Innova 3030 Review 2023: With the Latest Release Innova 3030g & 3030h

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The Innova 3030 code reader is a great entry-level scan tool. It offers the basic features which make it be well suited for beginners and DIY enthusiasts. Currently, there are various versions of the Innova 3030 scan tool. The Innova 3030 has three versions and we will look at those; the Innova 3030 scanner(older version), the 3030g, and the 3030h scan tool. This simply shows how the Innova brand is dedicated to coming up with new and better products. If you want a basic but good quality obdii scanner then go for it.

Comparison of the Best Innova 3030 San Tools

  • Feature-packed OBD2 scanner with freeze-frame function
  • Data refreshes automatically every 30 seconds for prompt updates
  • Color screen with DTC severity for triage when making repairs
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  • Entry-level basic OBD2 diagnostic tool for DIY beginners
  • Patented back-lit display shows 25 different metrics at the same time
  • Updates data every 30 seconds and can be upgraded via internet
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In this Innova 3030 review, we are going to look at the different Innova 3030 code readers and see how they differentiate from each other. Until now, the 3030 model has 3 versions and their features are below.

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Innova 3030h

Check Engine Light

ABS - Diagnose + Clear

Emissions Readiness

Freeze Frame Data


Emissions Readiness Advisor

DTC Severity

Internet Updates

Free updates

Data Refreshes

Automatically every 30 seconds

Emissions status indicate

Red, yellow and green LEDs


3.2 ounces


2 x 5.5 x 8 inches



The Innova 3030 diagnostic code reader is a sturdily constructed tool for checking why the check engine light is on, read & erase codes, and see if your car is ready to pass the emissions test. The blue colored code reader is very easy to use with its simple interface. The display helps to show values and results. Also, it displays 25 vital pieces of information at a time.

Unlike other low-end devices, this diagnostic code reader comes with an internet USB, and thus it can be updated and upgraded. This means that it will work on different vehicles for many years by simply upgrading the software. The Innova 3030 is also compatible with 1996 and newer car, minivan, light truck, SUV, or Hybrid – both foreign and domestic for check engine light. It also functions on most 1996 and newer GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles.

When in use, the scan tool automatically refreshes data every 30 seconds, which makes it easy to verify repair completion. Sold at such a great price, you will get to know why the check engine light is on and even budget for the repair(s).

The 3030g is an improved model of the Innova 3030 scanner. It is different in design with a large display screen. The display is as well backlit and colored. So, you will have an easier time reading and interpreting outcomes. Apart from reading and erasing check engine light, this diagnostic scan tool can as well show freeze frame data, diagnose & erase anti-lock brake system, indicate if your car is ready for an emissions test. This is shown by the red, yellow, and green LEDs. In addition, it has a multilingual menu which is very easy to use.

If you insert the Innova 3030g code reader into the car to perform a test, it will automatically refresh data every 30 seconds for simple repair verification. The code reader is compatible with 1996 or newer SUV, car, light truck, and even hybrids. Furthermore, it works on most Chrysler, GM, Ford, Toyota, and Honda vehicles. It is also compact in design and very easy to keep after use due to its small size. Insert it into your pocket or backpack.

A bit larger and powerful than the Innova 3030g, the Innova 3030h is an improved version of the 3030g code reader. But it differs from it as it has a larger screen and more functions. The Innova 3030h diagnostic scan tool is built with a durable plastic casing that is able to defy toughness. It is a wonderful tool for DIYers, beginners, and for professional technicians. It is able to read and erase error codes, shows freeze frame data, and DTC severity indicates the user how critical the code is so that they can come up with a well-informed decision about repairs.

The Innova 3030h is upgradeable and updateable, which means that you will use the device for many years to come. When connected to the vehicle, the scanner automatically refreshes data every 30 seconds, which in turn makes it easy to verify repair completion. Use this device for any domestic or foreign 1996 and newer car, SUV, light truck, and even hybrid.

Differences Between the Innova 3030, 3030h, 3030g Diagnostic Scanners

First and foremost, the Innova 3030g and Innova 3030h are improvements from the Innova 3030. Innova 3030 has a black and white display, while the Innova 3030g and Innova 3030h have colored displays. Their display is also bigger than that of the Innova 3030 code reader.

Another difference is that 3030h has more features than the other two models. For instance, it has a DTC severity for OBD 2 vehicles. This makes it be superior to the other two code readers and as well slightly expensive. Innova 3030 is the cheapest, followed by Innova 3030g.


If your work is just finding out why the check engine light is on or to see if your car will pass the smog test, I would suggest that you go for the Innova 3030 scan tool. But if you want to perform some extra functions, then acquire the Innova 3030h code reader. I hope you have gotten a clear idea after reading this Innova 3030 review article.

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