PRO models 31603 and 31703 can be upgraded for free! 

4. Who can use the Innova 3020?

Home mechanics, automotive enthusiasts, and service & repair technicians can use this automotive diagnostic tool with professional-level functionality. 

5. Are Innova scanners a good brand?

Yes, Innova scanners are a good brand. They produce a wide variety of scan tools, from low-cost to high-end models. All of their products are reliable and easy to use.

Additionally, they offer free updates for some models! So if you're looking for a quality scanner that will update regularly, Innova is a great option.


We hope you enjoyed reading this Innova 3020 review. With its functions, keep in mind that this OBDII scanner is an entry-level gadget with some features lacking, including the live view data and freeze frame data

Despite its flaws, it will still assist you in diagnosing your vehicle and can be very helpful for those who have persistent check engine lights or fault codes on their cars!