Innova 5510 Review: Keep Your Car at Peak Performance

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Innova 5510 scan tool

If you're looking for a reliable code reader, Innova 5510 is a perfect choice. This Innova 5510 review will show you why this Innova product is worth your money and time. It's an affordable item that can save you from costly repairs by allowing you to check on your car and make necessary repairs right in your garage.

INNOVA CarScan Tech 5510 Review

Innova 5510 scan tool and features

INNOVA 5510 Professional Code Reader is a midrange functional tool for your repair and fix requirements. The vehicle code scanner connects to your car through an OBD2 cable and displays 20 types of information on each screen.

This scanner requires a AA 3-pack of batteries which you will receive the package. As an optional feature, Innova 5510 scan tools can also read OBD1 cars, but you have to buy the OBD1 accessories separately. 


  • Reads and clears powertrain, ABS, and SRS trouble codes
  • Live data streaming and data storage and playback
  • Self-diagnosis of emission status
  • Supports mobile app
  • ASE-certified customer support


  • Fewer features compared with other Innova models
  • Supports only 3 languages


Innova 5510 features

Read and Clears Check Engine Light

The Innova 5510 code reader comes with advanced features that read not all modules in your car to detect trouble codes on the powertrain and chassis and the ABS and SRS, which are not available in cheaper code readers.

Live Data Streaming

The Innova 5510 code reader displays live data like any other high-end scanner. However, aside from the standard scan data, it also displays other data such as RPM, oil temperature, brake pad life, etc.

EPB ABS Brake Bleeding

When parking your car using the conventional handbrake and brake pads, it may still disengage, causing unwarranted accidents. However, when your vehicle comes with an electronic parking brake, it senses manual parking protocols and tells the brake calipers to engage, thus entirely restricting any movement from your car.

However, the brake calipers wear over time, so if your code reader can detect its condition and notify you when you need to change them, you and your car are safer to drive and park.

EPB ABS brake bleeding also prevents excess air in the brake system, preventing it from engaging when you need it. Having an advanced scan tool like Innova 5510 OBD2 code reader tells you when you need to do your ABS brake bleeding.

Reads Tire Pressure

reading your tire pressure using a dial gauge

Insufficient tire pressure can cause damage to your tire and increases the incidence of accidents by affecting your handling, steering, and braking.

During summer, the heat buildup caused by low air pressure can result in your tire blowing out. During winter, accidents increase as the denser air inside the tire causes your tire to lose air pressure, making your wheel harder to control.

On the other hand, a well-maintained tire pressure lengthens tire life and makes braking and handling easier. However, not all drivers own a pressure gauge or think that a pressure gauge is a necessity.

With the Innova 5510 OBD2 scan tool, you don't have to buy a separate tool because it reads tire pressure efficiently. While tire pressure gauges [] are generally inexpensive, an additional tool in your toolbox may result in too much clutter.

Battery Testing

a mechanic testing a battery using a voltmeter

A dead battery can cause you troubles, especially when traveling at night or on long stretches of highway, miles away from the nearest repair shop.

To get the best out of your battery, you should test it frequently to see if it's working optimally. Innova 5510 scan tool has a battery test to measure the condition of your battery and can also help you find out when it needs replacement.

Aside from testing the batteries for your diesel and gasoline vehicles, it can also test hybrid battery cell voltage. When the battery has a full charge, it should have a voltage of 12.6 and range from 13.7-14.7 volts when running.

The Innova has a load test that's suitable for checking if you're going to be able to use your car in winter or whether it needs an alternator and battery replacement. This test is crucial when you're planning on driving through snow-covered roads.

Your battery should have at least 9.6 volts during a load test, maintained for 15 seconds at 70oF. The higher the CCA number, the better is it for your car. 

Reads Oil Levels and Resets Oil Light

You can also read oil levels without using a dipstick with the Innova 5510 scan tool. Your car should have oil up to slightly below the full mark. However, don't just fill your oil tank as it deteriorates with time. Check for color and consistency. Always change your oil periodically or when it reaches 3000-5000 miles.

Sometimes, though, the oil light illuminates to indicate that your oil level is low or its quality is poor. Drain your dirty oil, then replace it up to the recommended level. Then using your Innova 5510 scan tool, clear the reset oil light so it will stop blinking on your dashboard.

You may also risk damaging your transmission when you don't check on your oil levels periodically. Connecting your Innova 5510 code scanner to your car can spell the difference in how you maintain your car's health.

Optional OBD1 Coverage

You can also check the optional OBD1 coverage for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota cars manufactured from 1981-1995. Purchase the OBD1 tools to extend the OBD1 range to your Innova 5510 OBD2 scanner.


The Innova 5510 code reader supports Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo cars from 1996 to 2020.

However, make use of the coverage checker by entering the manufacturing year, make, model, and engine, or the vehicle identification number (VIN) to check compatibility before buying the scan tool.

Supports Various Languages

Aside from English, Innova 5510 also supports Spanish and French, though it's better if it supports other languages, especially that the code reader can scan Asian cars, too.

Mobile app

RepairSolutions2 mobile app

The RepairSolutions2 diagnostic app is free to download with the Innova 5xxx and 3xxx scan tools like the Innova 5510. It is available for Android and iOS devices and is free to download on the appropriate store.

Schedule Repairs

Schedule repairs through the mobile app so you don't forget what you need to repair or upgrade your car in the coming months. This way, you can set aside your budget for it and not forget about your car's needs.

Code Severity Levels

Set your car to notify you if it needs an immediate fix. The Innova 5510 OBD2 scanner, through the RepairSolutions2 app, will alert you when it happens. The app also allows you to buy replacement parts for your car.

Transmission Temperature

No need to install a transmission temperature gauge with the Innova 5510 OBD2 scanner since it does the hard work for you. Transmission overheating can cause severe problems to your car by hardening the seals, slipping plates, and even failing to start.

When the temperature rises to 240oF, higher than the normal range of 175-220oF. Failure to keep things at the optimal level will cause your transmission to deteriorate faster.

Several factors may cause transmission overheating, including a defective converter (which may be triggered by a simple P0422 trouble code) that you haven't fixed or low fluid levels, among others.

Data Storage & Playback

A mechanic studying data from a car diagnostics software

The Innova 5510 scan tool can also records and stores data which you can playback later when you need to see it for reference. You can use the Innova 5510 OBD2 Scanner's recorded data to generate graphs, error codes, and parameters.

The scanner has a Bluetooth function to store data on your phone through the app and retrieve it at will. You can also import the data in a CSV file if you want.

Emissions Testing Readiness

Innova can prepare your car for emissions testing, so you don't have to worry about it later. The Innova 5510 can check the readiness of a vehicle's catalytic converter and oxygen sensor and their installation by specifications outlined by the manufacturer.

Updates and Support

Innova provides updates for their scanners through RepairSolutions2. Get an update in less than 30 minutes using your Android and iOS devices.

Best for Professional Use

a professional mechanic using a code scanner while working on a car

Innova's Scan Tools is best for professional use. However, if a DIY auto mechanic wants to add it to his home garage tools, it's also easy to use with more than 6M fixes, verified by ASE-certified mechanics. Be prepared to pay extra money for its advanced features, though.


The Innova 5510 code reader kit includes the code reader tool, OBD2 cable, and easy to use quick start guide.


The Innova 5510 code reader is a handy tool for any car owner. You can use it to check the engine's performance and diagnose problems, saving you from costly repairs by making minor repairs on your own.

While it's not entirely affordable for a DIY mechanic, its comprehensive coverage of scans and tests will save you lots of money in the future. Would you invest in a professional-grade OBD2 code reader for your home garage?