Why is Owning an Automotive Repair and Merchandise-Related Franchise a Good Investment? An OBD2 Scanner Review

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The automotive repair and merchandise franchise industry have been around for over half a century. After decades of development, research, and continuous technological innovation, it is expected to continue growing even further. 

The estimated number of automotive repair shops in the United States alone is approximately 240,000 in 2021. There are also 15,000 parts stores, more than 900,000 auto mechanic jobs, and millions of people who buy car-related items such as automotive accessories, car seats, CD players, batteries, and wiper blades daily.

That’s why the number of businesses within this industry has been steadily increasing in the past few years. One obvious reason is that franchising opportunities available for automotive and merchandise-related businesses are relatively straightforward in their processes. It is much simpler than trying to start a company from scratch.

Buying an existing franchise allows you to work with an already established brand. It offers you liability protection and a proven business model, which is great for someone just starting. 

You might have asked yourself whether or not entering this field is worth the investment. This article will discuss why owning a franchise in this space is a good addition to your portfolio investment.

Recession-Proof Business

When you own this business franchise, you can count on it to continue growing during hard economic times. 

The market for auto repair is one of the most stable and reliable in the world—it doesn't matter if we're in a recession or not, people still need their cars fixed. And while they might be frustrated by how much it costs, people know that your service will get their car back on the road quickly and efficiently.

Steady Income

Apart from being recession-proof, franchises related to this business are very lucrative and thus provide a steady cash flow, provided that you own one that has already built its brand authority.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll be provided with highly trained staff members who can provide exceptional customer service and support upon franchising. Many franchisees have experience working in their business and know exactly how to provide excellent customer service, knowing that great service results in a great impression on customers.

If your customers love what your business provides and tell their friends about it, then there's no reason they won't continue coming back.

Getting a Franchise Does Not Require Mechanical Skills

Although many believe that getting into an auto repair franchise requires mechanical skills, the opposite is true.

Owning this business does not require prior experience because you only need to manage your finances well and run a tight ship. So if you know nothing about cars, you can still become a successful business owner if you learn how to manage your money and get your head straight.

Attaining Work-Life Balance

When you own a business, you get to choose your work hours. You can be independent and still make money or care for your family while earning a living. But what if there was a way to have the best of both worlds?

That's exactly how owning this business gives you the work-life balance you deserve. Let’s say you’ve been dreaming of opening a specific tire dealership franchise. One good thing is that you can work when you want, where you want, and for how much time you want—and that means more time with friends and family.

You'll also be able to set your hours as they relate to the needs of your business. If you need a longer lunch break or if there's an important meeting that needs your immediate attention, then it's up to YOU what happens—not anyone else.

Growing Industry

Ultimately, owning a franchise related to this kind of business is a good investment because the industry is so large—and there are many potential customers! The more people can afford new cars and other vehicles, the more they need their cars repaired or replaced. 

For each person who gets their car fixed or replaced, another person buys a new car from a dealership or independent mechanic. Any business in this area will always have customers—even if they don't have much money left after paying for their car repair!