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Launch CRP229 Reviews 2019

Launch scan tools are famous for its high-quality and sturdy scanners. For the years that Launch has been in this industry, they have always come up with high-quality and reliable scanners. Most of their code readers come with the most advanced features and perform exceptionally well.

Today, we will look at the Launch crp229 diagnostic scanner. The Launch crp229 is made up of sleek design and an intuitive interface. Moreover, it has a large LCD touchscreen that allows the technician to access the device on the go. With its wireless capability, the user can use the device as they work under the car or seated. It supports 10 OBD2 test modes and can read or erase or clear DTCs. Read this Launch crp229 reviews to know more about this tool.

Technical Specifications of the Launch crp229


Launch crp229

Works: All OBDII petrol vehicles 2001> and diesel vehicles 2004>
Vehicle Support: 42 different manufacturers
Display: DTC help information & service information
Touch screen: Yes
LCD Screen: 5.0″ TFT LCD
Wi-Fi: Yes
Protocol: Supports 10 test modes of OBDII
Read dynamic data stream: Yes
Oxygen sensor test & Carbon canister test: Yes
Read & clear DTC: Yes
CPU: DualCore A23 4.2
OS: Android
Read Data Stream: Yes
Input Voltage Range: 9 – 15 volts
Extension Memory Card: Micro SD(TF) card Supported
Storage Capacity: 1GB
Connection: 16 pin DLC via cable
Working Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃ (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature: 0℃ ~ 70℃ (-32°F to 158°F)
Engine oil lamp reset: Yes
ABS bleeding function: Yes
Warranty: 2 year
External Dimensions: 234mm x 104mm x 38mm
Weight: 4 pounds
Languages support: 3 languages supported. English, Spanish & French
Price: Launch CRP229 ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

The Launch crp229 is a budget scanner and perfect for Pro DIYers or Beginner Mechanics. You have to spend almost double to get a more advanced scanner like Launch X431 V+ diagnostic scan tool. If you are not a busy mechanic, then you can stick with Launch CRP229.

Scan Tool Launch crp229 reviews 2019

Sturdy and efficient scanner

The design of this scan tool is appealing to the eye and functions exceptionally. It is durably constructed to last long and can defy things like dust, water, and impact. The buttons are well made and easy to access. With the sturdy case, storing this gadget is very easy and secure.

Extensive vehicle coverage

If you are a professional technician or mechanic looking for a device that is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, this is it. It covers more than 42 vehicle manufacturers from Asia, Europe, and America. Mostly, these are petrol vehicles manufactured from 2001 and diesel vehicles made from 2004 and newer.

Intuitive user interface

Even though using this device is a bit complicated, it has an easy to use interface with clear labeling. The 5.0 inch LCD color screen is large enough and displays all the information detected on your vehicle. All you need is to connect the device to the carport, play, store, and view data in real-time. Furthermore, you need to register the automotive scanner so that you can receive the free update for one year.

Versatile tool

Launch Creader crp229 performs a wide range of functions. These include OBD functions, special functions, and diagnostic functions. Some of these functions are read data stream graphic display, oxygen sensor test & carbon canister test, read and clear DTC, supports 10 test modes of OBD II protocol, full system diagnosis, engine oil lamp reset, electronic brake pad reset, read data stream, and so on. You will find fewer features in the Launch CRP 129 or Launch CRP 123. Although, their price isn’t high like the CRP229. To get a high-quality functionality, you have to spend more.

Compact and lightweight design

With a weight of 600g and measurements of 234mm by 104mm by 38mm, this is a scanner that won’t be a burden to you as you work on different cars or as you drive. Being the size of a game, it will fit perfectly in your palm.

Multilingual menu

After switching on the device, you can go to the setting and adjust the diagnostic code reader to a language of choice. This is as simple as choosing Spanish, English, French, Polish, Russian, Italian, or any other language of preference for quick understanding. Also,

Free updates and 2-year warranty

When you acquire the crp229 auto scanner, the manufacturer gives you a 2-year warranty. This implies that you can return the device or seek help if you encounter any problem with the code reader. In addition, you will get one-year free software updates.
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Summary: Launch crp229 reviews

  • It has a large LCD color screen that clearly displays all the data acquired
  • The crp229 is very versatile in use as it performs both basic and special functions
  • It is compact and lightweight for easy use and storage
  • The wireless set up makes the OBD2 scanner to be easy to use straight from the box
  • It has an intuitive interface that doesn’t require any knowledge to use
  • The multilingual menu allows you to choose a language of your choice
  • It allows for software upgrade through Wi-Fi


  • Updating this scan tool after one-year is costly and challenging at the same time
  • The initial price of acquiring this device is high and can only be afforded by a few who are willing to part with such a price.
  • Not the scan tool for beginners or car enthusiasts as it is a bit complicated to use.

The Creader crp229 diagnostic scanner is a professional scan tool made with the customer in mind. It is suitable for DIYers and professional technicians as well as mechanics. Fitted with Android OS and integrated with OBD and EOBD standard protocols, this is an excellent gadget that will help you when you need it most. It also provides accurate results which can be read easily on the large 5.0-inch screen. Set the device in English, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, or any other language of choice. Weighing just 600 grams, this device is not a burden at all to the user and it comes with a carrying case for proper storage.

After reviewing the crp229 scan tool, I must say that this is one of the best OBD2 diagnostic scanners that you will come across.


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