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Innova 3100 Review 2019: (Upgraded Version Innova 3100i & 3100j)

The Innova is a notable brand with lots of quality and reliable scan tools on the market. The Innova scan tools are favorite almost everyone. That’s why you will find that a good number of technicians and mechanics use diagnostic code readers from Innova. Having a diagnostic scanner can help you reduce the cost of taking your car to a mechanic. You will find that some errors can be fixed by yourself and you will end up saving a lot. The Innova 3160g has similar features but has a considerable price difference.
In this Innova 3100 review, we’ve selected 3 Innova diagnostic scanners for you(Old to latest version). These are sturdily made, lightweight, compact, easy to use, and offer accurate outcomes.

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Check Engine Scanner: Innova 3100 Review 2019

The innova 3100 version is upgraded a few times. We will discuss here 3 versions which are now available on the market.

Technical Features of the Latest Version Innova 3100


Innova 3100j (Upgrade Version)

Works: All 1996 and newer vehicles
ABS/SRS Codes: Yes
Live data: Yes
Check Engine Light: Yes
Views freeze frame data: Yes
Oil Light Reset: Yes
Emissions Readiness: Yes
EVAP Codes: Yes
Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
Repair Solutions: Yes
Software Updates: Free updates
Warranty: Limited One Year Warranty
Price: Innova 3100j ReviewCheck Today’s Price

Innova 3100 diagnostic scan tool

This is a simple but versatile entry-level code reader just like the Innova 3040 scan tool. It’s great for quickly showing you why the check engine light is on. It has a large colored screen with backlit for reading outcomes in brightly or dimly light. The 3100 auto scanner is compactly built for simple use.
Innova 3100 ReviewCheck Price

It will fit in your hands well and its lightweight. Read and erase ABS light codes for most Ford, GM, Toyota, and Chrysler. Also, the battery backup memory offers off-car review analysis. When connected to your vehicle, it will refresh data automatically every 30 seconds.

Benefits of the Innova 3100 code reader

  • It has a large display screen with backlight for viewing results even in dim areas
  • It is compactly designed for easy use and handling
  • The Innova 3100 scanner is compatible with any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer light truck, car, or SUV.
  • It has a battery backup memory that offers off-car review and analysis
  • Allows you to read and erase ABS light trouble codes
  • It is easy to check repair completion as it automatically refreshes data every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle.

Innova 3100j diagnostic code reader review

The Innova 3100j is a great entry-level diagnostic car scan tool. It is an upgrade of the 3100j code reader and has excellent features. It is ideal for people who are looking for a simple but reliable scanner to diagnose their car(s). The Innova 3100j is durably made with a heavy-duty plastic to serve the user for long. In addition, it has a large screen for showing outcomes.
innova 3100j diagnostic code readerCheck Price

The compact design is simple to handle. Also, it works on a wide range of vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. Some of the functions it plays include oil reset, reading and erasing ABS & SRS trouble codes, and shows freeze frame data. The Innova 3100j scanner has not Bluetooth feature, but Innova 3120f scanner has.

Benefits of the Innova 3100j scan tool

  • It is able to perform battery and alternator tests
  • Freeze frame shows engine conditions like engine coolant temperature and fuel trim
  • The display screen is colored and is backlit to offer results in both well lit and poorly lit places.
  • It also performs an oil reset
  • The Innova 3100j reads and erases ABS and SRS light error codes
  • It functions on all 1996 and newer OBD II SUV, car, light truck, and hybrids.

Innova 3100i code reader

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the Innova 3100i car scan tool will help you save on the cost of visiting your mechanic for minor repairs. This scan tool is able to indicate why the check engine light is on, perform battery/alternator test, read ABS and SRS trouble codes, among many other functions.
Check Price

Also, it has a large screen that shows outcomes in both well lit and poorly lit areas. Due to its compact design, you will be able to hold it easily as you diagnose your car. It functions on all 1996 and newer vehicles – domestic and foreign.

Benefits of the Innova 3100i diagnostic scanner

  • Battery or alternator tests, check the performance of a car’s battery and alternator
  • Backlit LCD screen for displaying different results
  • It will let you know if you can pass the emission test
  • Compact design for easy handling and use
  • It is able to read and erase ABS light trouble codes for most Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, GM, and Honda vehicles.
  • It works on all 1996 and newer light truck, SUV, car, and hybrids.

Comparison of the Innova 3100, 3100e, 3100j, 3100f scan tool models

As you already know, the Innova 3100j scanner is an upgrade of the Innova 3100 diagnostic code reader. In terms of design, the 3100j is sleeker and compactly designed for easy use than the Innova 3100.

Innova 3100 has upgraded a few time. The first updated version was came Innova 3100e. Then, Innova 3100e is upgraded to Innova 3100f. Now, the most recent versions are Innova 3100i and Innova 3100j.

The long search for a reliable and affordable code reader is over. Innova offers the best code readers and has a proven track record. Many technicians and mechanics trust Innova and they offer the best services from their ASE technicians. The Innova 3100, 3100j, and 3100i scan tools provide accurate results, are easy to interpret with the large colored screen, are easy to handle, and are sold at a wonderful price. Whether you are a newbie or professional, just choose from one of the three scan tools for accurate readings. I hope, this Innova 3100 review article has given a clear idea about this scanner.


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