Innova VS Autel 2023 [2 Advanced & 2 Entry level Scanner Comparison]

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Are you confused between Innova and Autel scan tools? These two brands offer diagnostic scanners with similar specs and features. Any person with experience (like me) can tell the pros and cons of every scan tool brand. So, before you rush to acquire any code reader, it is vital to know which one best fits your needs and demands. A scan tool that is good for a DIYer may not be suitable for a professional mechanic or technician.

I understand that visiting a mechanic often when the check engine light comes on is a waste of both money and time. But it will be worse if you buy a scan tool that can’t perform the functions that you want and be forced to visit the mechanic once again.

Comparison Chart of Innova 3020 and Autolink AL319 (Entry-Level Scanner)

  • Most basic and inexpensive scanner for newbies and DIYers
  • OBD2 scanner works for all 1996 and newer vehicles including hybrids
  • Patented 25-piece display screen with LED bulbs and auto-refresh data
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  • Very compact and easy-to-use OBD2 scanner with intuitive interface
  • Offers function in 7 languages and specific to cars
  • Lifetime free software updates when connected to internet
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  • Records and displays real-time data
  • Equipped with 15 inspection maintenance monitor coverage
  • Works on all 1996 and newer models, making it the runner-up
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  • Displays information in 7 languages
  • Best plug-and-play code reader by Autel
  • High support for reading and DTCs for users
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In this Innova vs. Autel, we have compared different Autel and Innova scan tools in the same price range to make your decision easier. Ensure that you know what specs you want and the device should be within your budget.


Innova 3020

Autolink AL319

Innova 3100j

Autolink AL619


All 1996 and newer car

All 1996 and newer vehicles

All 1996 And Newer OBD2 Car

All 1996 And Newer OBD2 Car

Live data

Red, yellow and green LEDs indicate emissions

Check State Emission

Light Truck, SUV

Check Engine Light

Views freeze frame data

European ABS, SRS Codes


Charging System Test

Update option

Free update online lifetime

Free Update

Free Update Online Lifetime

Oil Light Reset

One-Click I/M Readiness Key

DTC library



Autel OBD2 Scanner Autolink AL319 Code Reader Read and Erase Codes Check State Emission Monitor Status Powerful Scan and Car Diagnostic Tool

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Review of the Best Innova and Autel Scanners (Entry-Level and Professional Scanner)


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reads and eases error codes


  • This is an entry-level device and can only perform a few functions

The Innova 3020 diagnostic scan tool is an entry-level device with outstanding features. It comes with a patented all-in-one screen that displays 25 pieces of information. It is compatible with any domestic or foreign 1996 and newer vehicles. One of its excellent features is that it automatically refreshes data every 3 seconds when connected.

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Autel OBD2 Scanner Autolink AL319 Code Reader Read and Erase Codes Check State Emission Monitor Status Powerful Scan and Car Diagnostic Tool


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use interface
  • Well built for longevity
  • Reads and erases error codes


  • Not suitable for professional due to its limited functions

This is an affordable and reliable code reader from Autel. The Autel AL319 works on all 1996 and newer OBDII and CAN domestic and import vehicles. It has a multilingual menu in English, Spanish, French, German, and many more. A wonderful function of this device is that it can tell why the check engine light is on and can retrieve generic codes, manufacturer specific codes, and pending codes.


  • Greater compatibility
  • Amazing customer support
  • Scans a wide range of issues
  • Easy to use screen and interface


  • It’s somehow costly
  • Doesn’t have code documentation

This is one of the best OBD2 scan tools on the market. It is made to quickly find the reason why the “check engine light” is on in any car manufactured from 1996 and newer. Furthermore, the device can quickly read and erase unnecessary ABS and SRS codes. Besides inspecting your vehicle’s charging system, it can as well survey the performance of your battery and alternator.

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A great feature of the 3100j scanner is that it has a color screen that allows the user to easily read results. The freeze frame function enables you to gauge car’s fuel trim, coolant temperature, and other crucial readings. One of the shortcomings of this scanner is that it doesn’t come with code documentation. So, you will be required to find out from other sources what your code means.

All in all, this is an excellent OBD2 scanner for professionals as well as DIYers. Here are its pros and cons.

Autel AL619 2023 Newest OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Diagnoses OBDII Full Functions with Live Data DTC Lookup Upgraded Version of AL519/ ML519/ ML619 for DIYers Professionals


  • Exceptional user interface
  • Tells what the code means
  • It reads, graphs, and stores data
  • Sturdy construction for longer use
  • Lightweight and compact for easy use and storage
  • Functions on American, European, and Asian vehicles


  • It doesn’t cover many vehicle models
  • Not the best device on the market for versatile use

The Autel AL619 Autolink scan tool features a brightly-lit and easy to read LED screen. The user interface is perfectly organized making it easy to navigate as you scan for OBDII, ABS or any other issue. In addition, this compact device has a carrying case for secure storage when not in use. It is also portable and well designed to easily fit in the hand of the user. This is a durable scanner as it is made up of tough rubber and plastic that can defy a lot of wear and tear at the workplace.

Unlike the Innova scan tool above, this car diagnostic scanner does not only read and erase codes, but it as well tells you what the codes mean. This helps you to approximate the cost of repair before visiting the mechanic. Moreover, it has the ability to read, graph, and store all gathered data. One of its exceptional features is that you can upgrade its software via the internet.


The argument about which scanner (Autel or Innova) is the best can be made for each case.  Autel scan tools have more features when compared to Innova scan tools. But Innova has a wider compatibility than Autel. Both of them will give you accurate results and are very easy to use. Single out a device that covers your needs and it should fall within your budget.

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