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Innova 3160 Review 2019: Comparison Latest 3160e & 3160g Scan tool

Innova is one of the oldest obd2 scan tool brands on the market. It has been in this field from 1990 to date. The brand works around the clock to make automotive repairs easy, efficient, affordable, and accurate. It is compatible with different types of car brands and models. Innova scan tool is well known for their quality products. And Innova 3160 one of the best selling scanner from this brand. You will find fewer features in the Innova 3100 scanner. But, In the Innova 3160g; You will find a few extra features.
This model initial release was 2005. The latest model of this series is Innova 3160g which was released last year. In this Innova 3160 review, we will look at the Innova 3160 scan tools all three models.

Technical Features of the Innova 3160 (Latest Model)


Innova 3160g

Display: 3.5″ LCD Screen
Check Engine Light: Yes
Live Data: Yes
OBD1: (Optional Upgrade)
Brake (ABS) Codes: Yes
Emissions Readiness: Yes
Repair Solutions: Yes
Airbag (SRS) Codes: Yes
English, French, and Spanish: Yes
Oil / Battery Reset: Yes
Battery/Alternator Test: Yes
Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
Charging System Test: Yes
Live Data Graphing: Yes
Service Light Reset: Yes
ABS European Codes: Yes
LED Lighted Connector: Yes
Software Update: Free update via online
Warranty: One year warranty
Price: Innova 3160g ReviewCheck Today’s Price

The Innova 3160 Review(Latest to Old model)

We’ve seen 3 different code readers in this series. These are included the 3160 scanner, 3160e code reader, and 3160g diagnostic scan tool.

Innova 3160g scan tool with a 3.5-inch display(Our Top Pick)

This is another quality Innova 3160 diagnostic code reader. It comes with a colored LCD screen that is backlit for easy reading of outcomes. The Bluetooth connectivity makes using the device to be easy and quick. Use this gadget on 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles, both domestic and foreign. Some of its functions include live data graphing, oil light reset, battery reset and initialization, and charging system test.
Innova 3160g Code ReaderCheck Price On Amazon

Key features:

  • Large display screen
  • Battery reset and initialization
  • Streams and records live data
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Oil reset
  • Reads and erases ABS and SRS codes


  • It is compactly designed for easy use
  • It allows you to easily reset oil light
  • Innova 3160g reads and erases ABS and SRS error codes
  • It is compatible with 1996 and newer OBD II cars, light trucks, hybrids, and SUVs

If you need the best obd2 scanner for the money, then you should consider buying Innova 3160g.

Innova 3160e code reader

Not only is the Innova 3160e scan tool advanced, but it also provides accurate and quick results. Unlike the 3160 and 3160g code readers, this one is sleekly designed and fits perfectly in your hand. Thus, you will have an easier time using the scan tool. Innova 3160e has a lots of similarity with the Innova 3140g diagnostic scanner. The sophisticated features and accessories that it comes with make it be better suited for professional technicians and mechanics. One of the unique features it performs is the battery/alternator test. Also, you can use English, French or Spanish. All the outcomes are displayed on the large LCD screen for easy interpretation.
Check Price On Amazon

Key features:

  • Streams and records real-time live data
  • Reads and erases ABS and SRS light
  • Oil and battery reset
  • Live data
  • Large display screen with backlit
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Works on most of 1996 and newer OBD II vehicles


  • It reads and erases check engine light, ABS, and SRS codes
  • Oil and battery reset feature gives a step-by-step reset procedure for several vehicles
  • The patented all-in-one screen shows 25 crucial pieces of data French, English, and Spanish
  • It is easy to handle due to its ergonomic and compact design
  • It is compatible with 1996 and newer light trucks, cars, hybrids, and SUVs

Innova 3160 diagnostic scan tool

This is a compactly designed and simple to use the code reader just like the Innova 3120e code reader. It has a large colored display screen for easy reading of results even in the dark. Also, it is very easy to use and has a multilingual menu to suit different people. With its great compatibility and manufacturer’s one year warranty, this is a great scan tool for Technicians and Mechanics.
Innova 3160 reviewCheck Price On Amazon

Key features:

  • Large display screen
  • Diagnoses ABS and SRS code
  • Live data for OBDII vehicles
  • Softouch storage pouch
  • USB cable for updating and upgrading the scanner
  • Compatible with 1996 and newer cars, minivans, light trucks, and SUVs – foreign and domestic


  • It comes with a simple soft pouch for easy storage of the code reader
  • It works on a wide range of vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer – both foreign and domestic.
  • Innova 3160 has a large colored display screen for showing the results
  • It has the ability to turn off check engine light, SRS, and ABS lights
  • Shows freeze frame data for obd2 vehicles
  • It as well provides SAE enhanced live data and plays back live PCM data streams on screen.

Differences between the Innova 3160 diagnostic code readers

To begin with, we shall compare the Innova 3160 code reader and the Innova 3160e scan tool. The 3160e scanner has the ability to perform a battery/alternator test, while the 3160 code reader can’t. Being an update of the 3160, the Innova 3160e has better features which can still be found in the Innova 3160 code reader.

Innova 3160 vs 3160e

Innova 3160 is the first version. This version has improved a lot and now this version available to buy: Innova 3160b, 3160d, 3160e and 3160g(latest).

What is the main difference between Innova 3160 and 3160e?


Innova 3160

Innova 3160e

Version: Older Newer
Screen: Black and White Color
Price: Low High
Features: Not updated Updated with a new look
Battery/alternator test: No Yes
Product Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 10 inches 7.8 x 3 x 10.8 inches
Price: Check Price Check Price


Innova 3160e vs 3160g

What is the difference between 3160e and 3160g?


Innova 3160e

Innova 3160g

Works: All 1996 and newer OBD2 car All 1996 and newer OBD2 car
Screen: Color
Check Engine light: Yes Yes
Reset oil light: Yes Yes
Battery reset feature: Yes Yes
Live Data: Yes Yes
Read and erase ABS & SRS trouble codes: Yes Yes
 LED Lighted Connector: No Yes
Freeze Frame: No Yes
Light truck, SUV, and hybrids: No Yes
Language supported: English, French, and Spanish English and Spanish
Bluetooth: No Yes
Updates Option: No Free Online Update
Price: Check Price Check Price

Among the above 3 Innova 3160 diagnostic scan tools, the Innova 3160g diagnostic car scanner is the most advanced, followed by the 3160, and finally the 3160e. But all of these code readers will provide you with accurate results in the shortest time possible. They are as well durably built and can perform various functions. Whether you are a newbie, expert or a DIY enthusiast, the Innova 3160 code reader will give you the results that you deserve. Use it on your new or old car, as long as it’s built from 1996 and newer. Still, have a question after reading this Innova 3160 review? Comment below.


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