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Innova 3140 Review 2019: Latest version 3140e & 3140g Details

Innova is a brand that mechanics, technicians, DIYers, and motorists have relied on for years. Apart from offering quality and accurate scan tools, Innova has an ASE certified team that listens and offers solutions to users of the Innova products. Read this Innova 3140 review to know more about this scanner.

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Technical Features of the Innova 3140 Scan Tool


Innova 3140

Works: All 1996 and newer car
Read & Erase Check Engine Light OBD2 Trouble Codes: Yes
Battery Backup: Yes
Read & Erase ABS Light Trouble Codes for most GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, & TOYOTA: Yes
Vehicle Health Monitors for Instant Vehicle Emissions Check: Yes
USB for tool Updates and Upgrades: Yes
View Live Data from your engine: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Read & Erase Check Engine Light OBD1 Trouble Codes: Yes
Charging System Test: Yes
Graph, Read and Record Live data values from your engine: Yes
Read & Erase SRS Light Trouble Codes for most GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, & TOYOTA: No
Emissions Readiness: Yes
Service Light Reset: Yes
Live Data Graphing: Yes
Update Option: Free updates
Price: Innova 3140 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

The Innova 3140 diagnostic scanner is just one among several other Innova scan tools. But just like other Innova scanners, it will never let you down. Use this device to know why the check engine light is on, understand if your car is ready for emissions or “smog” test, and read & erase ABS light trouble codes.

Innova 3140 Review(video):

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Innova 3140 OBD2/OBD1 scan tool(Old Version)

Innova 3140 diagnostic scanner is compatible with both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. It provides SAE enhanced live data such as graphs, views, records, plays back live PCM data streams on screen. The all-in-one patented color screen displays scanned results. Also, it has a battery backup memory that offers off-car review and analysis. The compact scan tool is designed to retrieve diagnostic codes in all 1996 and newer vehicles and some popular OBD1 vehicles. You will use this tool for a long time as it is updateable and upgradeable.
innova 3140 scan toolCheck Price


  • It reads and erases check engine light OBD1 trouble codes
  • Innova 3140 has USB for internet updating and upgrading
  • It graphs, reads, and records live data values from your car engine
  • It allows you to know if your car is ready for emissions check
  • View live data from your engine
  • It read and erase check engine light for OBD2 vehicles and has a battery backup
  • The all-in-one patented screen with code definitions in English, Spanish, and French shows results clearly.

Innova 3140e code reader with ABS

The stylish and versatile scan tool is suitable for professional technicians and mechanics. It has a wide range of features and usually offers accurate results. Innova 3140e is great for retrieving OEM-enhanced and transmission trouble codes of popular 1982 to 1995 OBD1 vehicles. It is also compatible with domestic and foreign 1996 and newer SUV, light truck, car, and hybrids. The large colored screen displays all results and it can still be used in bad light conditions as it is backlit. Unlike most of the Innova scan tools, this one has a black cover and it’s uniquely designed for easy handling and use.
Innova 3140e code readerCheck Price


  • It allows you to stream and record real-time live data to review at a later time through the tool screen or windows computer
  • It quickly shows the cause of the check engine light
  • Innova 3140e is able to retrieve OEM-enhanced and transmission diagnostic trouble codes
  • It performs oil and battery reset
  • It diagnoses and erases ABS system
  • Compatible with 1996 and newer OBD2 cars, light trucks, SUV, and hybrids, and popular OBD1 1982 to 1995 vehicles.

Innova 3140g scan tool with a 3.5-inch display(Latest Version)

This is a professional scan tool, but with a simple to use interface. The 3.5-inch screen with a multilingual menu makes using this device to be fun and seamless. It is very accurate and compact in design. Also, it performs lots of functions and you can use it on a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

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It is as well Bluetooth compatible and it can be updated or upgraded. So, you will use it for many years to come. Whether you’re a mechanic, technician, motorist, or just an ordinary repair guy, this tool will prove to be of great help when you want to erase the check engine light.
Innova 3140g reviewCheck Price


  • It is Bluetooth App compatible
  • Can perform a battery reset and initialization
  • It can reset oil light
  • It reads and clears ABS and SRS codes
  • Reads and clears check engine light
  • All-in-one patented screen shows all the outcomes in color form
  • It can be upgraded and updated via the internet with the help of a USB cable

Even though these three scan tools have a lot of similarities, they as well have their own differences. To begin with, the Innova 3140g is the most costly and more advanced code reader. Compared to Innova 3140 diagnostic scanner, the Innova 3140g has a large screen that clearly shows all the results of the scan. Also, the 3140g scanner is Bluetooth App compatible while the 3140 code reader is not.

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Innova 3140 vs 3140b

Innova 3140b is an old model and it is not available now.

Final thoughts

With so many scan tools on offer, it is vital to know which one offers the best features and performance. You don’t want to be faced with the challenge of a car scan tool, not being able to read or erase particular codes. This can be very disgusting after spending a lot of cash to get a scan tool. The above 3 diagnostic code readers from Innova are some of the best for both professionals as well as startup technicians and mechanics. They are sturdy, lightweight, compact, reliable, accurate and very convenient to use. As long as your vehicle is 1996 or newer, there is a high chance that they will be compatible.

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