Innova 5160RS Review 2023: The Capable 5160 Successor

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As a successor of Innova 5160, the Innova 5160RS includes more features, including DPF regeneration, transmission temperature, and brake pad life testing. Learn more about its capabilities and why they are essential for the safety of your car.  

We will also cover Innova 5160RS's specifications, pros and cons, and how a professional mechanic can benefit from getting this OBD2 code reader.

Comparison of the Innova 5160 Scanners




Check engine light

LED emissions readiness monitor

Bluetooth/mobile app

ABS trouble codes 

SRS Trouble codes

OBD1 Coverage



Oil Light Reset 

Live Data Graphing 

Battery Reset and Initialization

Network Scan

ABS and SRS Live Data 

Bi-directional Active Test

Steering Angle Reset

Repair Solutions Pro (Free Trial)

DPF Regeneration

Transmission Temperature

Brake Pad Life Testing

Innova 5160RS code reader


  • Scans and clears all powertrain, ABS, and SRS codes
  • Supports 10 OBD2 modes
  • Bi-directional control
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Patented hotkeys for easier access to information


  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for home mechanics

Features and Benefits

Reads and Clear Trouble Codes

This scanner reads the error code, decodes them, and resets the detection alarm of each error. Higher-end mechanics can show the parameters of engine operation. Identifying faulty sensors will help experienced technicians know what equipment is malfunctioning. You can also make the check engine light reset using this code reader. 

Live Data, Freeze Frame, and Other Regular Scan Data

Like other OBD2 scan tools, Innova 5160RS lets you access live data, freeze frame data, and other regular scan data. It also checks your car's emissions testing status and additional system information.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Innova 5160 GUI

The Innova has a GUI that displays clear graphics for troubleshooting information. It shows all the results on the screen (green if clear, red if it has trouble codes). From there, you can check the faulty system immediately instead of trying to locate it.

Bi-directional Active Test

A bidirectional code reader opens up a lot of possibilities for vehicle repairs. For example, bidirectional scans can run system tests to check the functionality and efficiency of any number of systems on your car, including engine control modules or ECUs.

It can send commands to your car and then read the data sent back by your vehicle. It can turn off your fuel pump, air conditioning system or retract the electronic parking brake without getting to your car.

However, not all vehicles are bi-directional so check your car's functionality, especially if you're buying this code reader for this particular purpose.

All Network Scan

Other OBD2 scanners only test the powertrain codes. Innova 5160RS, aside from the standard modules, also diagnoses all other systems like ABS, SRS, etc., for 1996 and newer US, Asian, and European vehicles.

This code reader also demonstrates many functions. It is good enough to carry out simple tests of a regular driver and an in-depth vehicle diagnosis in a repair shop.

You can also perform a battery voltage test in hybrid vehicles and electro mobiles as in conventional power supply. This feature is handy, especially because such cars have an expensive accumulator system.

Free mobile app

RepairSolutions2 app

Every Innova 5160RS Pro comes with a free download of the RepairSolutions2 mobile app from Google Play and the App Store.

This app allows remote access to your scanner via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which is very useful if an on-site mechanic has misplaced your physical device. It also offers various features such as recording data in PDF or CSV formats; exporting them into email attachments and Microsoft Excel.

You can also access over 60M fixes verified by ASE-certified mechanics through the app. The mobile app also has advanced features that let you buy your replacement parts through the app. 

Coverage Checker

Innova coverage checker - Image by

Innova 5160RS Pro OBD2 code reader also ensures you get the best code reader by checking your car's year, make, model, and engine. You can also input the VIN to check if your vehicle is compatible with the code reader. It covers 50+ car makes from 1996 to 2020.

Optional OBD1 Coverage

Optional OBD1 accessories

You can also get OBD1 adapters, extension cables, and other accessories for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda cars made from 1981-1995. The example below shows the tool compatibility checker for 2011 Kia. You'll see that some of the features are not available, so it's best to always check your car's coverage before buying it.

Sample vehicle coverage for 2011 Kia

Measures Brake Pad Life

Measuring brake pad life is very important for the safety of your car. The code reader can help you determine how long it will be before brake pads need replacing to avoid expensive repairs later.

Tire Pressure

Measuring tire pressure is another excellent feature of the Innova 5160RS Pro OBD code reader. Just like measuring brake pad life, this test also prevents accidents from exploding tires. According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 11,000 injuries and 700 deaths are from tire-related accidents.

Transmission Temperature

Another essential piece of information that an Innova code reader gives you is the transmission fluid temperature. This information will tell you if the car is overheating so you can take it to a garage for repairs. The ideal range is between 175-220oF. When your transmission temperature goes beyond 240oF, it can cause troubles and accidents.

Special Reset Functions

Aside from these features, the Innova 5160RS Pro OBD2 code reader also has special reset functions, including steering angle, DPF Regen, etc. Steering angle reset or calibration is essential, especially if you have recently had a wheel aligned or a chassis repair.

DPF Regen scans, on the other hand, lets you know if your car's particulate buildup may potentially hinder your car's operation. While you can do self-cleaning, you'll also lose an hour or so to do it.

Battery Health Checkup and Reset

Innova scanners also have a battery reset function, where the Innova can detect if your car's battery is healthy through its current capacity and voltage.

You can also perform a battery system checkup using Innova's code reader. It provides an accurate reading of voltage, current, and car battery temperature levels as well.

Aside from the regular battery reset, it also lets you check your hybrid battery cell voltage and deters you from charging or using your car's battery if it is already depleted.

Supports 10 OBD2 Modes

Your scanner's ability to test your vehicle using the 10 OBD2 modes gives you a better chance of diagnosing your car's error codes. These modes tell your vehicle to do specific scans and allow you access to raw data.

Patented Hot Keys

The Innova OBD2 code reader has patented hotkeys that make it easy for you to view more than 20 kinds of data on a single screen.

Best for professionals

This code reader works best for professionals because of its price range and advanced features that a DIY mechanic may not understand or use.

Other Scans

The oxygen sensor scan will let you know when it's time to replace a faulty or weak sensor, checks oil levels, ABS, and SRS, and other parameters.

The oxygen sensor scan will let you know when it's time to replace a faulty or weak sensor, checks oil levels, ABS, SRS, and other parameters. 

It also tests your readiness for emissions testing, makes a live data stream, stores codes, and shows information about trouble codes and fixes. 

Innova 5160RS FAQ

Are Innova scanners any good?

Innova scanners are one of the best in the industry. You can scan with your Innova OBD2 handheld code reader in less than two minutes and get the most comprehensive result that any handheld code reader can give you.

Does Innova have free updates?

Yes. Innova provides free updates for the life of your device, and their customer service is top-notch, so you won't have any worries about receiving help if something goes wrong with your code reader.


The Innova 5160RS is a great code reader that will help you with your car repairs. It has many features you can use for both the latest vehicles and older models, so it's perfect for all mechanics who want to improve their services. If you’re going to buy this product, read our review thoroughly before deciding on what code reader suits your needs!