Innova VS Actron: Comparison Top Two Scanners from Each Brand

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Have you made up your mind to buy a diagnostic scan tool? Well, you have come to the right page. Motorist and car owners normally have a hard time visiting a mechanic or repair shop often because the check engine light is on. You can save time and money by acquiring one of the quality and reliable diagnostic auto scanners on the market.

Comparison Chart of the Best Innova VS Actron

  • OBD2 scanner for most 1996 and newer vehicle models
  • Multilingual support along with Bluetooth connectivity for convenience
  • LED cable for easy plugging into the vehicle
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  • Compatible with both OBD1 and OBD2 type vehicles post 1996 and others
  • Live real-time data with record and playback settings
  • Includes CodeConnect comprehensive database for convenience
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  • Offers freeze frame for readings
  • Great for checking engine lights on 1996 and newer OBD2 cars, light trucks, SUVs, and/or hybrids
  • Data refreshes automatically every 30 seconds for nearly live readings
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  • Works with all 1996 & newer import/domestic vehicles and 1994-1995 OBD II
  • Errases codes and turns off check engine lights
  • Displays emissions status
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Innova scanners are recommended by many mechanics. On the other hand, the Actron scan tool has a good reputation for their quality scanner. In this Innova VS Actron article, we have compared 2 popular models from each brand.

Innova vs. Actron

This is not an easy task as there are many and similar scan tools to choose from. Don’t worry as we have created this review to help you differentiate between some of the best scan tool brands in Innova and Actron.

Comparison of Innova and Actron Scanners


Innova 3160g

Actron CP9690

Innova 3030g

Actron CP9125



oBD1 And oBD2


All 1996 and newer vehicles

1984-1995 for obd1; All 1996 and newer vehicles for obd2

Over 300 possible data PIDs available (depending on vehicle)

All 1996 And Newer Vehicles

All Vehicles From 1996 To Present


LIVE real-time data

Check Engine Light

Views freeze frame data

Emissions Readiness

Powertrain and ABS Vehicle coverage

LED Lighted Connector

Update option

SRS Codes

Oil light Reset



Innova 3160g Pro OBD2 Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live data, ABS, SRS, Battery Reset, Service Light Reset, and Bluetooth

Actron CP9690 Elite AutoScanner Kit Enhanced OBD I and OBD II Scan Tool for all 1996 and newer and select 1984-95 vehicles, CHROME

Review of Innova and Actron Scanners

Innova 3160g Pro OBD2 Scanner / Car Code Reader with Live data, ABS, SRS, Battery Reset, Service Light Reset, and Bluetooth

The ergonomically designed Innova 3160g offers more than just beauty and compactness. This standard diagnostic scanner is one of the best selling Innova diagnostic scanners on the market. It comes with a 3.5-inch color TFT screen for displaying results. It is also Bluetooth enabled for easy connection and use. The 3160g performs a wide range of functions such as streaming and recording live data, ABS & SRS lights, diagnose check engine light, initialize batteries, reset oil & battery maintenance, and so on. Furthermore, the device is very easy to use as it comes with a long cable for connecting. The LED lighted connector allows the user to easily link the code reader even in total darkness.

Apart from having outstanding features, the Innova 3160g has free internet updates and a wonderful customer support available from ASE certified technicians. It covers any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBDII light truck, car, hybrids, and SUV.

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Actron CP9690 Elite AutoScanner Kit Enhanced OBD I and OBD II Scan Tool for all 1996 and newer and select 1984-95 vehicles, CHROME

If you intend to record, playback, and graph live engine data quickly and easily, then this is the scanner for you. The Actron cp9690 automotive scanner has a large LCD color screen that makes reading and erasing of error codes to be easy and fast. It is also sturdily made and can last long if well maintained. In addition, it has an intuitive user interface that even a starter can easily navigate.

With its trilingual menu, it doesn’t matter if you speak Spanish or French as it will still be of great help to you. Simply adjust the language from English to your preference. It as well can print data and it is compatible with 1996 and newer import and domestic OBD 2 and CAN vehicles as well as 1994 and 1995 OBD 2 compliant vehicles.

The Innova 3030g code reader is an entry level scanner good for beginners, DIYers and car enthusiasts. The lightweight and compact device is very easy to use by simply connecting the port to the car and start diagnosing error codes. It can read and erase ABS trouble codes, for most Honda, GM, Ford, Toyota, and Chrysler vehicles. The patented all-in-one screen displays 25 important pieces of data. One of the unique features of this code reader is that it automatically refreshes data after every 30 seconds when connected to the car.

Despite being an entry-level device, the scan tool has the ability to show emissions monitor status. This is indicated via the red, yellow, and green LEDs. For easy and smooth use, refer to the user manual which is included in the purchase. So, when the check engine light appears on your vehicle, use this device to clear it. The vehicle must be manufactured from 1996 or newer foreign or domestic.

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Actron CP125 is one of the cheapest code readers on the market. In addition, it is very easy to operate and doesn’t require any knowledge. For this reason, many beginners, DIYers, and startup mechanics love it. The main function of the Actron cp9125 is to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes. Apart from this, it indicates the number of DTCs pulled, which is an amazing feature for such its size. In addition, you can use this diagnostic code reader to display emission status and MIL status.

Using the Actron cp9125 scanner is as easy as removing it from the box and connecting it to the carport. The rest is just a easy! The gadget is compatible with all 1996 and newer import and domestic OBD 2 and CAN vehicles.


Looking at these two scanner brands, it is hard to select between Innova and Actron as they seem to be the same. Although, Actron scan tools are a bit cheaper when compared to Innova. But this as well solely depends on the model that you are going for. All in all, it is important to look for the features that you want so that you can land the best code reader for your needs. If it’s for startup, I would recommend the Actron cp9125 car scanner. But if you need a standard or at least more professional scanner, then the Innova 3160g should be good for you.

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