Innova 3040 Review 2023: Most Recent Version Innova 3040e

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Driving your car while the check engine light is on can be extremely dangerous as you might be having a bigger issue than you think. Always ensure that you have your car inspected before you proceed on with your journey. That’s why every motorist needs to have their own scan tool so that they can diagnose their vehicle wherever they are, even if it’s far from their mechanic.

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Comparison Chart of the Innova 3040 Scanners

  • Simple, reliable, and affordable OBD2 vehicle code reader
  • Allows you to view live and freeze-frame data plus 30-second auto-update
  • Multilingual options with informative screen interface and internet upgrades
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Innova 3040


most 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles

Check Engine Light

Diagnose and erase Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) codes

Freeze Frame

Emissions Readiness

EVAP Codes

Live Data Graphing

Oil Light Reset

Update Option

Always Free updates

Item Weight

1.1 pounds

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Product Dimensions

10.6 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches


Review of Innova 3040 and Innova 3040e

A scanner lets you know what the problem is before taking your car to the repair shop. And Innova 3040 obd2 scan tool can do that for you. Read this Innova 3040 review to know more about this scanner.


  • It is compact in design and very easy to handle and keep away
  • It performs various functions such as scanning, reading and erasing fault codes
  • When connected to your car, the device automatically refreshes every 30 seconds
  • It is easy to use with clear buttons and large colored LCD screen for easy display of info
  • The code reader is compatible with any 1996 and newer car, minivan, SUV, and light truck
  • One can change the menu to either French or Spanish from English for easy understanding
  • It is sturdily made to defy the hardships that mechanics and technicians undergo in work areas


  • It takes a lot of time to connect to the computer

In this Innova 3040 review post, we are going to discuss one of the notable Innova scan tools. This is the Innova 3040 diagnostic car scanner. The 3040 model has a number of code readers, but we will discuss the Innova 3040 and Innova 3040e.

The Innova 3040 code reader is a simple, reliable, and affordable code reader. It will help a motorist, DIY enthusiast or professional know why the check engine light is on. It views OBD2 live data as well as freeze frame data. Use it on any 1996 and newer light truck, car, SUV or minivan. Also, know if your car qualifies for an emissions test. The device has a USB for internet updating and upgrading of software. With the all-in-one patented colored screen, you will see all the results in both well lit and poorly lit areas.


  • The device is compact in design for easy use and storage
  • It is compatible with most 1996 and latest OBD 2 vehicles
  • This code reader can be used for ages as it can be updated or upgraded
  • The Innova 3040e scan tool is able to perform a battery or alternator test
  • It allows you to reset the oil light on most 1996 and latest OBD II vehicles
  • The large LCD screen provides easy to read results and it is backlit for all light conditions
  • It has the ability to read and erase ABS light error codes for most Ford, GM, Toyota, Chrysler, and Honda vehicles


  • Check for compatibility before buying as it is not compatible with all the cars it says it is


  • Battery/alternator test
  • Diagnose and erase anti-lock braking system
  • Stream real-time data and graph up to two parameters
  • Large color LCD with backlit
  • DTC severity
  • Free lifetime updates via USB
  • Oil light reset
  • Live data graphing
  • Compatible with most 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles

This is an improved model of the 3040 code reader. You can do a battery or alternator test, oil reset, stream real-time data and graph up, and diagnose and erase ABS with it. These and many other functions make this to be an ideal tool for mechanics, car repair guys, technicians as well as DIYers. The code reader is affordable, reliable, and very easy to use.

The Innova 3040e is an advanced model of the Innova 3040. The 3040e scan tool is more sleek and compact than the 3040 model. Also, the Innova 3040e diagnostic car scan tool is able to perform an oil light reset, while the Innova 3040 code reader cannot. Apart from this, these two perform similar functions, but the 3040e is more accurate and slightly advanced than the 3040 diagnostic code reader.


The Innova 3040 code reader is an entry-level code reader that is easy to use and compact in design. The two code readers that we have discussed above are easy to use with a large screen display, are affordable, and will let you know why the check engine light is on. So, they are great for DIY enthusiasts and startup technicians. But if you are looking for something versatile, then you should search for more advanced models. You can check this obd2 scanner reviews for that.

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